Now, we are going to have a close look at UDI U818A Plus Review, also another one low to mid-range drone but all depends on you buy it on sale or not. This drone is proved to be the perfect drone for the kids and also for beginners who are willing to learn even the basics of drone flying. Actually, UDI is a toys manufacturer company that is based in Hong Kong.

As far as the drones are concerned, UDI literally focuses on the manufacturing of the affordable and beginner friendly drones as we are talking about UDI U818A Plus. In some places, it is also recognized as DROCON U818A Traveler.

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Time To Know More About UDI U818A Plus Review- In Depth.


UDI U818A Plus comes in a larger shape having 15inches of length and width and approximately 7.5 inches in height. It comes with the struts on the bottom and also a camera mount. Its blades are covered by the non-removable blade guards but that is made by the mushy rubber.

Fortunately, you will get spare blades with this drone, so you no need to worry if you break the original one.

On the other hand, it comes with 4 LEDs, and each one is placed under each motor. It helps a lot in night flying. Its struts are totally sturdy and stable. It offers best quality except the blade guards do not know actually that why that is so much flexible.


This UDI knows that camera is the attractive thing to the customers so they offer a camera having optical stabilization but if we compare to other best quality drone then the camera does easily stand out. It offers 720p sensor having 120-degree wide angle lens that takes great videos and photos.

It has adjustable tilt on camera that can be easily removed by moving it forward.


It comes with the comfortability of the large transmitter. It offers a built-in smartphone stand that is placed in the mid of the controller in which you can place your smartphone in order to use FPV mode.

Transmitter comes with two antennas in order to receive wifi signal as well.

Its have a LED light on the top of it that tells us when the device is paired through wifi. This transmitter also indicates two notifications by beeping, one Is for out of range and other is for low battery signal.


Its battery capacity is 1000mAh that provides the flight time of 15 minutes and it took 3 hours to charge fully from empty to full. No doubt that it takes much time but provides much flight time of 15 minutes as well.


FPV control –   it comes with the feature of FPV mode that can be operated using Flyingsee app, this application is useful for both Android and iOS devices. It is quite good to navigating the drone but there is a lag when you fly a drone at a high speed.

Speed Control – its transmitter has a button, through which you can control the speed of the drone.

There are three-speed settings are available.

  • One key take off/ land- it comes with the feature of the take-off/land by having only one key.
  • VR Mode- it comes with the feature of VR Mode in order to provide the best experience to pilot. But you will not get VR glasses in the drone package but you have to buy separately.
  • Custom flight rout- it is such a great feature which it comes in FPV that you can draw a custom route by just opening the “custom flight router mode”.
  • Comes With FPV Mode
  • Comes With HD Camera
  • Have altitude hold
  • Large Size
  • Few Pixels
  • Proprietary Battery
  • A Limited Range


In the last, I would like to say to you that UDI U818A Plus has been proved to be the best drone for the money. It is great for beginners and also for kids as well. Its price is much high but I suggest you buy on sale!

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