Force1 F100 Review

Looking to have the best cheap drone to operate your GoPro in the air? so have a close look at the Force1 F100 Review.

Let me make you clear that the Force1 F100 GoPro RC Quadcopter Drone is literally such a drone for those pilots who have their own GoPro.

As the matter of fact, it comes with the low-cost price tag having a mount for GoPro. It is capable to do 360 flips and it comes with an extra battery that offers flight time of 12 minutes.

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Have a Close look in the following paragraph in order to know the Force1 F100 Drone Review.

It needs some level of setup. When this drone goes to interchange with your GoPro as it comes with the landing gear so that’s why you will have to install that camera to conclude your cinematic shots.

The mount comes with it is not 3-axis gimbal, and of course, you get what you pay! Hence the video quality is not such smooth and silky that other drones offer in these days. I know you are thinking about the Phantom 1. And yes no doubt that this drone is less stable as compared to other expensive camera drones.

But the quality of footages and photographs depends upon the GoPro which you are using.

The awkward moment comes when you have to pair your drone with the controller because it takes little effort.  On the other hand, it is not handy like other drones that come with on/off switch because it comes with the semi-complicated phenomenon of pressing a few buttons. If you find yourself dizzy then all process will have to repeat and if you forget the pattern then no need to worry because you have manual along with this drone.

If you really do not mind with the less stable quality of drone and you only want your GoPro in the air then this Force1 F100 will be the best option.

As far as its features and specifications are concerned, let me tell you that this drone is powered by potent brushless motors that are quieter and much durable as compare to brushed motors and other is it comes with one key 3d flip functions that show off your new drone to your loved ones.

It comes with an awesome operating range yes up to 250 meters from the controller. Whereas, the battery provides 12 minutes on average flight time.

  • Cheap price
  • Mountable place
  • Without a camera
  • Less stable


In the last, I would like to conclude that in such a best price tag you can have a good drone but without a camera. On the other hand, you can also use your own GoPro with this drone. As it is less stable but in cheap price having an attractive feature of 360 flips using one key.

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