The Long Range Drones in 2021

Long Range Drones – Review & Buyers Guide 2020

Drones with the Longest Control Range Classified in 3 categories

Drones experience many other limitations too else how long it can stay in the sky. If one knows that which drone in which price has the least amount of limitations then he is entirely enjoying the hobby. In short, its about Flight Range. According to the Cheap Long Range, Drones are categorized into three different Sections.

Details are as follow:

0 to 300M RANGE



It is considered at vanguard among the Drones having the range to go below 300 meters. As these birdies are comparably low tariff but have enough flying experience to satisfy. Same is concerned with UDIU818 PLUS.  The range between entry-Level and mid-tier market making it an emerging desire among beginners and experienced users as well. Let’s have a look at its amazing Features

Camera And Features:

On account of altitude hold, UDI U818 Plus is a stable long-distance drone. And owing to such stability, its HD Camera (2MPX sensor) is proficient of serving you with buttery smooth aerial footage. The intention of grabbing features of UDI U818 in term of photography will impress you. The achievement of such smooth and lustrous footage, notwithstanding the lack of stability, is cause to shame for even many costly models. Isn’t it?


Nothing is better than UDI U818 Plus for the number-Game Lovers.  It’s the best among other similarly priced competition, having approximately 150 meters of operating range.12-15-ish witty minutes can be enjoyed by using enduring drone battery, whenever you want. It is worthy to be considered as vanguard! Isn’t it?

Adding to the content, no doubt UDI U818 Plus has a shorter range than Hol Stone HS100.  But it excels, because of the huge difference in price.

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Altair Aerial drone review

Usually, Quality demands wealth. It extends the concept of considering the fact it is sold for transactions. The Thing which makes it exotic is its ability to adjust & change various moods depending on the skill set of the Pilot and the great learning curve as well. It is most wanted due to its versatility combined with a strong frame and icing on the cake is its low price.

Camera and Features:

It captures magnificent shots directly from smartphones by having a long-range. It has implemented 120 degrees wide-angle 720P HD Camera. Other amusing features are Custom Route Modes, Headless Mode and Altitude Hold. It is safe to fly indoor with available 1 button takeoff and landing. It’s overall too simple to control. Once you put your hands on it, it will hard to get them off!


Altair AA108 is powered by two powerful batteries, each serving up to 10 minutes of flight time. An interesting feature is Low Battery Alarm it will keep away any unnecessary crash risk. You can take it everywhere with you because it’s not bulky at all.
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holy stone f181w
holy stone f181w

If you expect the same excitement from every drone, hard to say, then it will be wrong. But Holy Stone F181W Serves you with great amount more, its features are many more than its price. It is well rounded, making ready whatever you need. An expert will experience a really good time with this little bugger and a beginner as well. Although different standards are set by different people to measure the beauty, this birdie will rejoice the owner. It offers great joy and guaranteed good time for the owner.

Camera and Features:

The most fabulous and attention-grabbing thing, which you will notice first, is its Camera module. A different thing is a place where the camera is located, it is underneath its body and that is responsible for the quality of image/video that’s pretty good. Something that put boundaries to the hope, it records only in 720p though. Last but not the least, Holy Stone F 181 has access to following: one key flip, one key return to home and adjustable speed controls to fit pilots of various experience.


In advance of specifications, it is best to say that Holy StoneF181W deals with itself being just. It offers nothing too much astonishing but you will feel happy and satisfy with it due to its performance in such a moderate price. Attention to details, Holy Stone F181W can remain in the sky for 7 to 10 minutes and reach to 80 meters from controller point. On the Whole, if you desire to have Solid camera drone while not investing much, Holy Stone F181 is one to check out!

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4-Holy Stone HS300

As it is said before, all the drones, having long-distance range, don’t offer the same level of excitement for the controller. Holy Stone HS300 has not only high-quality but equally good performance in the sky too. Same as Holy Stone F181W it is well rounded and have all the things you can ask for. It is easy to control for the person who is putting his hand for the very first time on such a gadget and a good time is guaranteed for an experienced one. As the definition of beauty is different for the different people according to their point of views, but this little fella, undoubtedly, leaves the controller happy due to its amazing design.

Camera and Features:

It is equipped with 1080P HD Camera, so you can capture high-quality pictures and record videos. You can have more than good experience with it because of its amazing features, attention to details, one-button takeoff and landing, 3D flip, headless mode, and smartly integrated altitude hold.


Interesting about it, it carries about 1.5 pounds of weight and takes almost no space. That makes it a popular choice among both long and short trips and adventures. HS300 is available in the market having two batteries each of 2000mAh. And each is capable to hold the machine in the sky for 10 minutes. Control Range is about 100 meters, and if the case of any misshape, it comes with plenty of spare parts due to which it can remain in sky running. This feature reduces the risk of crashing at a great extent.

5-MJX X708W

MJX production

MJX is a well-known company whose work pushing the boundaries of price. This company introduce a cheap long range of drowning for the first time. In lower to mid-tier markets, models launched by MJX, are surprising others by the performance and great specification. Same is concerned with the model X708W. it is the combined form of fabulous design with an easy to use control schematic.

Camera and features

Staying on the chart, this long-range drones made by MJX have high specifications. It is a bit incompatible in term of X708W. This little birdie camera feature headless mode, adjustable flying speed, and, last but not the least, one key return to home. You can have all these features in handy. That’s simply amazing. The last one is the most interesting feature of it. Isn’t it?

Concerning on camera, MJX X708W have a small built-in sensor that can take solid selfies and 2MPX aerial photos. That’s not all about it. You will be definitely surprised to see its HD resolution (720p) and really smooth frame rate when it’s in video mood. What do you expect more than it from any entry-level model?


As the features of this camera birdie are surprising same is concerned with the price tag. As it is described above, MJX is pushing the boundaries same have done with this one. MJX X708W has the capability of around 80 meters. It’s not the longest range drone in the market. But it’s hard to find something like it in this price range. MJX X708W’s battery can endure around 10 minutes of flight time, Hats off to MJX!

300 TO 1000M RANGE


MJX BUGS 2W Review
As it is mentioned above that MJX’s models are really surprising everyone. If you consider it joke then you are wrong here. They are really making the best efforts to create affordable and low price long-distance drones having consequential power. As we have discussed briefly another model, X708W, a good example of their best job to create affordable long-range drones. Its design is similar to X708W to some extent. The mini quad has enhanced its performance. It will be not exaggerating, the price/performance in its price range.

Camera and features

Let’s start the details by Camera, MJX Bugs 2W has a built-in 1080p camera. As far as stabilization is concerned, this model does not have any sort of stabilization going on. It’s a matter of fact. Some might not like fact that MJX Bugs 2W does not have EIS or gimbal – it’s true. Its camera relies on drone’s stabilization, entirely. In theory, it might not sound good. You can consider it any stupid thing. But the reality neglected it. In reality, it seems like a charm, the way it works. And the regards go to GPS/GLONASS and Great satellite reception. And also Thanks to altitude hold. I am not kidding at all.

It has many other features like it supports headless modes which operate perfectly. Return to home is also included in its features. An interesting feature is a failsafe protocol it proves to be best if the single drop or suddenly battery becomes extremely low. Due to this feature, it will come back to the takeoff location and has the capability to tell the story what has just happened!


MJX Bugs 2W have many things to describe in term of features. The common question about drones is that how far can a drone fly? As far as MJX Bugs 2W is concerned it can come pretty close to 1000 meters, that’s more than enough, costing slightly over $200. You will hardly find any other long-range drone in this price. That’s crazy about it! Adding more, it can remain in the sky for 15-18 minutes. You can consider 16 minutes as average flight time. This drone is praiseworthy having such features. What you want more in this price range! If you want more flight time, it’s suggested to you to invest more and get an expensive version that has two batteries, charge them both up and you will be able to enjoy roughly 30 minutes of real excitement.

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Traxxas atton drone review
RC Products, mostly cars, are great achievements for TRAXXAS. They launched Drones last year for the very first time. They come in the drone market and acknowledged by everyone. They just did it successfully. Focusing on price, it costs no more than the price of toy grade drones of professional grade drones.

Camera and Features:

AS long the Camera is concerned, Traxxas Aton Plus has 2-axis camera gimbal. 5000mAh 3-CellTraxxasiD Lipo Battery supports this drone. You can stop and hover in the sky whenever you want in-flight time at the single push of a button due to its amazing feature named as “Air Brake”, that’s really great about it. It is more than my expectations!

Last but not the least, Traxxas Aton have 2 flying modes – spots and photography. In the first mode, Traxxas Aton will serve you with massive acceleration, manoeuvrability, and top speed at the cost of stability. While the other mode allows you slow but smooth flying experience. Due to which you can capture the best aerial photos.


Finally, we are approaching the best drone that can go 1000 meters away from its controller. Before this, my main focus is on TRAXXAS Aton’s. Firstly we will talk about its specifications. It can stay in the air for 15 minutes for this timing regards goes to the powerful battery used in it. This flight time is really impressive of a bulky drone. It is bulky due to its powerful motors used in it. The range is almost 300 mark, a bit more if the area in which drone is flying is clear.

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Let us discuss the new arrival from Holy Stone. This drone has the longest range among the drones launched by Holy Stone. The mid-tier market, it seems like an outstanding champ who will nearly sweep the market by its fine array of features and specifications. This little birdie has not the best camera but you can count it the better one. This model is easy to carry. Let’s check what’s more about Holy Stone

Camera and Features

As it is mentioned above, the HS100 model has an array of amazing features because of the efforts of Holy Stone. Holy Stone manage perfectly to provide such features. The features of this little birdie are as follows: GPS/GLONASS, autonomous flight modes such as follow me. Most important, this long range drone has features like altitude hold and return to home, both of these work via GPS/GLONASS reception. It’s not all about Holy Stone HS100 as it has one more feature named as a headless mode.

The main focus is not on the camera, I repeat. The camera is not the strongest point of this drone. Pointing on HD-ready sensor, it has the capability to provide decent-at-best aerial footage. The stability of this camera birdie greatly improves your aerial footage.


Holy Stone HS100 can achieve bit more numbers, for this specifications credit goes to powerful hardware and durable body. Beside it, you will feel comfortable to control this drone. It’s too easy to control this cheap long-range drone. Best about it, due to its strong navigation and altitude hold it doesn’t drift. It’s highly stable. If you are interested to know about the numbers exactly, hoping that it will bring real excitement and it will satisfy you. Flight time of this cheap long-range drone is nearly 10 to 15 minutes and it depends on payload too. And it can fly 500 meters far from its controller.


Here we are talking about another model of MJX. It is the most experienced drone of the market in its time. I must say in prime days it has been a nice surprise. But the revolution takes place every single sec. so this model is not revolutionary anymore. However, old is gold. Let’s have a look on features of this old champ!

Camera and features

JMX Bugs 3 Blue is on the top of the list of the edition of cheap Drones. The matter of fact is it is not available with the camera. Regardless of the camera, it still features a gimbal that supports GoPro HERO models same is concerned with off-brand action camera.

Having not any sort of difficulty, you can mount the actual process. That is so simple. The lack of a camera can be compensated by the rest of the drone. It is more than enough to do this job greatly. The camera is not all about the drone it features many more that may satisfy you. It features brushless motor (MT18061800KV) which have high durability. It has access altitude hold. Due to the altitude hold, you will able to get an easier learning curve.


It is the surprising fact that there are no many drones in the same price range that can boast with brushless motors. You will hardly get this at the same price. Adding more, it is supported by a powerful 2S 1800mAh Battery. You will definitely glad to know that it can remain in the sky for up to 15 minutes. That’s awesome about it. The flight time makes it a quite lengthy flier. It has also a solid operating range. It can go far from controller 300 meters away without any sort of lag or losing connection.

These all features are combined greatly with gorgeous design and solid build quality. You can say about it that it is best long-range drone out of there considering its price/performance ratio.


UPair One Drone Review

UPAIR One also belongs to the prim days. No doubt, it an old champ! It’s designed too simply. Its design is too close to phantom series of the drone. You can hardly distinguish between UPAIR ONE and DJI Phantom drone. We’re not here to judge that design is copied, inspired or eve borrowed. Focusing on its features, it can surely entertain its customer. It flies greatly and brings real excitement. Well, the point will be clear in the following info

Camera and Features:

UPair One offers you to choose between 2 cameras of your choice for the price difference of $50 roughly. You can have a 2.7k camera in the cheaper version. And the expensive on serving you with fully fledge 4k sensor. I will support the second option strongly. Investing only $50 extra you can get 4k camera – the quality is unbelievable. UPAIR ONE is really a decent gimbal too. It is enough to satisfy but UPAIR ONE has much more than it. It has many other features. Consider on details, it features fail-safe, auto return to home, headless mode, altitude hold, GPS and low battery voltage alarm.


This model of the drone is bulky it weighs approximately 1350 grams, 2-5 give or take. It will not exaggerate to say that the numbers give a new look to the impression of the drone. It really becomes impressive by the numbers it has! Getting to the point, this 350mm model can remain in the sky for 18 minutes. Next, the emerging question is how far this impressive drone can fly? So, it can go far 800m away from the controller. Remember one thing it is supported by FPV which can do 500m without any breakout or losing connection. It’s amazingly labelled as a mere copycat, what you say?

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1000+ M RANGE


DJI Mavic Pro- Review
It is one of the best selfie drones at the moment. Yeah! It’s true! Selfie drones are in a trend I the market. Selfie drone is the best rating drone in the market nowadays. This trend is rapidly growing in the market. No Doubt, DJI is the most emerging and popular drone manufacturer. They just step in and perform their best to design a selfie drone.

Camera and features:

DJI MAVIC PRO has an excellent 4k camera. It has its own stabilization system. To be very frank its design is really wondering. It is as sleek as it can be but no need to be surprised because it is DJI Product and same is expected from it. I must mention that it has really amazing features named as “Active Track and Tapfly”, these are also seen in Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 as well.

It’s not over now. DJI MAVIC PRO has many more features. Most of them can do massive help.DJI has set the standard for the competitors. If you ask for stability, or you focus on taking a picture or you asking about sheer control over the drone – DJI has a wide array of features, including these. As far as DJI Mavic pro is concerned it is coming over the high-end selfie drone market. These specifications of the foldable drone are hardly found in any other drone in the selfie category.


As far as flight time is concerned, it can remain in the sky for 25 minutes and have 7 kilometres of operating range. No, any other long-range drone can compete it else phantom 4 pro & DJI Inspire 2 – DJI’S production. Great Job DJI!

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DJI Inspire 2 is a drone that fulfils all you need. It is something more than your expectations. But no wonder, because it belongs to DJI production. It has many more hi-tech features than its forerunner. It has much better specifications. It seems that it is made to touch the stars, the way it works and fly. Keep in mind that it is not beginner’s drone you can guess it by the price tag as well.

Camera and Features:

DJI production almost has the same features. But still there a stunning rotor-raising feature in DJI INSPIRE 2 that make that 4K camera footage smoother than ever. It features Zenmuse X5S gimbal stabilization. It is not exaggerating that it is the best product of the present time. Beside it, it also features obstacle avoidance in addition to dual GPS+GLONASS navigation systems.


There are many more things to surprise you in this long-range drone. It is best for those who don’t want to spend much. Its breathtaking feature is its battery timing that is approximately half an hour. This long range drone can remain in the sky for more time, this feature makes it a great choice among people. As far as the operating range is concerned, it accesses 7 kilometres of operating range. Reminder, it is the drone of a professional photographer. It is the best platform to capture smooth aerial pictures. Due to its high stability has capability to capture silk smooth aerial footage regardless of flight condition.


DJI Phantom 4 Review
Phantom 4 Pro is one of the three high-end models of DJI that definitely created quite the stir on market. it’s the recent success of DJI. It looks to be a great upgrade. It has many more functions. It comes in market with an abundance of sensors, including the all-new obstacle avoidance System. It is the very first drone created by DJI with such technology implemented.

Camera and Features:

As far as the Camera of Phantom 4 Pro is concerned, DJI Phantom has a marvellous 20MPX Camera with a 1-inch sensor and mechanical shutter. No need to explain that the image quality is much clear and smooth and it’s above your expectations. Focusing on the above-mentioned obstacle avoidance system, this system allows the drown to fly seamlessly without any sort of fear of collision or crashing as its advance feature detect and avoid the dangerous thing that might come in the way. Its design is roughly the same and it has exceptional build quality like all other drones from DJI.


With better overall performance, specifications prove like a booster. The most common question about all the drones is how far it can fly? In the case of DJI Phantom 4 Pro, the answer is 7 kilometres of operating range and it can stay in the sky for roughly 27 minutes. This makes it a proper premium model. There is nothing to tell anything more about it as all you know about DJI Drones. But its speed is worth mentioning, its maximum speed is 44mph (roughly 72 km/h) that’s really fast for a casual photography drone.

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GoPro Karma Drone Review
Sure to say that most of you know that GoPro Karma is launching their own long rang drones to widen the product list for the recreation lovers who want to record their struggle. This long range drones target exactly them. Its performance is really good, and it is in trend nowadays, but the fact is it is not capable of comparing with Mavic Pro, and the reason will be clear in the following paragraph.

Camera and features:

Let’s start with keeping the focus on the biggest advantage karma has over DJI Mavic Pro that is, of course, Camera. There are few drones only which are able to compete this Gopro Camera when it comes to the out-of-box photography experience. Another feature is that it grants Karma Grip which changes this drone package into a body-mounted or handheld one.

Good enough, huh? I am afraid that’s about it as far as advantages go. All the things go in the favor of DJI’s masterpiece. Taking a feature as an example, GoPro Karma has access GPS and has several autonomous flight modes, DJI Mavic Pro have more to serve like versatility and adjust ability.


But that’s not fair to compare these two at all. DJI Mavic Pro has expertise only aerial photography on the other hand Gopro Karma dashes out the entire package. So, GoPro Karma has access on slightly low specifications. As it has slightly lower specification it can travel around 3 kilometers away from its controller and it is really gorgeous. By comparing it by 7 kilometers of DJI Mavic Pro you’ll get my point.

Last but not the least, Battery duration of this drone is 20-minutes mark that is below the standard. Again mentioning, other drones in the market serve with aerial photos. On the other hand, GoPro Karma offers aerial body mounted and handheld. Now you can select which one is for you!

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5-Autel Robotics X-STAR Premium


Autel Robotics X-Star Premium is a cheaper alternative of DJI Phantom. Nothing else you will get in this price tag. It’s all about the model that has serious firepower underneath the hood at very low cost. Adding more, it has more safety features like magnetic interference protection due to this feature it makes difference. That’s amazing about X-star Premium, which is one of the drones with the longest range.

Camera and features:

Autel Robotics X-star premium, the long rang drone, has to access the feature both GPS and GLONASS. Focus to details, it also serves with several autonomous flight modes including orbit, waypoints and follow me and return to home as well. It provides you with a safe environment for proper aerial photography.


As far as Operating and FPV range, this long-range drone is much better than its non-premium counterpart. It has roughly 2000 meters of operating range. It’s second to DJI’s flagship bearing their OcuSync technology. As far as flight time is concerned, it can stay for around 25 minutes in the sky.

Last but not the least, I want to say about its design. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium has bright orange quadcopter which has powerful LEDs for orientation Purposes. You may consider it tacky, I am absolutely loving it. By considering the features you can guess why it is ranked so high on the list. Reminder! You are talking about an underrated drone here.

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6- DJI Phantom 3 Pro

DJI Phantom 3 Review

DJI and its respective offers a variety of models of long-range drones to choose from. They often find their units on our list. Here we are going to have a look at DJI’s long range drone named as Phantom 3.  Professional version of drone holds several excellent upgrades over the standard one. Let’s have a look on its main aspects in this paragraph!

Camera and Features

The main feature of DJI,s product is definitely the Camera. DJI P3 Pro has 4K-ready camera mounted on a 3-axis stabilization gimbal. The footage, maintaining the quality, is absolutely brilliant and on the top among drones occupying the market. It has amazing features too. DJI Phantom 3 pro features follow me, waypoints, return to home and many more.


As I above mentioned that DJI drones are top of the list due to longest battery life, It sported 20 minutes of real enjoyment. And DJI,s drones have about 500 meters or 1500 feet of operating range. But, DJI Phantom 3 pro is something more than this. It has Battery duration up to 23 minutes. And the operating range is also more than standard one. Believe me it can go 5 kilometres away from its controller.

In short, The “Pro” model in DJI Phantom 3 is a reliable choice of everyone who wants to get best quality aerial photos. It satisfies all the needs of aerial photography, it is a decently priced long-range drone with best build quality. DJI Phantom3 Pro deals with sleek design, outstanding build quality and plentyof spare parts.

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Yuneec Typhoon H Pro
As this long range drone is priciest in the market, need to note that it is best for professional photography and hobbyist veterans around these parts as well. You have to be very careful while handling it, this one is expensive drone. We can also say that it has some expected veterancy, so be careful. It needs more attention.

Camera and Features:

This camera birdie accessescamera+3-axis gimbal, as its photography system of choice. It supports 4K videos at smooth 30fps. There is nothing more to add except the fact that it can record in slow motion only, but at much lower resolution.

That is not all about it. Another feature is worth mentioning that is its obstacle avoidance system that works very properly. Another amazing fact is it supports auto follow me mode sum up with some of the best cameras available in the market. You can’t go wrong with this drone only considering value of the money!


In term of operating range, it can go a mile(1.6 km) away before losing signals or coming back to controller automatically. It supports GPS too. The matter of fact is you have to look around your area and be aware of other flying things in the path of his drone. Typhoon H has a digital flight path you can create to mingle. As far as battery duration of this drone is concerned, it is well too. Typhoon H can remain in sky for 25 minutes. This battery duration is just enough for a drone of this calibre.

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If you are not in-touch with the news about drones, probably you have missed the DJI’s newest model of Drone named as THE SPARK. It is too small quadcopter, but you can’t fold it as its older brother DJI Mavic pro that was fold able. Regardless that it is not foldable, DJI SPARK Combo is still a portable little beast more than above mentioned Mavic. What’s about performance and aerial photography? Let’s have a look!

Camera and Features:

As far as camera is concerned, DJI Spark has not only imaging sensor but a proprietary 2-axis gimbal too. Due to which it is bound to improve footage quality. No doubt, it doesn’t access 4K sensor. But it accesses only 1080p one. The overall image quality does not fail to deliver. It has clear, sharp, and possesses optimal field of view for panorama shots even at high altitude.

The last feature of DJI Spark is that it has a plethora at its disposal, it has already seen in other drones like Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro. However, DJI Spark has two new, named as PalmLaunch and Palmcontrol, They both are amazing and worth looking into!


You can consider DJI Spark as explorer also. Although it is not able to reach full 2000 meter which is the official number, it can go away roughly 500m to 1000m far, depending on the possible interference.

Moreover, the battery duration of this drone is roughly 15 minutes, give or take.  Reminder, in the case of most drones with cameras the figure is slightly lower if you’re recording for the full flight duration.

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In the last, I would like to conclude that you can have .your desired drones according to the range that you want. We always try our best to keep you update and informed about the latest drones with related features and specifications. Have fun!