Traxxas Aton Review

Traxxas Aton Review

As a matter of fact, Traxxas has a specialty in manufacturing RC cars and trucks. And if you know about really Traxxas then it means you are a true fan of its products. Check Out The Traxxas Aton Review.

The craze of a drone… what to buy, from where to buy, which features and specifications you should focus? This sort of questions make us more crazy ha-ha..  which store you should visit and when you visit a store then again the question arises what to own? If you want to have a beginner model and you also want a drone having to take photos as well. By focusing on all of your needs, Traxxas has launched new Aton which performs all that tricks which you want.

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It is easy to use and no doubt much fast as well, its camera is durable and customizable. As a matter of fact, it has engineered by focusing on all of the packages in which a drone lie.

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full review of Traxxas Aton

As far as the specifications and features are concerned, it comes with a great bunch of qualities. It weighs 860g. Its diameter is 370mm. its width is 472mm. it offers the good battery of 3000mAh Lipo power cell. And its flight time is up to 20 minutes.

With Fixed Mount RTF version, it comes with drone itself and the transmitter, smart chargercamera mount, batteries and spare blades for operating the radio. If you want the same machine with plus trim having 2-axis gimbal and along with 5000mAh flight pack as well.


  • PROPELLERS: 8.27 in. (210mm)
  • Motors: 28×15 brushless (4)
  • Flight controller: integrated board
  • Flight Time: 20-25 minutes


Comes with Aton Drone itself, and it comes with the transmitter and 3000mAh 3S flight pack, also offers a smart charger, fixed camera mount, and landing gear, for radio it offers spare batteries and blades. If you pay 80 dollars more then you get the same Drone with the 2-axis gimbal and 5000mAh flight pack as well.


  •  No need to calibrate for GPS usage, just wait to green signal across the status bar then your location has been stored.
  •  Without shutting the drone down you can change the designated home location.
  •  It offers the Film Mode and Expert Mode.
  •  In order to have flight logging, you can use open source applications like Mission Planner.
  •  It comes with the feature of Airbrake.
  •  Comes with game style transmitter.


In the last, I just would like to conclude that I am literally impressed with having the closer look. Its FPV feature has never disappointed ever. Its GPS also performs very well without any calibration and its Air Brake feature give this drone a super boom on the market. You can not only have the fun of flying drone but also you will get two modes like Film Mode and Expert Mode.

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