Eachine E58 Pocket Drone Review: 2020

E58 Pocket Drone Review

Looking for an Eachine E58 pocket drone review? You’ve come to the right guide!

Some decades ago, the idea of living in a world with drones was vocabulary in the aviation world, but this is not the case nowadays! Plane manufacturers noticed the efficiency and convenience of these quadcopters and with enthusiasm, they came up with different models.

Nowadays, drones are significantly feature-rich and have a wide range of uses. While there exist high-tech drones that are capable of multiple videography, photography, and aerobatics, not everyone can afford them. Manufacturers have therefore developed a ballooning number for affordable drones that still offer equal enjoyment and high-end features. One such product is the Eachine e58 pocket drone. Below, we will go into detail on the specs, features, quality and usability of this drone! If you are wondering if this drone is going to be worth the money, sit back and prepare to have a better understanding from our review.

Eachine E58 Pocket Drone Description

The E58 pocket quadcopter is a smaller version of the Mavic Pro but still loaded with amazing features while maintaining significance and affordability. It is a radio-controlled drone designed with appealing and essential functions. It also has a top-notch quality camera with a user-friendly app.

E58 Pocket Drone Review

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The E58 pocket drone is a beautiful starter option ideal for anyone who wishes to invest in flying drones but does not want to spend too much cash for a startup. Additionally, the electronic machine is also an incredible option for anyone who would want an affordable selfie-style pocket drone without emptying his or her bank account with one swipe. The quadcopter will get you in the air and at the same time, give you the confidence to grow in drone flying as you experience the fun of taking aerial photography and creating videos.

How Do You Fly The Eachine E58 Pocket Drone?

Wondering how to fly a pocket drone? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to fly your pocket drone;

Eachine Drone Features

Compact size and foldability – The E58 weighs less than 100 grams hence lightweight to fit in the pocket. It also has foldable arms that make it amply small to enhance foldability and increase efficiency for use by beginners.

Dual control buttons – The device has an excellent controller that features one-touch buttons for landing and take-offs.

Stable altitude holds – the e58 pocket drone has a customary gyroscope that makes the components of the device steady during flights. It also features elements like in-air flicking stunts and altitude-hold functions for easy functionality.

Angle-adjusted HD camera – This model also features a 2MP camera. The camera shoots 720p video that is helpful for casual use. The glass lenses of the camera are rotatable from 0 – 90 degrees down.

E58 Pocket Drone Review

Removable batteries – The device has 3.7V 500mAh rechargeable lithium batteries that are detachable and deliver around a flight time of 10 minutes. when fully charged. The cells take an average of 60-70 minutes for a full charge.

Programming qualities– to turn on the device, press the power button on at its top. The drone also comes with encoding features like programmed landing and takeoff. It also has a mode that executes different commands like “return to home.”

Lightning – A closer look at the drone shows you a column of 3 blue LED lights. These LED lights signify whether or not the drone is powered. White lights are also on the front part of E58. When illuminated in low light conditions, they resemble headlights and can help in determining the drone’s orientation.

Speed control – The drone can switch to three different speeds, depending on the one that you desire, high, medium or low speed. For more fun, you can switch to different speeds when the device is in flight.

Headless mode – It has a headless mode making the front side of the drone similar to the remote control. This headless mode ensures ease in flying the device to your desired destination. Additionally, with the trimming function, the drone can be adjusted to the tilt direction of your preference, especially when you want to make it stable during a flight.

Flight speed – This device uniquely features multiple rates for flight speed. When it is on a hold mode, lock the location and height, stabilize it capture as many photos and videos as you want. It allows the images to be taken from any angle, hence making the general experience fun and easy. Even a novice will enjoy this powerful machine. It automatically lands and takes off with only one click.

E58 Pocket Drone Review

3D Flip – This is a unique quality of the drone. Once you have flown it to about 2 meters high, carefully press the flip button then push the control stick to allow the drone to flip at a 360� angle and give an all-round aerial show.

The Eachine E58 Pocket Drone Price

If you want a quality pocket drone without wasting your valuable money, this product is worth its cost. Depending on the manufacturer, the average cost of the appliance is $79. You are not likely to find any other remarkably designed pocket drone for a lower price than this one. With this price, it is an affordable price that will suit the budgets of your pockets. You will not regret any coin spent to make the purchase.

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Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and compact size makes it very portable
  • Has excellent stability; if set uprightly, it hovers around and takes good videos and photos
  • Easy to fly after you have gotten the hang of it
  • Even though it has a fragile feel and look, it is tough to crashes
  • E58 pocket drone features a modern style and design
  • Good in-air stability
  • The camera functionality of the e58 pocket drone is suspect
  • You can only control the video and camera button if you are using its smartphone’s app
  • The instruction manual is difficult to understand
  • If the plastic parts are not well maintained, they break easily

Tech specs

Here’s what to expect with your drones;

  • 2.4 GHz remote control
  • 27 x 19.5 x 5 cm arms that are not foldable
  • 12.5 x 7.5 x 5 cm foldable arms
  • 6-axis gyroscope
  • Three different speed modes
  • One-key return
  • 360-degree roll

The E58 Pocket Drone Manual

This is an e58 pocket drone manual that you can download right away. It is going to show you how to put together a quadcopter and a camera, which is one of the best parts of the whole process. It explains in great detail the things that you need to do to build your own quadcopter, which will have more than enough power to make any flight you want with it. You will also be able to print it out and use it for reference as you go along. Even though it has a lot of great information, I will tell you in this e58 pocket guide that there are some parts that are not mentioned that you will definitely need.

I would like to point out the fact that the e-book contains three pages of video tutorials. Those videos were made by professional videographers who are willing to show you exactly what they did to create those videos. They even have the blueprints that you can download from their website. That alone will make you feel like you have found a real expert on how to build a quadcopter and how to fly it. It is definitely something worth checking out.

Is The Eachine E58 any good?

So far, we’ve given you a breakdown of the specs and features of the drone. But now, let’s dive into what people actually have to say about it.

Review 1

“This is my first drone, I really like it for the price, you really can’t beat it. Also, this drone was easy to use. It came neatly packaged in the box. The drone had a couple minor things that needed to be assembled, but overall very easy to do. Charging the drone was relatively fast. After fully charging the drone, I took it outside to fly. It does take some learning to operate the drone. I crashed it a couple of times since I was new at it, but overall it was easy to learn how to use it after a while. The drone is very durable as well”

Review 2

“It’s a very user-friendly little drone! I like the fpv but I did need to download a non-native app. It’s very receptive and I was flying it confidently in minutes after opening the box!”

Review 3

“Compact size is easy to fit in my bookbag. Easy to fly, I love to share this experience with my children. It is crazy how far it can fly and still be able to record clear video. The battery last longer then I thought it would.”

As you can see from the user reviews above, the compactness of the drone makes it a brilliant portable drone. Usually, you think of drones as being quite large and cumbersome but the eachine e58 pocket drone really does make life easier.

Whether you are on the go or just don’t have a lot of space in your bag for a drone, the portability and ease of access make flying even more enjoyable. Most drone users on the internet say that the usability of the drone makes it very easy for them to pick up and begin flying straight away.

This is ideal for someone who is relatively new to drone’s and doesn’t want to overcomplicate things at first.


If you are a casual flyer or a beginner, the E58 will best suit your needs and preferences. With the drone, you will get the value for your money. With all the outstanding and quality features, E58 bits the competition and remains to be among the top-ranked pocket drones. It powerfully integrates luxury, style, quality, and high performance. Are you considering the E58? If you are, do not waste more time, this product will be worth your time and attention.

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