Holy Stone F181W Review: 2020

holy stone f181w
holy stone f181w

Complete Holy Stone F181W Review Drone: 2020

The Holy Stone F181W is a relatively cheap drone good online reviews. And a great long range drone!

This review summarizes all the information that you need to know in order to make an informed decision before purchasing the Holy Stone F181W.

To keep it short, this drone is worth its price. It delivers far more than expected and is easy for beginners to drone flying. It is also a drone that can be used over time. As you improve your skills, the Holy Stone F181W is equipped with several challenge levels that will suit your flying ability.

Dubbed as one of the best entry-level drones on the market today, the Holy Stone F181W is highly recommended for both new and experienced tech-geeks alike.

How good are holy stone drones?

Holy Stone is known for supplying a great range of fun drones. Best of all, they’re suitable for a range of budgets.

So, to answer your question, yes! Holy Stone are good drones.

Holy Stone F181W Price?

holy stone f181w wifi fpv drone review

The Holy Stone F181W comes with a controller and is priced under $100. In general, most of them available online come in at around $70 – $80. Don’t let the low price fool you though, this cheap drone packs a punch.

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Pros & Cons

  • The best part of the Holy Stone F181W is that it comes fully assembled and ready to fly. This is perfect for those who are new to drones, and even expert drone flyers appreciate the hassle-free set up. The only things you need to do before flying is to insert the battery, attach its propeller, and insert the SD card into the camera.

  • Speaking of the camera, the drones’ 720p HD camera quality is very good for its price. It boasts a 120-degree view, which is great for aerial panoramic photos and videos. It is advisable, though, to use the hover mode before taking a still photograph with this drone to improve the picture sharpness.

  • One of the most interesting features is the live FPV video transmission. This means that the camera is able to transmit a live video straight to your mobile phone using WiFi via their accompanying Holy Stone app. Another amazing feature is that you can also use the app as a controller to manoeuvre the drone, instead of the controller it comes with.

  • Weighing in at just 4.9 ounces, this lightweight drone has two batteries, prolonging its flying time and also has safety features, easy-fly features, and intuitive navigation.

  • Reviewers also enjoy the controllers’ mobile phone holder, so that you can watch the live video stream in real-time while flying the drone. Flyers also like the multiple speed control and the emergency stop button which is great for beginners.

  • On the other hand, there are really some features that show the price of this drone. There is a reason why professional drones are so expensive. Firstly, the Holy Stone F181W is only transmissionable within 30-50 meters. Most flyers would be used to a transmission range of at least 100 meters.

  • Secondly, be sure not to fly this drone when it’s windy. In fact, even a mild wind would make the live video transmission choppy.

  • As with any cheap product, the materials used to make the product would probably be cheap too. It is no surprise then that the camera itself is a bit delicate and is easily damaged. Even the internal fixtures and wires have a tendency to get loose from time to time.

  • Although two batteries give the drone a prolonged flying time, the drone heats up quickly and can only last with 10-minute intervals. So, give the drone a break from flying every once in a while to prevent overheating its internal components.

  • Lastly, the drone’s camera does not come with an SD card. I wouldn’t consider this a con, since most drones and other devices do not usually include one, but it is of course a plus if it were to come with its own SD card!

The Holy Stone F181W Camera

holy stone smart drone f181w

With this drone you get a 720p camera to take awesome shots. Also, you can take even better photos when you put the drone into hovermode!

This drone has a 120-degree field of view camera allowing you to take awesome panoramic shots and videos from above.

Holy Stone F181W Drone For Photography

If you didn’t know already, professional camera drones can be expensive. The technology that allows drones to take good photography from above is not cheap.

Manufacturers have to integrate hardware and software stabilization techniques such as gimbals to produce quality videos and images.

However, if you’re looking for a quality drone to take great photography, then you should seriously consider the Holy Stone F181. It produces great photos that are not blurry images.

Holy Stone F181w Final Thoughts

For novices, the Holy Stone F181W is a great done to begin your flying adventure. For its extremely affordable price, this drone’s camera quality is pretty good and, since it is so cheap, you won’t feel so bad when the drone crashes or if you have to upgrade. It is a great starting point for new flyers.

Its affordability doesn’t skimp on the important things like its ability to capture great videos and panoramic pictures, along with options to make it fly better. It is very safe for beginners and is highly recommended for its safety.

I feel that the pros outweigh the cons for this Holy Stone F181W, and for a drone under $100, it is probably the best one around.

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