Super Fun Micro Drone Gears For Amazing Flights

Micro drone features

Isn’t it an absolutely fantastic idea to call your friends and decide to hang around in a nice, spacey place and zip through with your drones? However, something might get in the way, such as your gang not being able to hike with tons of gears on your back.

In this case, a splendid idea would be to fly micro drone machines. They’re totally cool because they are compact and yet packed with heaps of fun features. For instance, there are micro drone models that are equipped with a small HD camera but can amazingly fit in your hands.

What are some of the best gears that you can install on your micro drone? Here is a shortlist:

Super_S F4+OSD Tower

super s f4 osd tower grande

This item has a 60mm to 80mm frame, and its form measures 5.2g 20X20mm which is quite compact and lightweight. It comes with an F4 flight controller and a 4-in-1 6A ESC supported by DShot. You wouldn’t need a soldering gun to assemble this piece.

The F4 flight controller includes specifications such as a micro flight controller installed with STM32F405RGT6 and MPU6000 sensors set up with an SPI interface. It is able to support DSM/DSMX, SBUS, and PPM.

A 5V/500mA BEC is roped in with it, together with OSD. It is 2.1g in weight and props up Multishot, Oneshot, and DShot600 ESC, among others.

Racestar Racing EditionBR0703 Brushless Motors 15000Kv

Racestar Racing

The technical specifications of this gear are indicated as follows: 10mm width, 16.2mm height, 1.9g weight, and a 1-2S lipo battery.

Racewhoop Smallest Brushless FC

Racewhoop smallest brushless

This piece contains a Stackable Brushless FC that is the lightest and the smallest. The micro-flight controller that comes with it is fixed in with an F3 chip/MPU 6000. It has the most miniature brushless FC attached with a 20x20mm layout and a hole set-up that is 16x16mm.

The atomic light of this article is at 1.7g and its power input flexibility is 1S 3.7V/2S 7.4V. The current sensor is internally affixed and it is equipped with a buzzer port, a full USB support, gold-plated pads to obtain the best signal and power conductivity and it is very easy to install.

VM275T (v1.1) 25mw VTX Video Transmission 520tvl Camera Integrated with Dipole Whip Antenna


The specifications of this feature include a touch switch channel SEL, 2.9- 5.5v supply voltage, FM modulation type and a 5362-5945MHz frequency band, to mention a few.

RotorX RX1406 High Performance 4100 Brushless Motor

Rotorx RX1406

With this gear, you’ll find a CW or CCW motor and mounting hardware. The specs include a 4100kv RPM/V and 18x15mm dimensions. It weighs 17g and its main shaft measures 2mm and the prop shaft 5mm.

RX122 v2 Atom Frame

RX122 v2

This atom frame will truly challenge your building capabilities. It contains the total package of hardware that you need to construct your particular RX122 Atom.

However, the camera, electronics, motors, wires, and lipo batteries are not included. Instead, you’ll find a RotorX nylon strap, a white canopy, 3 tilted mounts for the FPV camera, an RX122 v2 carbon bottom plate, and some standoffs and screws.

Ultra Small Micro 600TVL FPV Camera

Ultra small Micro 600TVL

The smallest that it can get, this FPV camera is also lightweight and can compactly and neatly fit into an aircraft. For the technical specifications, you’ll find a 170degree FOV, 5v input voltage, a 600TVL pixel and dimensions of 14mmx14mm.

Racestar BR1103 10000Kv Brushless Motors

Racestar BR1103

The battery of the motor is a 1-2s lipo battery and its voltage is 3.7-7.4V. Each item weighs approximately 3.3g, with a 13.6mm width and a 15.6mm height. The motors contain props that are 3 inches, 2 inches, and 65mm.

Enjoy the best flight experience with your micro drone with the use of these practical and awesome gears!