3DR Solo Drone Review

As you know that With the help of drones the aerial photography and videography has made more accessible. But the fact is to get some professional shots still seems to be tricky. Unless you got years of practice, it is no doubt a difficult task to fly as drone and controlling the camera at the same time. Following you will have a complete 3DR Solo Drone Review.

Hence, the Solo Comes to take over this sort of difficulty. It comes with 3DRobotics design in the price of $800 which is specifically made for aerial video and shooting and it is totally equipped with autonomous flight modes that help to get sexy, smooth and pro look video and aerial shots like cinematic shots.

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Have A Close Look At 3DR Solo Drone Review

Features and Specifications

As far as its features are concerned the Solo I think the only drone in the market that does not boast on other drones. It comes with two dedicated 1GHz Cortex-A9 Linux computers. One is in the controller and other in the onboard the drone itself actually that handles all of the high-level flight scriptings, on the other hand, Solo’s Pixhawk 2 autopilot that focuses solely on keeping the drone in the air smoothly. As the matter of fact, such configurations make this fella copter such a reliable drone.

But with this drone, you will not get a camera, as you will have to mount a separate GoPro and its compatibility come with only Hero models 3, 3+ and 4. No doubt you will need to spend extra $400 to $500 in order to have aerial photography and video footages.

If you get the training wheels off then you can hit 55 MPH and literally it is 10 MPH faster than DJI’s Phantom 4, it can also go fast as well having a good tailwind. Solo would be the best option f you want a drone that keeps up with your bike and a car and anything else.

It comes with autonomous flight modes that cover Cable Cam, Selfie and Follow Me. That is specifically offered in order to have a fun by getting professional looking aerial video.


Its cable cam mode allows you to order a drone to fly in between two different points. Orbit mode guides the drone to fly in a wide circle around the point of your choosing. the follow me mode as it is self-explanatory follows you while moving around.

It is not all, with the addition of such flight modes Solo also comes with a lot of modes that provide full control over the flight.

And one thing that you no need to worried about crashing your GoPro because in the case of mechanical fault but not pilot error,3DR Solo will replace the drone for free but also provide you a voucher to have a brand new GoPro. As all of the data is stored in the black box of 3DR Solo.

Battery, Range and Charge Time

It comes with the battery of 5200 mAh 14.8Vdc lithium ion that provides 25 minutes of flight time without the use of camera and round about 20 minutes with a camera. And it gets 1hour and 35 minutes to recharge each battery so must have some extra batteries!!!

As far as the range is concerned, Solo Can Go Max about a half mile. You know that is not enough but enough for our needs.


55mph top speed

Simple but intuitive controls

Durable design

Reliable flight


Slow recharge time

Need mobile gadget to fly

Sometimes spotty GPS



In the last I would like to say that the 3DR’s autonomous fight modes will make you forget about all other cons in hurry like its GPS connectivity and low range etc. but in simple words, in such a best price it is the good drone for all of the people.

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