The Best Drones Under $300 in 2020

TOP 10 BEST DRONES UNDER $300 [2020]

Looking for the best drone on a budget? We have a list o 300 dollar drones and less!

Hi people! Today we will be reviewing the top 10 medium or mid-priced drones which are neither expensive nor very cheap and that can be even purchased under 300 dollars! And in this price range, you can have your own awesome and cool devices I mean best drones under $300. But the condition is that read this article very carefully…

MJX Bugs 2W best drone under $300 1080p 1000m 18 min Check Price
UPair one best drones on a budget 2K 500m 17 min Check Price
Hubsan H501S best budget camera drone 1080p 400m 17 min Check Price
Traxxas Aton best 300 dollar drone GoPro 200m 18 min Check Price
3DR Solo best cheap drones for photography GoPro 500m 20 min Check Price
Force1 F100 cheap drones to buy under $300 GoPro 250m 12 min Check Price
UDI U818Plus best drones for photography 2MP 150m 15 min Check Price
MJX Bugs 3 best outdoor drone under $300 GoPro 300m 15 min Check Price
ZeroTech Dobby best cheap drones under $300 13MP 100m 10 min Check Price
Altair AA108 Altair AA108 2MP 100m 10 min Check Price

Before going through such drones’ list under $300 let me tell you that if you didn’t read our top rated or top lists articles of drones under $50, and drones under $100 and yes drones under $200 then click on these links. All depends on your budget because high you spend then best you will get in terms of latest technology having best features and specifications of the quadcopters. No doubt, all of the following 10 quadcopters under $300 are amazing machines, but not such average in the low-cost quad.

Best Drones Under 300

On this list, most of the drones have such great features that you do not know like great quality cameras, powerful motors that can easily carry a GoPro and that features that you probably know. Stay with us and keep follow because we make you fly on the sky with these drones as they are booming in the market. If your budget is enough to have drone under $300 then keep reading this article and after that maybe you will be interested in top 10 drones under $500 as well!

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Yes! now we are at the spot of drones under $300 currently available in the market. As we are talking about the success of late Bugs 3- Bugs 2W! as the matter of fact it sports small form factor and it comes with a built-in camera which makes it capable to get a massive sales pitch for such people who are looking to have fun in aerial photography.

Let me tell you one thing that we are talking about smart drones that come with whole package or bunch of additional and latest functionalities that you can only expect from higher-end models. So, come on! See what MJX Bugs 2W all about is!


Move forward to camera, as I already told you about that as it comes with a good camera. More briefly it shows a real-time view using 5MPX sensor that is capable of recording in Full HD. As compared to other drone models which are overflowing in the market this is better than 2MPX entry-level drones. As it does show good image quality but you maybe experience a little bit of jello effect in windy weather.

Due to its integrated GPS module, MJX Bugs 2W is proved to be a smart drone. This model comes with handy several features that include Altitude HoldReturn To Home and we have can have great feature of recording smooth and cinematic aerial footage by using this drone’s camera. And yes its controller is good too! As it comes with such a design that fits easily in hands and provides responsive controls.


As far as the specifications are concerned, MJX Bugs 2W is proved to be the best in terms of specifications. It offers an operating range up to 1000 meters (actually it is written on its spec sheet but users went slightly over 500m) and provides approximately flight time of up to 18 minutes. No others such similar models are offered in such great price range for awesome specifications. I don’t believe that there is even a single one like this. but keep it in your mind that it is a worthy successor to Bugs 3 and with all those things what it offers, no doubt after some time it will be in the entry-level food chain.

2-UPAIR ONEbest drones under $300

As in the first sight, I was very excited to get it for review. But I didn’t make an order right away, because I did wait for some of the first buyers’ reviews on Amazon. After sometime when I saw a positive response from consumers then I knew that it is time to have one for myself. Let me tell you one thing that if you are on a low budget then this drone is a great alternative for high-end models. As a matter of fact, if you observe this it is a copy of DJI Phantom Models…  actually with some aces up.

As far as specifications are concerned UpAir One drone comes with all those things that you need, having a dedicated 2K camera! But there is an option that you can pay even extra $50 and have an upgraded 4K camera that captures excellent shots and videos. Moving forward this birdie has also FPV, and a transmitter which seems to be like DJI models’. In addition to that, it comes with a built-in 7” LCD screen. It also offers Live feed from the camera which is transmitted straight through 5.8 GHz frequency, as it provides you nice or decent image quality. And you will be enjoyed with WiFi-based FPV.

At an average level, most of the people are getting usually around 16 minutes of flight time. Its operating or control range is around 500 meters. as far as GPS is concerned, UpAir also offers GPS functionality which is a big plus. One great thing which is fulfilled by Amazon for UpAir that you can have this drone through prime services + you may easily return to Amazon if you face any unexpected problems that occurred.

3-HUBSAN H501Sunder 300 dollar Drone

No doubt Hubsan offers its consumers its models with such a great price invaluable ratio. And this first new drone model is its best example that comes in many advanced and modern features at a price for less than $300. As I already know that there are already some other advanced drones on recent lists with such similar price range. But some are used to be very costly as their price come to down after the releasing of new models that came out enough like them as DJI Phantom 2 is one of the best drones examples. Let us have a closer look solely on Hubsan H501S and check what offers are about!

All in all, Hubsan H501S drone comes with brushless motors that mean it must provide you more than enough power to your lightweight drone. It also comes to mind that you will be remaining safe from replacing them even for such a fair amount of time. Moving forward, this little birdie drone offers with an HD 1080p built-in camera. Its quality related to audio and video will no doubt amaze you. It comes with even a dedicated 4.3” LCD screen on the transmitter and also features 5.8GHz FPV.

Here are some of the Hubsan H501S functions that come with: Automatic Return, Headless Mode, Altitude Hold Mode, GPS and Follow Me. As far as its specifications are concerned then let us have a closer look about Hubsan H501S specifications. You can have the fun of its flight time up to 16-18 minutes, as it is great solid fun. And its official control range that is specifically mentioned in advertisement is 400 meters but just calm down because sometimes you get around 350m as well.

4-TRAXXAS ATONTRAXXAS ATON best drones under $300

Traxxas is one of the best drones under $300 and is known by its RC cars and it is USA based company. This company has got a lot of experience in manufacturing RC toys and here is the question arises that when they jump in the industry of drones. Traxxas Aton is one of their first drones, and just trust me as this is going to get your attention.

As a matter of fact, Traxxas Aton is proved to be having the best flight capabilities which I have ever seen. If we take an example to compare with Traxxas Aton then we can have Phantom 3 as it is much faster and even agile as like other high-end drones. It offers two 2 main flying modes that are Film and SportIn Sport mode, it can touch 50mph of its top speed, on the other hand in Film mode it seems to be very smooth and very stable. But moving forward, it (under $300) does not come with camera in the standard package. But fortunately, you can use your action camera as this little birdie sports a 2-axis gimbal, but you can purchase that separately or also with Traxxas Aton Plus bundle.

One best thing about Traxxas that promises a lot that Traxxas Aton provides a strong and reliable body. It will not even break even in a few crashes handled by beginners. This model comes with such interesting features such as Air brakeReturn to Home and dual GPS. It comes with 3 cell 3000mAh battery which provides with 18 minutes of flight time. Its operating or software range is limited to 160 meters that go up to 500 feet. Such a mind-blowing feature which it offers that if you accidentally went out of the range then it will automatically come back to its initial takeoff location… and believe it or not! This model will come in a handy way as you think!

5-3DR SOLO  DRONEcheap drones for photography

As most of the people talking about its new model but let me make you clear first that this drone used to cost more than $800 (in 2016) but now you can have it for less than $300. Because there is a news that 3 DR is about to ready to launch a new or latest drone soon so that’s why they are selling old one in discounted price to get market ready to have fun with its new model. If they don’t do so perhaps they are going to pivot to a new era and need funds about their complete research and for development. But according to my opinion, I would like to tell you to buy this drone because it’s a great time to buy this drone.

Just because of its wide array features that have at its disposal most people call it as a “smart drone”. It all data is specifically processed without any lag and all this happen through 1GHz processor that comes with this 3DR Solo drone. Moreover, 3DR Solo offers with all modern features such as cable cameraorbit and selfie and follow me mode. And no doubt all of its features work properly.

All thanks to GPS that comes with 3DR Solo features Auto Return to Home in case of getting out of the range. As it ranges up to 500 meters, hence 3DR Solo will automatically come back to its takeoff position, as far as its flight time is concerned, it goes up to around between 18 and 22 minutes. 3DR Solo comes with GoPro (HERO 3+ and 4) gimbal. Believe it or not! It has such an interesting feature of the transmitter has HDMI out port, it means that you can have live stream feed from the camera on such pretty much device that particularly supports HDMI input. Cool and Sounds Good Na, right?

6-FORCE1 F100  DroneFORCE1 F100 Drone

This drone is one of the best options for such people who are searching such a model that comes with camera mounts for mounting your desired or favourite action cameras then this is a no brainer. This drone has got a lot of praise as I am talking about F100 by Force1. Maybe all this due to its sturdy build and partially because you can say its brushless motors.

The point which I want to tell you that Force F100 drone is going to provide you with a great entry-level aerial photography platform for such those people who already own an action camera. If you are also one of them then what are you guys waiting for?


As a matter of fact, Force F100 is said to be “cameraless drone”. Yes, it is true that this drone does not come with a camera that means it is a drone without a camera and you must provide your own otherwise you will use without it. On the other hand, if you are willing to provide your own then you will be happy after coming to know that it comes with a dedicated mount for GoPro and also with other action camera brands. As mounting your camera is easy as it gets!

If we talk about its features and that is downside of this side. But, it does not only about its features but also other things. Force F100 has just only access to 2 different speed modes and one key trick and flips but when it comes to specification it shines the most!


As far as the specifications are concerned, I am a little confused that from where should I start in this section? Let me first tell you that F100 sports powerful brushless motors. As for those users who are unfamiliar with drone world nomenclature, on top of that brushless motors are provide great power efficiency and remain much last longer than brushed ones. And yes in the sense of operating range it goes around 250 meters away from its controller. And you can have fun with its flight time of 10 and 15 minutes, but all depends on your usage that whether or not you use an action camera with this one. I believe that you will agree with me when I say that this is proved to be a champ and well worth in such great price range.

7-UDI U818PLUS DRONEtop budget drones

As a matter of fact that UDI is focusing on such subjects to enlarge rebranding and incremental modifications in its toy-grade industry. No doubt that it has got a positive response or good feedback from customers all over the world for their U818 model. But now we will talk about its plus edition that is U818Plus that actually brings forth very much awesome improvements that make this little birdie outstand as compare to other low-end drones. If you want to have some special features about it, then you must have to read some of the following paragraphs!


Moving further, even in roughly $150 you will not expect that much from such drone. But the reality matters that from last few years boundaries are tighten or heavily pushed in such a way that results in massive price cuts in the industry of drones. This gave boost of firepower for such cheaper models and that’s what this mentioned drone UDI U818 Plus has to offer also. In the case on an example, consider its camera and yes we are talking about a solid 2MPX sensor that can easily record in HD resolution. If we go back to few years then you could not even imagine about such technology for $150 and be ready to mention this freaking drone on top.

After a lot of time actually we are going to see cheap and low-end drones that come or equipped with the features of Altitude Hold and with similar flight features. Here is one question arises that how is this possible when they don’t come with GPS? But these smart features are not used GPS but other, that are actually less expensive sensors. As it does its job without any issues but precision is no doubt lacking. It is normally said that UDI U818Plus is not a smart drone as a whole but actually provide a little portion of smart-drones features set.


In terms of specifications, UDI there is no doubt plays an important role with U818Plus edition. Its flight time duration will amaze you in such a great price range that goes around up to 12 minutes. On the other hand, its operating range is less than MJX Bugs 2W but it still admirable. It can fly away from its controller up to 150 meters that easily satisfy the majority of its potential buyers.

8-MJX BUGS 3MJX BUGS 3 under $300 Drone

At least at the time of writing this article on drones under $300, MJX Bugs 3 is proved to be the cheapest drone on this chosen list. The great thing about this drone as it offers best value for money. Currently in the market it is MJX Bugs 3 such a cheapest drone that comes with brushless motors. And believe me, brushless motors show a clear difference in sense of efficiency and great power.

By keeping in mind all of its specs; I would like to specifically mention that this drone comes with a solid Lipo battery which provides you with 15 minutes of flight time. As it is no doubt above average in this price range, and you should agree with this. MJX Bugs 3 provides control range of somewhere around 300 meters. As it’s not too shabby for such a cheap drone. As it must be compromised with little amount! And yes MJX Bugs 3 does not come with a camera. And there is no need to think that it is unsuitable to get aerial photography- but MJX Bugs 3 sports a camera mount that makes you capable to mount your own device and record aerial footage the time you want!

As far as reliability and durability is concerned I would only say that things are looking good. Especially it is good than its particular price range. And I think in upcoming days it is such a way that other drones in 2020 will also follow. It will show you a great quality image if you have GoPro or any other action camera. MJX Bugs 3 comes with gimbal which supports GoPro cameras.

9-ZEROTECH DOBBY DRONEcheapest drones for photography

Drones have got boom through the mainstream market using features by getting help through social media channels that become the major part of their popularity. Same the matter is here that’s exactly the way of Zerotech Dobby got fame through this marketing campaign. A lot of people who do marketing on youtube and make Vlogs have opted for reviews and grasped the attention of the audience and even give a boost to the interest of a much wider audience.

What do you say that is all about Zerotech Dobby hype or just a hype train which is swinging us by? But I guess we need to take a look and yes very closer look on this one and check that what it brings us to the table! 


Firstly, talk about the hardware which is possesses…  and believe me it offers with some serious fabulous firepower. The base comes with  Zerotech Dobby and its functionalities is actually a Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC with 2GB RAM and 2.3GHz Quad-Core Processor. As it comes with autonomous flight features and with that Zerotech Dobby incorporates such dual navigation features like GPS and GLONASS. And yes queen jewel exists here and that is definitely all in all sophisticated Facial Recognition Software that will provide you a feeling of a world of good when once you get used to it. Moreover, to have great graphics Zerotech Dobby uses Aderno 330 as its graphics processor and you can’t even imagine that it sports a miniature 13MPX camera.

As we are talking about camera then let me amaze you that it comes with Electronic Image Stabilization and you can even record crystal clear 4K resolution. As the matter of fact it runs with resolutions up to FHD. And no doubt, that you cannot combine EIS with 4K. on the other hand, EIS FHD footage seems to be absolutely brilliant. And in addition to that majority of PC users all over the world are still using FHD monitors, I suppose 4K to have overkill for casuals.


As far as the specifications are concerned, this little birdie drone is actually not proved to be the best drone. But still on the other hand it is standing on par with the same like priced and sized models. Well you can have f un with the flight time of around up to 9 to 10 minutes. Last but not least its operating range goes up to 100 meters as no doubt it is more than enough to get selfies…  as the matter of fact this Zerotech Dobby is mainly manufactured for selfie lovers who don’t need more range.

10-ALTAIR AA108 DroneALTAIR AA108 Drone under $300

As there is no doubt that this is actually proved to be a toy-grade drone. But this is actually despite that still worthy because of its great quality and top rated in the line of toy-grade performance. But as the matter of fact that you cannot expect premium features from this drone and yes no any sane person will consider its dirt-cheap price tag, I am pretty sure that Altair AA108 will going to surprise you with its charm.

As it is made by a new brand in the market and it got enough sales to have name and fame in the market. From its release date, it has got much popularity in the category of toy-grade drones. I order to have a closer look about this drone read the following paragraphs!


Let me make you have a look deeply about its features’ side, actually, this little birdie has got a lot to brag about. Even for beginners, intermediate and expert people it sports Custom Flight Routes having 3 flying modes, Altitude Hold, all of its contributions provides an overall amazing flying experience.

It does not only sport above mentioned features but also Altair AA108 has miniature imaging sensor. And yes it(little fella) also sports a tiny or little camera but not one of that such VGA ones-you will have a microsensor capable of recording in 720p. and with all that you will enjoy your images and videos with good result. And no doubt it is clearly safe to say that Altair AA108 is proved to have good value for money in the sense of its features and camera.


Let me tell you first thing that specifications of such birdie are specifically straightforward. Hence there is not actually price changing on daily basis when it is compared to similar priced models. As it provides standard airtime of around 10-minutes. One more thing which will amaze you that this drone Altair AA108 comes with a pack of extra battery that will provide you with a great fun of around more 20minutes per session, and in that time you can fly off your drone in the range of 100 meters away from provided controller. As I know very well that it is not actually a lot, so go ahead and find a cheaper model that will suit you having longer operating range, and yes you can have it!   

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Battery LifeCamera QualityFlight Range
let me tell you first thing that battery life is actually a totally different story and one thing you should keep in your mind that don’t compare cheaper models with premium ones, because premium models have roughly about 22 to 27 minutes of air time, but these cheaper drones provide up to 20 minutes.. In most cases, But in more precise they can fly for roughly 15 to 20 minutes.

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As all depend upon your usage, imagination and creativity that in which way you will use your drone, no doubt that all of the drones listed on this list can serves a lot of uses. As the matter of fact these drones produce best flying trainers and if you are going to have first flying experience (first-time flyer) or you are a some kind of beginner then you no need to worry with this because if you face some sort of crash then you will not in great danger as it is not much investment!  But if you crashed your drones in the price of drones under $1000 then you will be definitely in a great phase of sadness in the seconds.

Let it go! Entry-level drones no doubt are proved to be very good to do a lot of things. Following are some interesting ones!

Casual FlyingAfter getting much experience on drones flight you will be definitely a real champion and also want to do fun with your new toy. And yes it is absolutely true that each and every single drone mentioned on this list is made to have fun or to casually fly. They offer great responsive control, one key flips and also provide good dose of stability of flight.

PracticeAs we told you before that these drones are suitable to get practice in order to be a master or champ! As they offers worry-free or tension-free experience and proved to be good for your first steps into piloting. In addition, you will be able to have some pro flight for high end drones.

Aerial PhotographyWhen we talk about aerial videos and photography then the mentioned drones on the list are no doubt also perform a great or best role. I would like to quote the example of 3DR Solo, as it provides a dedicated 3-axis gamble and it is much stable to shot some aerial footage that even works seamlessly with GoPro Hero cameras as well. In order to have some closer look, you should need to check their range! And also it battery duration! Must check!

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Let me conclude that these drones are definitely very reliable. First of all what we need that brush-less motors and as most of them are obviously equipped with brush-less motors. As they are much durable than brushed motor ones and also work much longer! And secondly all drones are well built that can survive for a long period of time, but it does not mean at all that you fly them in full speed and hit them in the straight-through concrete wall and expect that nothing will happen, let me make you clear that No drone will survive after getting a big hit!

have fun!

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