Upair One Review

I want to tell you that and I am pretty sure you are familiar with a lot of brands on the market that are always trying to copy other popular or famous one. And it does not happen only in the drone niche but also it has been a major factor in different sort of markets around the world.

Their major focus to produce similar one and they do not have even concern about the reliability but they made the same one in cheap price. In this way, they do their business.UPAir One Review

On the other hand, Upair one seems to be incredibly like most popular Phantom offered by DJI and I will not call it the copy of DJI because copycats provide cheap and I have already told you they sell unreliable products. But this is not like others!

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Review of Upair One drone!

Features and Specifications

Upair One comes with 1350g weight. Its wheelbase is 355mm and its maximum flight distance is 800m. Maximum video transmission distance is 500m.on the other hand, its maximum flight height is 300m. And the last but not least its flight duration of the full load of 1350g is up to 18 minutes.

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It comes with two different cameras in different price range drone. Both are same but its major difference is related to resolution. Its cheap price model comes with a 2.7K camera that is no doubt able to capture the best aerial shots with recordings as well. It also offers a gimbal through which you get more stability in order to have breathtaking aerial videos like a pro and all come in the same package.


This Upair One comes with a powerful battery and yes we are talking about 540mAh Lipo battery that plays an important role. Online we found that it can fly up to 18 minutes in the air but I experienced 21 minutes by getting before low battery feature. And the fact is I did not mount a camera on it. The shock which I got after buying this drone, it can go up only 300 meters that is literally a pity with the best flight time and good FPV abilities.

As far as its features are concerned, this drone comes with a plethora of amazing features and you will not worry.

Following are it’s featured through with it is equipped:

  • Auto Return Failsafe.
  • Position Hold.
  • GPS System.
  • One Key Home Return.
  • Low Battery Voltage.


Upair One comes with a great controller. As it looks very stylish as the matter of fact its look does not only look like DJI but its controller also seems to be like DJI Phantom’s controller as well. With this, you will also offer the 7-inch display for FPV purposes. Its display quality is pretty awesome like smartphone powered FPV. The best and focused point is that Upair did not perform the best job with this drone but also with its great dedicated controller as well.

  • Controller with the best display
  • The flight time of 18 minutes
  • Comes with 4K and 2.7K
  • Flight range is low


In the last, I would like to conclude that Upair One offers a best features and specifications in such a best price range, and it is proved to be best for such people who want to have a best aerial photography drone in a small fraction of price as compare to premium models and in this price you will not find such features.

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