Best Cheap Drones- Review & Buyers Guide 2020

the best cheap drones in 2020

TOP 7 DRONES YOU CAN BUY FOR Cheap Price [2020]

In this article, I am going to tell you about the best cheap drones even for beginners as well. By keeping in dronesnerd, we will come to know with inexpensive drones then that’s why you can set your skills high then you can move towards great models or premium ones like DJI Phantom 4 etc.

As a matter of fact, the drones on below list they don’t have the premium capabilities like higher-end drones but you will be amazed to check their features as well.

On the other hand, drone technology has become much popular and less costly and we can have even in low price but more functionality. Nowadays there are a lot of cheap or you can say best affordable drones in the market, and that can be great for such people that are looking for flight practice. Moreover, it is proved to be the best gift for adults and kids as well.

1-Force1 F100 Ghost GoPro Drone

The F100G quadcopter is no doubt tough and nimble and this drone offers a mount for a GoPro Hero 3 and 4 that means you can have best and professional quality shots. As a matter of fact, it can even fly in the windy weather as well and also it allows having a controlled flight.


Firstly, Force1 F100 is such a cameraless drone that does not offer a camera that means you have to buy your own or keep it without camera. On the other hand, you will be happy to know that it comes with a dedicated mount for a GoPro and also for other action camera brands.

The Force1 F100 has basically 2 different speed modes, one key flip and tricks. When we talk about its specification it is always shining!


It amazingly comes with or it sports powerful brushless motors, because of this motor it provides great efficiency and also last longer than brushed one. As far as the range is concerned, it flies around 250 meters away from its controllers. And it provides the flight time of around up to 10 and 15 minutes. but all depend on which type of camera you are using!


  • Cheap
  • Dedicated mount
  • Brushless motors


  • Flight time
  • Range
  • Camera less


As Bugs 3 is no doubt the famous drone by MJX and it comes with a dedicated camera too. But it is normally said that MJX Bugs 3 is proved to be the best among cheapest brushless quadcopters. You will have fun with its LED’s and great frame but the real fun starts when you mount a GoPro as it comes with a dedicated mount bracket. On the other hand it is stable drone but I doubt that vibrations can be a major problem during taking aerial footage.

As far as the specifications are concerned, its flight time is around up to 18 minutes in such a best price tag. It ranges up to 300 meters but sometimes it goes a little more up. I would like to conclude that if you have already GoPro and you want to purchase a cheap and sophisticated Altitude Hold drone then this will be your best option!


  • Best cheap.
  • Good flight time
  • Brushless motors


  • Range
  • Camera less


In order to test the skills for beginners, this drone is proved to be the best cheapest drone ever! And it comes with a decent look, lightweight frame and RTF package.

This BLADE Nano does not have FPV camera but on the other hand, you will enjoy its flight because of its amazing size and manoeuvrability. You can even fly this indoor and outdoor as well. But in a strong wind, it can be grounded. Its operating range goes up to 5 to 7 minutes.

All things considered, its RTF package provides pretty awesome flying experience for beginners. It is best to have a cheap and stable practice platform at all!


  • Small in size
  • Lightweight
  • cheap


  • Flight time
  • range 


It is specially made for racing lovers, it is said to be the sister company of Traxxas which is the best affordable drone for you! As it is a lightweight drone even with powerful motors. And there is an option that you can upgrade that motors to become more powerful 17000Kv to have extra torque.

It works with 11Tpinions on its motors whose rotation effects to motor shafts while carrying props. By the help of this mechanism, LaTrax can fly up to 10 to 12 minutes and all depends on how fast you push! As the range is concerned, this goes up to 100 or even 150 meters without fading the line of sight. You can have greater speed as well by installing AIO FPV system.

As far as the feature are concerned. Let me tell you that LaTrax can perform all sorts of acrobats, even flips, rolls and all such good stuff that you can enjoy in just one button press. Besides this, LaTrax Alias offers with LED lights and a great canopy that comes in multiple colors. But be assure that it is such a best cheap drone and you know the worth of it only when you get a hold of it!

5-U49C Red Heron

The U49C Red Heron quadcopter comes with such a sleek and unique design and it proved to be the best gift for a newbie drone pilot.

The retailer Force1 includes an additional battery with this model and no doubt hat doubles up the flight time and you can have more fun with that. Not only this, the Red Heron also offers an extra motor that is a great value or adds on for you but specially for beginners.


You will have great and best photos and videos with his drone at 720P and with its FPV camera, your flight will come to life and using its remote control you can have the feature of landing and takeoff by just one button. It comes with the feature of Altitude Hold and Headless mode in order to have stable flight and keep in your mind that you get best video quality when it becomes more stable.

You can even control it by your smartphones and with this drone, you can get an extra battery in order to increase the fun with this drone and power bank as well!

As it is good for hobbyist and FPV racing that provides a flight time of up to 15 minutes


  • Best Camera 720P
  • Battery Time
  • Good for hobbyist


  • Range

6-X5UW Thunderbolt

In such price tag, this X5UW Thunderbolt is proved to be a powerful drone even with the high-quality camera. It is best for those who want fun drone and also learn about how to race even around obstacles with great ease because it comes with low-latency FPV video transmission that goes straight to its built-in controller screen.

Also, you will have double fun because it comes with two extra batteries! That means it adds on to your drone and you can fly for a longer period of time and then recharge your batteries


Let me make you clear that this drone is specifically made to have fun with the stunts and to get easy flying experience. This comes with the feature of one key takeoff, landing and 360-degree flip, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode and Custom Route Mode. And this also offers FPV Camera and it records clear aerial videos in crystal clear result at 720P HD resolution.

On the other hand, let me tell you that it is also one of the best cheap drones for kids and the great features which attract consumers that with its remote control you can even fly it by tilting your smartphone as well.

And you can mount your smartphone on the dedicated remote control that comes with this drone and fly your drone and can see what your drone is watching! You can say that with the help of this drone you can have real time view.

You can have great fun with for longer period as it comes with two extra batteries so this RC drone can fly for maximum time easily.


  • Best Camera
  • Cheap Drone
  • Real Time View


  • Low latency

7-Syma X5C

Syma is proved to be best at entry-level drones market, they launched a massive series of toy-grade drones and even they have established themselves as top or best cheap drones. Let me tell you that Syma X5C is no doubt a nimble drone.


Most often it is asked that why is Syma X5C the best drone you can purchase for under $50? The answer is just because of its best flying experience and with that a lot of features you get! And its controller is proved to be the masterpiece which is highly intuitive and responsive. Syma X5C sports headless mode and 360 flips.

It comes with such a best camera in such a great price tag that is capable to record HD videos even in 720P with the help of HD-ready sensor. It also offers aerial photography inside the package including 4GB microSD card.


As far as the specifications are concerned, let me tell you from its battery that Syma X5C-1 sports 1S 500mAh Lipo battery. As it does not offers such a great flight time but you no need to worry because it does not let you down in such a cheap price models. You can have fun with the fight time of up to 7 minutes. And it can fly off from its controller up to 30 to 50 meters range. Furthermore its stability and responsive control make it the best cheap drone in this list.

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Great innovation and big demand have made capable of companies to enter such business to have new and inexpensive drones that able to everyone purchase. Even each and every person can own a drone from the toy-grade drone as a hobby to professional or premium one model or UAVs, on the other hand, f you are not familiar with such kind of technology then I would suggest you to have fun or to get practice with an affordable or best cheap drone. Even toy-grade drones come with such powerful and amazing features and specifications.

Again the question arises that which drone you should buy?

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