Complete DJI Phantom 3 Review

If you are searching for a drone that can shoot great aerial photos and videos, make sure to check out DJI Phantom 3. A top drone for under $1000!

It is a drone manufactured by a well-known company, DJI. The Phantom 3 Standard is an entry-level drone that is perfect for beginner users and it can also be a great back-up drone by experienced drone pilots.

Although it does not have an impressive operating range, collision avoidance system or 4K recording capabilities that can be found on the Phantom 4 drone. The Phantom3 is capable of capturing 2.7K resolution at 30fps videos and great aerial photos. If you are wondering if the DJI Phantom 3 is the perfect drone for you, make sure to keep reading below to find out!

DJI Phantom 3 Review Specifications

Here’s the specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 15 by 14 by 8.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 8.2 pounds
  • Rotors: 4 ( 2 blades per rotor) measures 9.5 inches in diameter and can be replaced
  • Battery: 4800 mAh Li-ion polymer (drone), Li-ion polymer (remote controller)
  • Flight Time: About 25 minutes
  • Video: 2.7K with 30 fps
  • Uses GPS Module
  • Maximum Transmission Distance: FCC 1000 m (outdoors) CE 500 m
  • Video Transmission System: DJI WiFi Video Downlink

Design and Features

The Phantom 3 Standard version is designed with the same body and battery as the other models in the Phantom 3 series. However, it has a few differences worth-mentioning such as the Vision Positioning system which is found in the expensive drone models in the market. The camera of the Phantom 3 has 20mm lens wide-angle prime, the micro SD card slot has been moved to the camera, it is previously found in the base of the gimbal mount in previous Phantom drone models.

The Phantom 3 Standard drone has a four-pylon white design which makes the Phantom series a recognizable drone in the market. It is also designed with metallic red decals; the DJI logo is placed in the top center of the chassis and two red strips are neatly placed on each of the pylons. The propellers are color-coded and a black dot is placed on the motors that match the black center.

The DJI Phantom 3 weighs around 2.7 pounds and measures around 23 inches from one wingtip to another. The landing gear sits underneath the drone’s body, while the gimbal and the camera is designed to sit on its undercarriage. The drone has a lightweight and compact design which makes it easy for individuals who are always traveling. It fits inside a backpack, you can carry it with you when you go hiking, biking, or boating with your family and friends. It can be easily stowed inside your car’s trunk or the backseat of a sedan; it won’t take too much space.

The camera is capable of recording stable footage while on air. It is designed to face forward always and can do a bit of left and right rotation. The remote control is like a scaled-down version of the Phantom 2 Vision+. It is streamlined so it does not need a separate Wi-Fi extension module and it comes with an internal rechargeable battery. It has a micro USB port at the bottom. It is also equipped with 4 LED lights that specify the charge level and it also has a power switch that turns on the drone. It also comes with a clamp that you can use to attach your smartphone – it can hold an iPhone 6 Plus.

DJI Phantom 3 Reviews

Special Features

Automatic Flight Assistant

The drone can be flown with ease and it can return to you with just a single press of a button.

Flying Camera

The Phantom 3 is a flying camera and it is capable of capturing fun and exciting videos and photos. It can send real-time HD video on youriOS or Android smartphone by using the DJI app.

Powerful Flight

Enjoy a fun flying experience using your drone as it speeds through the air. It is equipped with powerful and responsive motors that allow your drone to fly on any path that you prefer.

Remote Controller

It comes with a remote controller built for the Phantom 3 drone. It is compatible with the DJI app. It can take photos and record videos with just a single tap.

Intelligent Flight Modes

  • Follow Me – This feature allows the drone to track the movement of the remote controller.
  • Point of Interest – This feature allows the drone to orbit around a subject while keeping the camera fixed perfectly on it.
  • Waypoint Flight – This mode allows the user to automatically fly their drone from the same route.
  • Course Lock and Home Lock – This feature changes the way the control stick functions. If the course lock is activated the original direction of the nose of the aircraft will be the forward setting even when the drone is spun around during the flight. When the Home Lock is activated, it adjusts the controls and makes them relative to your position. When the right stick is pushed forward the drone will move away from you and when you pull back the right stick it moves the drone towards you regardless of where the direction of drone’s nose is pointing.
  • Flight Log Function – It tracks the flights and records telemetry data which includes the maximum altitude, distance, and takeoff location. This allows the users to keep track of the length of time you spent flying your drone and as well as the path you used for your drone’s flight. The DJI Phantom 3 has approximately 25 minutes of flight time if using a fully charged battery.
  • Return to home – This feature is activated when the battery of the drone is low. When the battery gets down to 10 percent the drone will start to make an automatic landing so you must be aware of the battery indicator while flying your drone.

Price of DJI Phantom 3

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Pros & Cons

  • Ready to fly
  • Built-in Camera with 2.7K resolution
  • Excellent video and image quality
  • Compatible with DJI Go app
  • 3-axis gimbal stabilization
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Compatible with iOS or Android smartphones or tablets
  • The camera cannot be removed or upgraded
  • The camera cannot freely rotate 360 degrees
  • The landing gear does not fold or collapse and is not easily removed for travel
  • Some users experience video glitches
  • Battery charging is slow
  • Sometimes the drone’s propellers are captured in the video

DJI Phantom 3 Review

User Review For DJI Phantom 3

According to Eddie, the DJI Phantom 3 is a great drone. It is highly recommended for first-time users. Most of my friends bought the Phantom 3 as their back up drones. One of its main limitations is that its maximum flight range is almost half of the better drone models in the market. It also uses fewer GPS signals and it does not have a downward-looking visual eye.

According to Larry, I have owned the DJI Phantom 3 for more than 6 months. I have seen my son buy a Pro version of Phantom 3 and he loved it a lot and he has convinced me to get the Phantom 3 standard version. You can take great wide-angle photos and thanks to its 2.7K resolution you can also record great aerial videos during your drone’s flight. Before flying this drone you must get to know your drone first. You must learn all the important information necessary to fly it so you can have a successful flight for the first time.

Final thoughts

The DJI Phantom 3 is highly recommended for beginner users who want to own an entry-level drone from DJI. It is stable, reliable, and comes with intelligent flight features that allow users to fly the Phantom 3 with ease. It has a great battery life, with flight time lasting up to 25 minutes. Its camera can record videos 2.7K at 30 fps resolution which makes it capable of shooting great photos and videos.It is capable of sending 720p HD live video feed to your smartphone. If you have a limited budget but you want to buy a DJI drone, the DJI Phantom 3 is worth checking out. It is a solid drone and it is one of the best ones in its budget range.

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