Upair One Review

I want to tell you that and I am pretty sure you are familiar with a lot of brands on the market that are always trying to copy other popular or famous one. And it does not happen only in the drone niche but also it has been a major factor in different sort of markets around the world.

Their major focus to produce similar one and they do not have even concern about the reliability but they made the same one in cheap price. In this way, they do their business.UPAir One Review

On the other hand, Upair one seems to be incredibly like most popular Phantom offered by DJI and I will not call it the copy of DJI because copycats provide cheap and I have already told you they sell unreliable products. But this is not like others!

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Have a close look in the following paragraphs in order to know the full

Review of Upair One drone!

Features and Specifications

Upair One comes with 1350g weight. Its wheelbase is 355mm and its maximum flight distance is 800m. Maximum video transmission distance is 500m.on the other hand, its maximum flight height is 300m. And the last but not least its flight duration of the full load of 1350g is up to 18 minutes.

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It comes with two different cameras in different price range drone. Both are same but its major difference is related to resolution. Its cheap price model comes with a 2.7K camera that is no doubt able to capture the best aerial shots with recordings as well. It also offers a gimbal through which you get more stability in order to have breathtaking aerial videos like a pro and all come in the same package.


This Upair One comes with a powerful battery and yes we are talking about 540mAh Lipo battery that plays an important role. Online we found that it can fly up to 18 minutes in the air but I experienced 21 minutes by getting before low battery feature. And the fact is I did not mount a camera on it. The shock which I got after buying this drone, it can go up only 300 meters that is literally a pity with the best flight time and good FPV abilities.

As far as its features are concerned, this drone comes with a plethora of amazing features and you will not worry.

Following are it’s featured through with it is equipped:

  • Auto Return Failsafe.
  • Position Hold.
  • GPS System.
  • One Key Home Return.
  • Low Battery Voltage.


Upair One comes with a great controller. As it looks very stylish as the matter of fact its look does not only look like DJI but its controller also seems to be like DJI Phantom’s controller as well. With this, you will also offer the 7-inch display for FPV purposes. Its display quality is pretty awesome like smartphone powered FPV. The best and focused point is that Upair did not perform the best job with this drone but also with its great dedicated controller as well.

  • Controller with the best display
  • The flight time of 18 minutes
  • Comes with 4K and 2.7K
  • Flight range is low


In the last, I would like to conclude that Upair One offers a best features and specifications in such a best price range, and it is proved to be best for such people who want to have a best aerial photography drone in a small fraction of price as compare to premium models and in this price you will not find such features.

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MJX BUGS 2W Review

First, let me tell you that MJX has been in the market since last year that is offering 2 interesting new models. No doubt, I am talking about the Bugs 2 series that present Bugs 2W and Bugs 2C as well.

The fact is both are actually pretty much same related to performance and look but as far as the difference is concerned that are W and C, Where W version is for black drone and C is used for White, one major point that separates them with each other that is FPV capability. following is the detailed MJX Bugs 2W Review.

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On the other hand, I would like to tell you that a lot of new features are coming with new ones from MJX in the future. Have a close look at the top 7 reasons that you should buy MJX Bugs 2W.MJX Bugs 2W Review



In 7 reasons. Safety has become the first one in order to purchase MJX Bugs 2W, and all credit goes to its GPS and this camera drone has all most important functionalities that make sure its safety as well as the safety of other people also with their property.

Specifically, I am telling you about 3 types of return to the home that helps a lot to MJX Bugs 2W to come back and safely landing from where it took off. Other is its RTH feature is automatic and it enables when it lost its signals and also on low voltage battery. And the last one RTH feature that is in the manual but you can turn that on when you want and no doubt the drone will come back to safety.


It comes with the tiny small camera that is placed in front of it; it is proved to be the best addition to MJX Bugs 2W if we compare it with Bugs 3. On the other hand, it does not offer mechanical gimbal to have stabilization purposes.

But the fact is that MJX Bugs 2W is recommended as a highly stable drone in the market in such a best price range, as it does not have EIS (electronic image stabilization) but you will not found much shakiness while taking footage. As the matter of fact, you are going to have 1080p ready camera that took in 30fps. But it works pretty good for casual users and has good video quality as well.


As we figure it out in the first glance, so, no doubt that MJX Bugs 2W is an amazingly cheap drone. And if you buy an extra battery and also a spare set of propellers then it will not go more than the cost of $300. It amazed us that in such a small amount of money we can have the best quality drone.

Furthermore, some years ago you could not purchase an amazing model GPS sporting drone. But now champs can have it!


It offers best flight duration and that is a good addition in MJX Bugs 2W in a small amount of money. it amazingly can reach up to 1 kilometer away from you. But no doubt that it cannot compete with DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Phantom drones as well but according to such a small price tag that is enough.


As the matter of fact, the battery is playing an important role in flying a drone due to this specification operating range is also focused.

Thanks to the MJX Bugs 2W that is provided with 1800mAh 2S Lipo battery that you can have 2 of them in the package. Due to this, it can fly up to 18 minutes of flying time with the recording of good video footage.


Let me make you clear that brushed motors actually were talked in the past, but these drones used to place in the cheap or toy grade drones. But MJX Bugs 2W comes with or sports high durable brushless motors.


In the last, which is not actually least that is yes GPS! And no doubt that currently in the market MJX Bugs 2W is the cheapest drone only.

  • Failsafe and reliable.
  • Cheap price.
  • Comes with GPS and GLONASS.
  • 5GHz frequency Wi-Fi is required to work With FPV.
  • Calibration is required before each flight.


In the last, I would like to conclude that you will have the best drone in such a small amount of money that offers GPS+GLONASS that is not seen every day. And with the addition of best camera as well as the amazing specifications you will realize that what a great drone you will have.

Thanks a lot to MJX!

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Top Rated Best Drones under $300 – Review & Buyers Guide 2019

Best Drones Under $300

Hi people! Today we will be reviewing the top 10 medium or mid-priced drones which are neither expensive nor very cheap and that can be even purchased under 300 dollars! And in this price range, you can have your own really awesome and cool devices i mean best drones under $300. But the condition is that read this article very carefully…


MJX Bugs 2Wmjx-bugs-2w1080p1000m18 min Check Price
UPair onemjx-bugs-2w drone2K500m17 min Check Price
Hubsan H501Shubsan-h501s 1080p400m17 min Check Price
Traxxas AtonTRAXXAS-7908-ATONGoPro200m18 min Check Price
3DR Solo3dr-solo-droneGoPro500m20 min Check Price
Force1 F100force 1-f100GoPro250m12 min Check Price
UDI U818PlusDrocon U 818 Plus2MP150m15 min Check Price
MJX Bugs 3MJX Bugs 3GoPro300m15 min Check Price
ZeroTech Dobbyzerotech dobby13MP100m10 min Check Price
Altair AA108Altair AA1082MP100m10 min Check Price

Before going through such drones’ list under $300 let me tell you that if you didn’t read our top rated or top lists articles of drones under $50, and drones under $100 and yes drones under $200 then click on these links. As the matter of fact, all depends on your budget because high you spend then best you will get in terms of latest technology having best features and specifications of the quadcopters. No doubt, all of the following 10 quadcopters under $300 are definitely amazing machines, but not such average in low-cost quad.

Best Drones Under 300

On this list, most of the drones have such great features that you do not know like great quality cameras, powerful motors that can easily carry a GoPro and that features that you probably know. Stay with us and keep follow because we make you fly on the sky with these drones as they are booming in the market. If your budget is enough to have drone under $300 then keep reading this article and after that may be you will be interested in top 10 drones under $500 as well!


Yes! now we are at the spot of drones under $300 currently available in the market. As we are talking about success of late Bugs 3- Bugs 2W! as the matter of fact it sports small form factor and it comes with a built-in camera which make it capable to get massive sales pitch for such people who are looking to have fun in aerial photography.

Let me tell you one thing that we are actually talking about smart drones that come with whole package or bunch of additional and latest functionalities that you can only expect from higher-end models. So, come on! See what MJX Bugs 2W all about is!


Move forward to camera, as I already told you about that as it comes with a good camera. More briefly it shows a real-time view using a 5MPX sensor that is capable of recording in Full HD. As compare to other drone models which are actually overflowing in the market this is better than 2MPX entry level drones. As it does show good image quality but you may be experiencing a little bit of jello effect in windy weather.

Due to its integrated GPS module, MJX Bugs 2W is proved to be actually a smart drone. This model comes with handy several features that include Altitude Hold, Return To Home and as the matter of fact we have can have a great feature of recording smooth and cinematic aerial footage by using this drone’s camera. And yes its controller is good too! As it comes with such design that fits easily in hands and provides responsive controls.


As far as the specifications are concerned, MJX Bugs 2W is proved to be the beast in terms of specifications. It offers operating range up to 1000 meters (actually it is written on its spec sheet but users went slightly over 500m) and provides approximately flight time of up to 18 minutes. No others such similar models are offered in such great price range for awesome specifications. I personally don’t believe that there is even a single one like this. but keep it in your mind that it is a worthy successor to Bugs 3 and with all that things what it offers, no doubt after some time it will be in the entry level food chain.


As in the first sight, I was very excited in order to get it for review. But I didn’t make an order right away, because I did wait for some of the first buyer’s reviews on Amazon. After sometime when I saw the positive response from consumers then I knew that it is time to have one for myself. Let me tell you one thing that if you are on the low budget then this drone is the great alternative for high-end models. As the matter of fact, if you observe this literally it is actually a copy of DJI Phantom Models…  actually with some aces up.

As far as specifications are concerned UpAir One comes with all that things that you need, having a dedicated 2K camera! But there is an option that you can pay even extra $50 and have an upgraded 4K camera that captures excellent shots and videos. Moving forward this birdie has also FPV, and a transmitter which seems to be like DJI models’. In addition to that it comes with a built-in 7” LCD screen. It also offers Live feed from the camera which is transmitted straight through 5.8 GHz frequency, as it provides you nice or decent image quality. And you will be enjoyed with WiFi-based FPV.

At average level, most of the people are getting usually around 16 minutes of flight time. Its operating or control range is around 500 meters. as far as GPS is concerned, UpAir also offers GPS functionality which is a big plus. One great thing which is fulfilled by Amazon for UpAir that you can have this drone through prime services + you may easily return to Amazon if you face any unexpected problems that occurred.


No doubt Hubsan offers its consumers its models with such a great price in valuable ratio. And this first new drone model is its best example that comes in many advanced and modern features in a price for less than $300. As I already know that there are already some other advanced drones on recent lists with such similar price range. But some are used to be very costly as their price come to down after the releasing of new models that came out enough like them as DJI Phantom 2 is a best example. Let us have a closer look solely on Hubsan H501S and check what offers are about!

All in all, Hubsan H501S comes with brushless motors that mean it must provide you more than enough power to your lightweight drone. It also comes to mind that you will be remaining safe from replacing them even for such a fair amount of time. Moving forward, this little birdie drone offers with an HD 1080p built-in camera. Its quality related to audio and video will no doubt amaze you. It comes with even a dedicated 4.3” LCD screen on transmitter and also features 5.8GHz FPV.

Here are some of the Hubsan H501S functions that comes with: Automatic Return, Headless Mode, Altitude Hold Mode, GPS and Follow Me. As far as its specifications are concerned then let us have a closer look about Hubsan H501S specifications. You can have fun of its flight time up to 16-18 minutes, as it is a great solid fun. And its official control range that is specifically mentioned in advertisement is 400 meters but just calm down because sometimes you get around 350m as well.


Traxxas is actually known by its RC cars and it is USA based company. This company has got a lot of experience in manufacturing RC toys and here is the question arises that when they jump in the industry of drones. Traxxas Aton is actually one of their first drones, and just trust me as this is going to get your attention.

As the matter of fact, Traxxas Aton is proved to be having best flight capabilities which I have ever seen. If we take an example in order to compare with Traxxas Aton then we can have Phantom 3 as it is really much faster and even agile as like other high-end drones. It offers with two 2 main flying modes that is Film and Sport. In Sport mode, it can touch 50mph of its top speed, on the other hand in Film mode it seems to be very smooth and very stable. But moving forward, it (under $300) does not come with camera in a standard package. But fortunately you can use your own action camera as this little birdie sports a 2-axis gimbal, but you can purchase that separately or also with Traxxas Aton Plus bundle.

One best thing about Traxxas that promises a lot that Traxxas Aton provides strong and reliable body. It will not even break even in a few crashes handled by beginners. This model comes with such interesting features such as Air brake, Return to Home and dual GPS. It comes with 3 cell 3000mAh battery which provides with 18 minutes of flight time. Its operating or software range is limited to 160 meters that goes up to 500 feet. Such a mind blowing feature which it offers that if you accidentally went out of the range then it will automatically come back to its initial takeoff location… and believe it or not! This model will come in handy way as you think!


As most of the people talking about its new model but let me make you clear first that this drone actually used to cost more than $800 (in 2016) but now you can have it for less than $300. Because there is a news that 3 DR is about to ready to launch a new or latest drone soon so that’s why they are selling old one in discounted price in order to get market ready to have fun with its new model. If they don’t do so perhaps they are going to pivot to a new era and need funds about their complete research and for development. But according to my opinion, I would like to tell you to buy this drone because it’s a great time to buy this drone.

Just because of its wide array features that has at its disposal most people call it as a “smart drone”. It all data is specifically processed without any lag and all this happen through 1GHz processor that comes with this 3DR Solo drone. Moreover, 3DR Solo offers with all modern features such as cable camera, orbit and selfie and follow me mode. And no doubt all of its feature works properly.

All thanks to GPS that comes with 3DR Solo features Auto Return to Home in case of getting out of the range. As it ranges up to 500 meters, hence 3DR Solo will automatically come back to its takeoff position, as far as its flight time is concerned, it goes up to around between 18 and 22 minutes. 3DR Solo comes with GoPro (HERO 3+ and 4) gimbal. Believe it or not! It has such an interesting feature of transmitter has HDMI out port, it means that you can have live stream feed from camera on such pretty much device that particularly supports HDMI input. Cool and Sounds Good Na, right?

6-FORCE1 F100FORCE1 F100 Drone

This drone is one of the best options for such people who are searching such model that comes with camera mounts for mounting your desired or favorite action cameras then this is actually a no brainer. As a matter of fact, this drone has got a lot of praise as I am talking about F100 by Force1. Maybe all this due to its sturdy build and partially because you can say its brushless motors.

The point which I want to tell you that Force F100 is going to provide you a great entry-level aerial photography platform for such those people who already own an action camera. If you are also one of them then what are you guys waiting for?


As the matter of fact, Force F100 is said to be “cameraless drone”. Yes it is actually true that this drone does not come with the camera that means it is a drone without a camera and you must provide your own otherwise you will use without it. On the other hand, if you are willing to provide your own then you will be happy after coming to know that it comes with a dedicated mount for GoPro and also with other action camera brands. As mounting your own camera is easy as it gets!

If we talk about its features and that is actually downside of this side. But, it does not only about its features but also other things. Force F100 has just only access to 2 different speed modes and one key trick and flips but when it comes to specification it shines the most!


As far as the specifications are concerned, I am actually a little confused that from where should I start in this section? Let me first tell you that F100 sports powerful brushless motors. As for those users who are unfamiliar with drone world nomenclature, on top of that brushless motors are actually provide great power efficiency and remain much last longer than brushed ones. And yes in the sense of operating range it goes around 250 meters away from its controller. And you can have fun with its flight time of 10 and 15 minutes, but all depends on your usage that whether or not you use an action camera with this one. I believe that you will agree with me when I say that this is actually proved to be a champ and well worth in such great price range.


As a matter of fact that UDI is focusing on such subjects to enlarge rebranding and incremental modifications in its toy-grade industry. No doubt that it has got the positive response or good feedback from customers all over the world for their U818 model. But now we will talk about its plus edition that is U818Plus that actually brings forth very much awesome improvements that make this little birdie out stand as compared to other low-end drones. If you want to have some special features about it, then you must have to read some of the following paragraphs!


Moving further, even in roughly $150 you will not expect that much from such drone. But the reality matters that from last few years boundaries are tightened or heavily pushed in such a way that results in massive price cuts in the industry of drones. This gave boost or firepower for such cheaper models and that’s what this mentioned drone UDI U818 Plus has to offer also. In a case on an example, consider its camera and yes we are talking about a solid 2MPX sensor that can easily record in HD resolution. If we go back to a few years then you could not even imagine about such technology for $150 and be ready to mention this freaking drone on top.

After a lot of time actually we are going to see cheap and low-end drones that come or equipped with the features of Altitude Hold and with similar flight features. Here is one question arises that how is this possible when they don’t comes with GPS? But these smart features are not used GPS but other, that are actually less expensive sensors. As the matter of fact, it does its job without any issues but precision is no doubt lacking. It is normally said that UDI U818Plus is not a smart drone as a whole but actually provide a little portion of smart-drones features set.


In terms of specifications, UDI there is no doubt plays an important role with U818Plus edition. Its flight time duration will amaze you in such a great price range that goes around up to 12 minutes. On the other hand, its operating range is less than MJX Bugs 2W but it still admirable. It can fly away from its controller up to 150 meters that easily satisfy the majority of its potential buyers.


At least at the time of writing this article on drones under $300, MJX Bugs 3 is proved to be the cheapest drone on this chosen list. The great thing about this drone as it offers the best value for money. Currently, in the market it is MJX Bugs 3 such a cheapest drone that comes with brushless motors. And believe me, brushless motors show a clear difference in sense of efficiency and great power.

By keeping in mind all of its specs; I would like to specifically mention that this drone comes with a solid Lipo battery which provides you with 15 minutes of flight time. As it is no doubt above average in this price range, and you should agree with this. MJX Bugs 3 provides control range of somewhere around 300 meters. As it’s not too shabby for such a cheap drone. As it must be compromised with little amount! And yes MJX Bugs 3 does not come with a camera. And there is no need to think that it is unsuitable to get aerial photography- but MJX Bugs 3 sports a camera mount that makes you capable to mount your own device and record aerial footage the time you want!

As far as reliability and durability is concerned I would only say that things are looking good. Especially it is good than its particular price range. And I think in upcoming days it is such a way that other drones in 2018 will also follow. It will show you a great quality image if you have GoPro or any other action camera, as the matter of fact, MJX Bugs 3 comes with gimbal which supports GoPro cameras.


Drones have got boom through mainstream market using features by getting help through social media channels that become the major part of their popularity. Same the matter is here that’s exactly the way of Zerotech Dobby got fame through this marketing campaign. A lot of people who do marketing on youtube and make Vlogs have opted for reviews and grasped the attention of audience and even give boost to the interest of a much wider audience.

What you say that is all about Zerotech Dobby hype or just a hype train which is swinging us by? But I guess we need to take a look and yes very closer look on this one and check that what it brings us to the table! 


Firstly, talk about the hardware which possesses…  and believe me, it offers with some serious fabulous firepower. The base comes with  Zerotech Dobby and its functionalities is actually a Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC with 2GB RAM and 2.3GHz Quad-Core Processor. As it comes with autonomous flight features and with that Zerotech Dobby incorporates such dual navigation features like GPS and GLONASS. And yes queen jewel exists here and that is definitely all in all sophisticated Facial Recognition Software that will provide you a feeling of a world of good when once you get used to it. Moreover, to have great graphics Zerotech Dobby uses Aderno 330 as its graphics processor and you can’t even imagine that it sports a miniature 13MPX camera.

As we are talking about camera then let me amaze you that it comes with Electronic Image Stabilization and you can even record crystal clear 4K resolution. As the matter of fact it runs with resolutions up to FHD. And no doubt, that you cannot combine EIS with 4K. on the other hand, EIS FHD footage seems to be absolutely brilliant. And in addition to that majority of PC users all over the world are still using FHD monitors, I suppose 4K to have overkill for casuals.


As far as the specifications are concerned, this little birdie drone is actually not proved to be the best drone. But still, on the other hand, it is standing on par with the same like priced and sized models. Well, you can have fun with the flight time of around up to 9 to 10 minutes. Last but not least its operating range goes up to 100 meters as no doubt it is more than enough to get selfies…  as the matter of fact, this Zerotech Dobby is mainly manufactured for selfie lovers who don’t need more range.


As there is no doubt that this is actually proved to be a toy-grade drone. But this is actually despite that still worthy because of its great quality and top rated in the line of toy-grade performance. But as the matter of fact that you cannot expect premium features from this drone and yes no any sane person will consider its dirt-cheap price tag, I am pretty sure that Altair AA108 will going to surprise you with its charm.

As it is made by a new brand in the market and it got enough sales to have name and fame in the market. From its release date it has got much popularity in the category of toy-grade drones. I order to have a closer look about this drone read the following paragraphs!


Let me make you have a look deeply about its features’ side, actually, this little birdie has got a lot to brag about. Even for beginners, intermediate and expert people it sports Custom Flight Routes having 3 flying modes, Altitude Hold, all of its contributions provides an overall amazing flying experience.

It does not only sport above mentioned features but also Altair AA108 has miniature imaging sensor. And yes it(little fella) also sports a tiny or little camera but not one of that such VGA ones-you will have a microsensor capable of recording in 720p. and with all that you will enjoy your images and videos with good result. And no doubt it is clearly safe to say that Altair AA108 is proved to have good value for money in the sense of its features and camera.


Let me tell you first thing that specifications of such birdie are specifically straightforward. Hence there is not actually price changing on daily basis when it is compared to similar priced models. As it provide standard airtime of around 10-minutes. One more thing which will amaze you that this drone Altair AA108 comes with a pack of extra battery that will provide you with a great fun of around more 20minutes per session, and in that time you can fly off your drone in the range of 100 meters away from provided controller. As I know very well that it is not actually a lot, so go ahead and find a cheaper model that will suit you having longer operating range, and yes you can have it!   

Best Drones Separator


Battery LifeCamera QualityFlight Range
let me tell you first thing that battery life is actually a totally different story and one thing you should keep in your mind that don’t compare cheaper models with premium ones, because premium models have roughly about 22 to 27 minutes of airtime, but these cheaper little fellas provide up to 20 minutes.. In most cases, But in more precise they can fly for roughly 15 to 20 minutes.
In terms of high quality and great resolution you cannot expect such capabilities of 1080p footage and hardware image stabilization on every single model. As the matter of fact, most of the drones which are listed on this list does not even come with a camera but it does not mean that they are going to obsolete. Let me quote an example like MJX Bugs 3, as it does not offer camera but it sports amount that fits lots of models of drones. And on the other hand, the drones with cameras you expect a resolution of 720p or also 1080p and also want a mediocre CMOS sensor!

As far as the flight range is concerned, mostly we look at least 300 meters range, but no doubt that most of the models even cover 500 or more and basically all depends or bordering on the price range as well. Specifically for me, anything even less than 300 is definitely no-go for me. Most probably that most of you will feel comfortable with that but I enjoy exploring the area by using my FPV goggles.

Best Drones Separator


As all depend upon your usage, imagination, and creativity that in which way you will use your drone, no doubt that all of the drones listed on this list can serve a lot of uses. As the matter of fact these drones produce best flying trainers and if you are going to have first flying experience (first-time flyer) or you are a some kind of beginner then you no need to worry with this because if you face some sort of crash then you will not in great danger as it is not much investment!  But if you crashed your drones in the price of drones under $1000 then you will be definitely in a great phase of sadness in the seconds.

Let it go! Entry-level drones no doubt are proved to be very good to do a lot of things. Following are some interesting ones!

Casual Flying

After getting much experience on drones flight you will be definitely a real champion and also want to do fun with your new toy. And yes it is absolutely true that each and every single drone mentioned on this list is made to have fun or to casually fly. They offer great responsive control, one key flip and also provide the good dose of stability of flight.


As we told you before that these drones are suitable to get practice in order to be a master or champ! As they offer worry-free or tension-free experience and proved to be good for your first steps into piloting. In addition, you will be able to have some pro flight for high-end drones.

Aerial Photography

When we talk about aerial videos and photography then the mentioned drones on the list are no doubt also perform a great or best role. I would like to quote the example of 3DR Solo, as it provides a dedicated 3-axis gamble and it is much stable to shot some aerial footage that even works seamlessly with GoPro Hero cameras as well. In order to have some closer look, you should need to check their range! And also it battery duration! Must check!

Best Drones Separator


Let me conclude that these drones are definitely very reliable. First of all what we need that brush-less motors and as most of them are obviously equipped with brushless motors. As they are much durable than brushed motor ones and also work much longer! And secondly all drones are well built that can survive for a long period of time, but it does not mean at all that you fly them in full speed and hit them in the straight through concrete wall and expect that nothing will happen, let me make you clear that No drone will survive after getting a big hit!

have fun!


Long Range Drones – Review & Buyers Guide 2018

drone img

Drones with the Longest Control Range Classified in 3 categories

Drones experience many other limitations too else how long it can stay in the sky. If one knows that which drone in which price has the least amount of limitations then he is entirely enjoying hobby. In short, its about Flight Range. According to the Cheap Long Range Drones are categorized into three different Sections.

Details are as follow:

0 to 300M RANGE


It is consider at vanguard among the Drones having the range to go below 300 meters. As these birdies are comparably low tariff but have enough flying experience to satisfy. Same is concerned with UDIU818 PLUS.  The range between entry-Level and mid-tier market making it an emerging desire among beginners and among experienced users as well. Let’s have a look on its amazing Features

Camera And Features:

On account of altitude hold UDI U818 Plus is awfully stable long distance drone. And owing to such stability, its HD Camera (2MPX sensor) is proficient of serving you with buttery smooth aerial footage. The intention grabbing features of UDI U818 in term of photography will definitely impress you. The achievement of such smooth and lustrous footage, notwithstanding the lack of stability , is cause to shame for even much costly models. Isn’t it?


Nothing is better than UDI U818 Plus for the number-Game Lovers.  It’s the best among other similarly priced competition , having approximately 150 meter of operating range.12-15-ish witty minutes can be enjoy by using enduring drone battery , whenever you want. It is worthy to be considered as vanguard! Isn’t it?

Adding to the content, no doubt UDI U818 Plus has a shorter range than Hol Stone HS100.  But it excels, because of the huge difference in price.


Usually, Quality demands wealth. It extent the concept of considering the fact it is sold for transactions. The Thing which makes it exotic is its ability to adjust & change various moods depending on the skill set of the Pilot and the great learning curve as well. It is most wanted due to its versatility combined with a strong frame and icing on the cake is its low price.

Camera and Features:

It capture magnificent shots directly from smartphones by having the long range. It has implemented 120 degree wide-angle 720P HD Camera. Other amusing features are Custom Route Modes, Headless Mode and Altitude Hold. It is safe to fly indoor with available 1 button takeoff and landing. It’s overall too simple to control. Once you put your hands on it, it will hard to getting them off!


Altair AA108 is powered by two powerful batteries, each serving up to 10 minutes of flight time. An interesting feature is Low Battery Alarm it will keep away any unnecessary crash risk. You can take it everywhere with you because it’s not bulky at all.


If you expect the same excitement from every drone, hard to say, then it will be wrong. But Holy Stone F181W Serves you with great amount more, its features are many more than its price. It is well rounded, making ready whatever you need. An expert will definitely experience really good time with this little bugger and a beginner as well. Although, different standards are set by different people to measure the beauty, this birdie will definitely rejoice the owner. It offers a great joy and guaranteed good time for the owner.

Camera and Features:

The most fabulous and attention grabbing thing, which you will notice first, is its Camera module. A different thing is the place where the camera is located, it is underneath its body and that is responsible for the quality of image/Video that’s pretty good. Something that put boundaries to the hope, it records only in 720p though. Last but not the least, Holy Stone F 181 has access to following: one key flip, one key return to home and adjustable speed controls to fit pilots of various experience.


In advance of specifications, it is best to say that Holy StoneF181W deals with itself being just. It offers nothing too much astonishing but you will definitely feel happy and satisfy with it due its performance in such moderate price. Attention to details, Holy Stone F181W can remain in the sky for 7 to 10 minutes and reach all the way to 80 meters from controller point. On the Whole, if you desire to have Solid camera drone while not investing much, Holy Stone F181 is definitely one to check out!

4-Holy Stone HS300

As it is said before, all the drones, having long distance range, don’t offer the same level of excitement for the controller. Holy Stone HS300 have not only high-quality but equally good performance in the sky too. Same as Holy Stone F181W it is well rounded and have all the things you can ask for. It is easy to control for the person who is putting his hand for the very first time on such gadget and a good time is guaranteed for experienced one. As the definition of beauty is different for the different people according to their point of views, but this little fella, undoubtedly, leaves the controller happy due to its amazing design.

Camera and Features:

It is equipped with 1080P HD Camera, so you can capture high-quality pictures and record videos. You can have more than good experience with it because of its amazing features, attention to details, one button takeoff and landing, 3D flip, headless mode, and smartly integrated altitude hold.


Interesting about it, it carries about 1.5 pounds of weight and take almost no space. That makes it popular choice among the both long and short trips and adventures. HS300 is available in market having two batteries each of 2000mAh. And each is capable to hold the machine in the sky for 10 minutes. Control Range is about 100 meters, and if the case of any misshape, it comes with plenty of spare parts due to which it can remain in sky running. This feature reduces the risk of crashing at great extent.

5-MJX X708W

MJX production

MJX is a well-known company whose work pushing the boundaries of price. This company introduce cheap long range drown for the first time. In lower to mid-tier markets, models launched by MJX, are surprising others by the performance and great specification. Same is concerned with the model X708W. it is the combined form of fabulous design with an easy to use control schematic.

Camera and features

Staying on the chart, this long range drones made by MJX have high specifications. It is a bit incompatible in term of X708W. This little birdie camera feature headless mode, adjustable flying speed, and, last but not the least, one key return to home. You can have all these features in handy. That’s simply amazing. The last one is the most interesting feature of it. Isn’t it?

Concerning on camera, MJX X708W have a small built-in sensor that can take solid selfies and 2MPX aerial photos. That’s not all about it. You will be definitely surprise to see its HD resolution (720p) and really smooth frame rate, when it’s in video mood. What you expect more than it from any entry level model?


As the features of this camera birdie are surprising same is concerned with the price tag. As it is describe above, MJX is pushing the boundaries same have done with this one. MJX X708W has the capability to around 80 meters. It’s not the longest range drone in market. But it’s hard to find something like it in this price range. MJX X708W’s battery can endure around 10 minutes of flight time, Hats off to MJX!

300 TO 1000M RANGE


As it is mentioned above that MJX’s models are really surprising every one. If you consider it joke then you are wrong here. They are really making the best efforts to create affordable and low price long distance drones having consequential power. As we have discus briefly another model, X708W, a good example of their best job to create affordable long range drones. Its design is similar to X708W at some extent. The mini quad has enhanced its performance. It will be not exaggerating, the price/performance in its price range.

Camera and features

Let’s start the details by Camera, MJX Bugs 2W has built-in 1080p camera. As far as stabilization is concerned, this model does not have any sort of stabilization going on. It’s the matter of fact. Some might not like fact that MJX Bugs 2W does not have EIS or gimbal – it’s true. Its camera relies on drone’s stabilization, entirely. In theory it might not sound good. You can consider it any stupid thing. But the reality neglected it. In reality it seems like charm, the way it works. And the regards go to GPS/GLONASS and Great satellite reception. And also Thanks to altitude hold. I am not kidding at all.

It has many other features, like it supports headless modes which operate perfectly. Return to home is also include in its features. An interesting feature is failsafe protocol it proves to be best if the single drop or suddenly battery become extremely low. Due to this feature it will come back to takeoff location and has capability to tell the story what has just happened!


MJX Bugs 2W have many things to describe in term of features. The common question about drones is that how far can a drone fly? As far as MJX Bugs 2W is concerned it can come pretty close to 1000 meters, that’s more than enough, costing slightly over $200. You will hardly find any other long range drone in this price. That’s crazy about it! Adding more, it can remain in sky for 15-18 minutes. You can consider 16 minutes as average flight time. This drone is praiseworthy having such features. What you want more in this price range! If you want more flight time, it’s suggested to you to invest more and get an expensive version that has two batteries, charge them both up and you will be able to enjoy roughly 30 minutes of real excitement.


RC Products, mostly cars, are the great achievements for TRAXXAS. They launched Drones last year for the very first time. They come in drone market and acknowledged by everyone. They just did it successfully. Focusing on price, it costs no more than price of toy grade drones of professional grade drones.

Camera and Features:

AS long the Camera is concerned, Taxxas Aton Plus has 2-axis camera gimbal. 5000mAh 3-CellTraxxasiD Lipo Battery supports this drone. You can stop and hover in the sky whenever you want in flight time at the single push of a button due to its amazing feature named as “Air Brake”, that’s really great about it. It is more than my expectations!

Last but not the least, Traxxas Aton have 2 flying modesspots and photography. In first mode Traxxas Aton will serve you with massive acceleration, maneuverability, and top speed at the cost of stability. While the other mode allows you slow but smooth flying experience. Due to which you can capture best aerial photos.


Finally we are approaching to the best drone that can go 1000 meters away from its controller. Before this, my main focus is on TRAXXAS Aton’s. Firstly we will talk about its specifications. It can stay in air for 15 minutes for this timing regards goes to the powerful battery used in it. This flight time is really impressive of a bulky drone. It is bulky due to its powerful motors used in it. The range is almost 300 mark, a bit more if area in which drone is flying is clear.


Let usdiscus about the new arrival from Holy Stone. This drone has the longest range among the drones launched by Holy Stone. In The mid-tier market, it seems like an outstanding champ who will nearly sweep the market by its fine array of features and specifications. This little birdie has not the best camera but you can count it the better one. This model is easy to carry. Let’s check what’s more about Holy Stone

Camera and Features

As it is mentioned above, HS100 model has an array of amazing features because of the efforts of Holy Stone. Holy Stone manage perfectly to provide such features. The features of this little birdie are as follows: GPS/GLONASS, autonomous flight modes such as follow me. Most important , this long range drone have features like altitude hold and return to home, both of these work via GPS/GLONASS reception. It’s not all about Holy Stone HS100 as it has one more feature named as headless mode.

The main focus is not on the camera, I repeat. Camera is not the strongest point of this drone. Pointing on HD-ready sensor, it has capability to provide decent-at-best aerial footage. The stability of this camera birdie greatly improves your aerial footage.


Holy Stone HS100 can achieve bit more numbers, for this specifications credit goes to powerful hardware and durable body. Beside it, you will feel comfortable to control this drone. It’s too easy to control this cheap long range drone. Best about it, due to its strong navigation and altitude hold it doesn’t drift. It’s highly stable. If you are interesting to know about the numbers exactly, hoping that it will bring real excitement and it will satisfy you. Flight time of this cheap long range drone is nearly 10 to 15 minutes and it depends on payload too.And it can fly 500 meter far from its controller.


Here we are talking about another model of MJX. It is most experienced drone of the market in its time. I must say in prime days it has been nice surprise. But revolution takes place every single sec. so this model is not revolutionary anymore. However, old is gold. Let’s have a look on features of this old champ!

Camera and features

MJX Bugs 3 Blue is on the top of the list of the edition of cheap Drones. The matter of fact is it is not available with camera. Regardless of the camera, it still features a gimbal that supports GoPro HERO models same is concerned with off-brand action camera.

Having not any sort of difficulty, you can mount the actual process. That is so simple. The lack of camera can be compensated by the rest of drone. It is more than enough to do this job greatly. Camera is not all about the drone it features many more that may satisfy you. It features brushless motor (MT18061800KV) which have high durability. It has access altitude hold. Due to the altitude hold you will able to get an easier learning curve.


It is the surprising fact that there are no many drones in the same price range that can boast with brushless motors. You will hardly get this in the same price. Adding more, it is supported by a powerful 2S 1800mAh Battery. You will definitely glad to known that it can remain in sky for up to 15 minutes. That’s awesome about it. The flight time make it a quite lengthy flier. It has also solid operating range. It can go far from controller 300 meters away without any sort of lag or losing connection.

These all features are combined greatly with gorgeous design and solid build quality. You can say about it that it is best long range drone out of there considering its price/performance ratio.


UPAIR One also belongs from the prim days. No doubt, it an old champ! It’s designed too simply. Its design is too close to phantom series of drone. You can hardly distinguish between UPAIR ONE and DJI Phantom drone. We’re not here to judge that design is copied, inspired or eve borrowed. Focusing on its features, it can surely entertain its customer. It flies greatly and brings real excitement. Well, the point will be clear in following info

Camera and Features:

UPair One offers you to choose between 2 cameras of your choice for the price difference of $50 roughly. You can have 2.7k camera in the cheaper version. And the expensive on serve you with fully fledge 4k sensor. I will support the second option strongly. Investing only $50 extra you can get 4k camera – the quality is unbelievable. UPAIR ONE is really a decent gimbal too. It is enough to satisfy but UPAIR ONE has much more than it. It has many other features. Consider on details, it features fail safe, auto return to home, headless mode, altitude hold, GPS and low battery voltage alarm.


This model of drone is bulky its weighs approximately 1350 grams, 2-5 give or take. It will not exaggerating to say that the numbers give a new look to the impression of the drone. It really becomes impressive by the numbers it have! Getting to the point, this 350mm model can remain in sky for 18 minutes. Next the emerging question is how far this impressive drone can fly? So, it can go far 800m away from the controller. Remember one thing it is supported by FPV which can do 500m without any breakout or losing connection. It’s amazingly labeled as a mere copycat, what you say?

1000+ M RANGE


It is one of the best selfie drones at the moment. Yeah! It’s true! Selfie drones are in trend I the market. Selfie drone are the best rating drone in the market nowadays. This trend is rapidly growing in the market. No Doubt, DJIis the most emerging and popular drone manufacturer. The just step in and perform their best to design a selfie drone.

Camera and features:

DJI MAVIC PRO has an excellent 4k camera. It has own stabilization system. To be very frank its design is really wondering. It is as sleek as it can be but no need to be surprise because it is DJI Product and same is expected from it. I must mention that it has really amazing features named as “Active Track and Tapfly”, these are also seen in Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 as well.

It’s not over now. DJI MAVIC PRO has many more features. Most of them can do massive help.DJI has set the standard for the competitors. Ifyou ask for stability, or you focus on taking picture or you asking about sheer control over the drone – DJI has a wide array of features, including these. As far as DJIMavic pro is concerned it is coming over the high-end selfie drone market. These specifications of foldable drone are hardly found in any other drone in selfie category.


As far as flight time is concerned, it can remain in sky for 25 minutes and have 7 kilometers of operating range. No any other long range drone can compete it else phantom 4 pro & DJI Inspire 2 – DJI’S production. Great Job DJI!


DJI Inspire 2 is a drone that fulfills all you need. It is something more than your expectations. But no wonder, because it belongs to DJI production. It has many more hi-tec features than its forerunner. It has much better specifications. It seems that it is made to touch the stars,the way it work and fly. Keep in mind that it is not beginner’s drone you can guess it by the price tag as well.

Camera and Features:

DJI production almost has the same features. But still there a stunning rotor-raising feature in DJI INSPIRE 2 that make that 4K camera footage smoother than ever. It features Zenmuse X5S gimbal stabilization. It is not exaggerating that it is the best product of present time. Beside it, it also features obstacle avoidance in addition to dual GPS+GLONASS navigation systems.


There are many more things to surprise you in this long range drone. It is best for those who don’t want to spend much. Its breathtaking feature is its battery timing that is approximately half an hour. This long range drone can remain in sky for more time, this feature makes it great choice among people. As far as operating range is concerned, it accesses 7 kilometers of operating range. Reminder, it is drone of professional photographer. It is the best platform to capture smooth aerial pictures. Due to its high stabilityit has capability to capture silk smooth aerial footage regardless of flight condition.


Phantom 4 Pro is one of the three high-end models of DJI that definitely created quite the stir on market. it’s the recent success of DJI. It looks to be a great upgrade. It has many more functions. It comes in market with abundance of sensors, including the all-new obstacle avoidance System. It is the very first drone created by DJI with such technology implemented.

Camera and Features:

As far as the Camera of Phantom 4 Pro is concerned, DJI Phantom has a marvelous 20MPX Camera with 1-inch sensor and mechanical shutter. No need to explain that the image quality is much clear and smooth and it’s above your expectations. Focusing on the above-mentioned obstacle avoidance system, this system allows the drown to fly seamlessly without any sort of fear of collision or crashing as its advance feature detect and avoid the dangerous thing that might come in the way. Its design is roughly same and it has exceptional build quality like all other drones from DJI.


With the better overall performance, specifications prove like a booster. The most common question about all the drones is that how far it can fly? In the case of DJI Phantom 4 Pro the answer is 7 kilometers of operating range and it can stay in sky for roughly 27 minutes. This makes it proper premium model. There is nothing to tell anything more about it as all you know about DJI Drones. But its speed is worth mentioning, its maximum speed is 44mph (roughly 72 km/h) that’s really fast for a casual photography drone.


Sure to say that most of you know that Gopro is launching their own long rang drones to widen the product list for the recreation lovers who want to record their struggle. This long rang drones target exactly them. Its performance is really good and it is in trend nowadays but the fact is it is not capable to compare with Mavic Pro and the reason will be clear in following paragraph.

Camera and features:

Let’s start with keeping the focus on the biggest advantage karma has over DJI Mavic Pro that is of course, Camera. There are few drones only which are able to compete this Gopro Camera when it comes to out-of-box photography experience. Another feature is that it grants Karma Grip which changes this drone package into a body-mounted or handheld one.

Good enough, huh? I am afraid that’s about it as far as advantages go. All the things goes in the favor of DJI’s masterpiece. Taking a feature as example, Gopro Karma has access GPS and has several autonomous flight modes, DJI Mavic Pro have more to serve like versatility and adjust ability.


But that’s not fair to compare these two at all. DJI Mavic Pro has expertise only aerial photography on the other hand Gopro Karma dashes out the entire package. So, GoPro Karma has access on slightly low specifications. As it has slightly lower specification it can travel around 3 kilometer away from its controller and it is really gorgeous. By comparing it by 7 kilometer of DJI Mavic Pro you’ll get my point.

Last but not the least, Battery duration of this drone is 20-minutes mark that is below the standard. Again mentioning, other drones in the market serve with aerial photos. On the other hand GoPro Karma offers aerial body mounted and handheld. Now you can select that which one is for you!

5-Autel Robotics X-STAR Premium

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium is a cheaper alternative of DJI Phantom. Nothing else you will get in this price tag. It’s all about the model that has serious firepower underneath the hood in very low cost. Adding more, it has more safety features like magnetic interference protection due to this feature it makes difference. That’s amazing about X-star Premium, which is one of the drones with the longest range.

Camera and features:

Autel Robotics X-star premium, the long rang drone, has access the feature both GPS and GlONASS. Focus to details, it also serves with several autonomous flightmodes including orbit, waypoints andfollow me and return to home as well. It provides you with a safe environment for proper aerial photography.


As far as Operating and FPV range, this long range drone is much better than its non-premium counterpart. It has roughly 2000 meters of operating range. It’s second to DJI’s flagship bearing their OcuSync technology. As far as flight time is concerned, it can stay for around 25 minutes in sky.

Last but not the least, I want to say about it design. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium has bright orange quadcopter which has powerful LEDs for orientation Purposes. You may consider it tacky, I am absolutely lovingit. By considering on the features you can guess that why it is ranked so high on the list. Reminder! You are talking about an underrated drone here.

6- DJI Phantom 3 Pro

DJI and its respective offers a variety of models of long range drones to choose from. They often find their units on our list. Here we are going to have a look on DJI’s long range drone named as Phantom 3.  Professional version of drone holds several excellent upgrades over the standard one. Let’s have a look on its main aspects in this paragraph!

Camera and Features

The main feature of DJI,s product is definitely the Camera. DJI P3 Pro has 4K-ready camera mounted on a 3-axis stabilization gimbal. The footage, maintaining the quality, is absolutely brilliant and on the top among drones occupying the market. It has amazing features too. DJI Phantom 3 pro features follow me, waypoints, return to home and many more.


As I above mentioned that DJI drones are top of the list due to longest battery life, It sported 20 minutes of real enjoyment. And DJI,s drones have about 500 meters or 1500 feet of operating range. But, DJI Phantom 3 pro is something more than this. It has Battery duration up to 23 minutes. And the operating range is also more than standard one. Believe me it can go 5 kilometers away from its controller.

In short, The “Pro” model in DJI Phantom 3 is a reliable choice of everyone who wants to get best quality aerial photos. It satisfies all the needs of aerial photography, it is a decently priced long-range drone with best build quality. DJI Phantom3 Pro deals with sleek design, outstanding build quality and plentyof spare parts.


As this long range drone is priciest in the market, need to note that it is best for professional photography and hobbyist veterans around these parts as well. You have to be very careful while handling it, this one is expensive drone. We can also say that it has some expected veterancy, so be careful. It needs more attention.

Camera and Features:

This camera birdie accessescamera+3-axis gimbal, as its photography system of choice. It supports 4K videos at smooth 30fps. There is nothing more to add except the fact that it can record in slow motion only, but at much lower resolution.

That is not all about it. Another feature is worth mentioning that is its obstacle avoidance system that works very properly. Another amazing fact is it supports auto follow me mode sum up with some of the best cameras available in the market. You can’t go wrong with this drone only considering value of the money!


In term of operating range, it can go a mile(1.6 km) away before losing signals or coming back to controller automatically. It supports GPS too. The matter of fact is you have to look around your area and be aware of other flying things in the path of his drone. Typhoon H has a digital flight path you can create to mingle. As far as battery duration of this drone is concerned, it is well too. Typhoon H can remain in sky for 25 minutes. This battery duration is just enough for a drone of this caliber.


If you are not in-touch with the news about drones, probably you have missed the DJI’s newest model of Drone named as THE SPARK. It is too small quadcopter, but you can’t fold it as its older brother DJI Mavic pro that was fold able. Regardless that it is not foldable, DJI SPARK Combo is still a portable little beast more than above mentioned Mavic. What’s about performance and aerial photography? Let’s have a look!

Camera and Features:

As far as camera is concerned, DJI Spark has not only imaging sensor but a proprietary 2-axis gimbal too. Due to which it is bound to improve footage quality. No doubt, it doesn’t access 4K sensor. But it accesses only 1080p one. The overall image quality does not fail to deliver. It has clear, sharp, and possesses optimal field of view for panorama shots even at high altitude.

The last feature of DJI Spark is that it has a plethora at its disposal, it has already seen in other drones like Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro. However, DJI Spark has two new, named as PalmLaunch and Palmcontrol, They both are amazing and worth looking into!


You can consider DJI Spark as explorer also. Although it is not able to reach full 2000 meter which is official number, but it can go away roughly 500m to 1000m far, depending the possible interference.

Moreover, the battery duration of this drone is roughly 15 minutes, give or take.  Reminder, in the case of most drones with cameras the figure is slightly lower if you’re recording for the full flight duration.

if you find this drones under $100 much expensive then you can have our best cheap drones as well!

Again the question arises that which drone you should buy?

In order to have great review about drones categories you can check the following articles!!!

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In the last,I would like to conclude that you can have .your desired drones according to range that you want. We always try our best to keep you update and informed about the latest drones with related features and specifications. Have fun!



Top Rated Best Drones under $1000 – Review & Buyers Guide 2018


Warm welcome you guys on our site and especially on our unique article related to best drones under 1000 dollars through which you can get a lot of information and reviews related to premium models. on the other hand, you no need to worry because there are some models that are less or cheaper than 1000 dollars. if you do not want to buy or purchase expensive one then have a look on best cheap drones article

10-AEE AP11 

If you are searching for a super mainstream drone with a high quality camera, GPS and a great flight speed, then AEE AP11 is the right choice for you. Before going into the write up of this drone, I must admonish you that it is not a middle-ranking model. It is manufactured by AEE, a kinda unknown company… but a company which did evenhandedly a good job with their add-in of AP drones. Additionally to this one, there are also AP9 and AP10, both of which crack sensibly a good value for money. But merely, today we will be snap on AP11 so let’s go forward to action and watch what this is all about!

Not just AEE AP11 have a majestic camera that records 16MP distillery images and FHD footage at 60 frames per second, moreover it also owns a great 3-axis gimbal stabilization system that guarantees optimum images and video stability. 6800mAH LiPo battery is in charge of it’s operations or actions and, quite candidly, this is doing his job in a very good manner by offering upto 25 minutes of a flight time in just a single charge. And it sounds good!. It’s an uncertainty that you will need more than that for free-and-easy use. Your mind would be clear by knowing that AEE AP11 is a super middle-ranked option which has approximately 500 meters of action range.

Characteristics wise, as we figured out above that there is a GPS system that helps this mate which comes with unable to fail feature, auto return to home. By examine all little thing, we came to know that this is a well-built drone which have many good specs and features.

9-DJI Spark

When i started making DJI Spark, i wanted to give this drone a higher position in the list of top drones which comes in the range of $1000, but this is the real fact that it is placed at this position under some circumstances. Usually people wanted to see more expensive models of drones on this list but it also doesn’t looks good if there is a $500 models are placed on the top of the list. This is the reason i pulled it reverse on the 9th position, so that’s why i  presented this one as a great value for money replacement.

As compared to the previous models of DJI this one is on a high level and a latest model, which is in size-wise completely differ from the others, and most of the people don’t know about this little fella. You know what, in a comparison of this drone and DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Mavic Pro looks like a large piece of electronic circuitry. There is one more exciting thing about this drone is that it actually fits into your pocket.

DJI Spark is extremely easy to carry out, that is the reason most people show attention to this model. Moreover, it has a super power underneath this stylish model. If we are talking about flying time of this drone, so the time limit is 15 minutes, and if we duo it with a dedicated controller then it has cca 2 kilometers of operating range. Talking further, there’s also a thing to keep in mind that DJI Spark integrates a light FHD camera with 2-axis gimbal for optimum image which is physically more secure.

Obviously, this small fella is a literal airy photography platform. Even up, it also has exciting features to go next to and has overall superb performance. As you will see, DJI Spark comes with full DJI GO app support, and that means it has thousands of easy to use features adding ActiveTrack and TapFly. Further there are many special ones like PalmLaunch and PalmControl. By using only hand gestures you will have total control over DJI Spark.


One of the popular drones manufacturers include Parrot. It’s collection includes superb drones like BeBop and AR, but just now they came out with a customized to their BeBop flagship. The name BeBop 2 was given to it because it is the model of second origination. But is this customized version competent of doing something? Hmm, let’s take a closer look to check what’s it is all about!

Besides, BeBop 2 seems quite similar to it’s predecessor. There is a lot of designs adjusted here and there but many of them remained same. Talking about the battery of this drone BeBop had 1200mAH that will last into air for at-least 11 minutes, while on the other hand, BeBop 2 has 2700mAh and it can last in air up to 25 minutes.

BeBop 2 is much faster and has good flight range comparing to its predecessor. When this drone is duo with sky controller which increase the range up to 2 kilometers.

At the end, there is a look at the camera which Bebop 2 supports. It support full HD wide lens camera that is capable to take still and airy shots. So, more precisely, if you’re thinking about a all-rounder drone then Parrot’s BeBop 2 is a good idea.


 Another most popular manufacturers include YUNEEC. I’m not sure that is this true or not but some would like to go with DJI. All i know about Yuneec Q500 is that if you searching for an awesome camera or a photography platform then Yuneec Q500 is an excellent option. But the question is, is that true? Let’s go a take a closer look about it so we can find more about it!

Firstly, starting with camera, Yuneec Q500 is giving us a offer with its 4k camera, which is also able to provide you a FPV flight, at a totally unbelievable price. Furthermore, this drones also has a large LCD display for FPV purposes, including a controlling feature. In addition, more interesting features includes GPS, Return to home, and altitude hold.

Considering all things about it, Yuneec Q500 seems like a proper refreshment for its splendid performance, having airy shots and higher flight in the drone market.

Talking about its flight time and range, then we will come to know that it has range over 800 meters and flight time up to 25 minutes with some serious power. However, it still cannot be compared with other specs, well Q500 manages to compromise in all aspects in build quality. This drone is making his place in the market by its features and specifications.


 Truthfully, Gopro took longer to enter into drones’ market, but the question is why? Well here is the answer, Chances goes lower for GoPro Karma when there was technical faults in it which ruined things and also had a specifically tough launch. But luckily, all the issues are resolved now. But still it cannot go anywhere near DJI’s masterpiece. Gopro karma provides a karma grip to its users which added more versatility, and a specialized stabilizer which can be hand-held. With karma grip, it’s actual that Gopro not only aims to the features, but also still photography as well.

Making it clear, with 3-axis gimbal in combo with one of their HERO action camera. With that exciting images solutions, there is no doubt that GoPro Karma takes exceptional footages and images. But when it comes to its specifications, that is the point where it goes down comparing with the DJI Mavic. Battery of this drone lasts in just 17 minutes and has a operating range up to 3 kilometers.


 After that bite-sized DJI Spark, now it is the time for the golden middle. Yes, we are talking about DJI Phantom 3 Pro and it holds that place in drones. The third generation in DJI’s Phantom squad is nothing short for specs. Specially when we are talking about the Pro edition which has awesome enhances which added a good camera in this list having (4k at 30fps), also have longer flight range, lightbridge video downlink, and a very powerful feature GPS/GLONASS.

All the things mentioned above, makes Pro version more powerful and upgraded drone that can be used in a vast variety of possible applications. When it comes to the build quality i must assure you DJI never let anything bad. Rather there are no that extra changes made in this edition of Phantom squad but still the quality is damn perfect! Like always, DJI takes very good care about its features so i would not be wrong if i say DJI Phantom 3 Professional has a whole plethora of them. So, it is obvious why this drone is best among others and considered good.

There is a large number of toll but still DJI Phantom 3 Pro is not falling down than others even there are more new models, at-least when thinking about specifications. Further, DJI Phantom 3 Pro has approximately 25 minutes of flight time and hardly 5 kilometers of range, and i think this is pretty good!

4-DJI Phantom 4

It is quite difficult to put DJI Phantom 4 in the list of under $1000 but still we gave this drone this position, so let’s face it, why so? This little mate is totally a all-rounder. And if you are looking for a premium drone then price would not be an issue because this is actually what you are looking for!

Let’s have a look on DJI Phantom 4 for those people who are not familiar with this edition.

So starting with the camera, it has 4k camera, 3-axis motorize gimbal, a whole bunch of superb features, obstacle avoidance and much more, not doubt it is an extraordinary drone. Not only the features but specifications are also too good! Let me tell you about its flight time and range, it has 27 minutes of flight time and 45mph top speed and roughly 7 kilometers of operating range, and yes one more exciting thing, it has ultra- responsive controller. I think after these features and specifications there are no other drones dare to compare with it except some.

As i already mentioned before that this drone is not cheap, because of its bunch of accessories, spare parts, extra batteries and much more. And these things can be rated upto $2000. So, you must find yourself lucky if you can have all these in just $1000.


Here is another awesome drone Typhoon H, and there is a lot more to talk about. This little fella has brand new technologies embedded in it with an aggressive price range that can attract both commercial and professional users. Yuneec Typhoon H is probably going to make it good out there in market.

This powerful hexacopter came along with ST16 controller and supports a CGO3+ camera which is capable of providing you with FPV live feed. Moreover, it also has a camera of 4k camera and is build on a motorized 3-axis gimbal and provides more stability. One more great thing about that model is that it is Intel Realsense module which is unlike anything we had chance to see that far. Actually this is collision avoidance system that encourages obstacle avoidance by providing real time detection from all sides. More precisely, this drone had a great position in market and also a good competitor.

Feature wise, this drone comes with all features you want with in this price tag. For example, autonomous flight mode, altitude hold and a GPS system. Specifications include 1 mile of flight range and cca 25 minutes flight time and having all these thing why don’t people go crazy about it!


And now the title of second best Drone goes to Autel Robotics x-star premium. It would not wrong if I called DJI Phantom 4 and DJi Mavic Pro are in the same list with this drone. And believe me that’s true! Because these have almost same designs and specifications but the only difference is that X-Star is cheaper than DJI series. But what about performance?

4k resolution camera mounted on 3-axis gimbal, by using this resolution this drone efficiently captures still airy shots and extremely smooth recordings. A remote controller which comes with this package allows you to connect with it with upto 1.2 miles away from it. I literally dare to praise this drone especially because FPV live feed works.

Moving towards the battery, it has 4900mAH battery that works really good. On just a single charge it can lasts upto 25 minutes almost quite relate able with DJI flagship. Smart  features includes GPS+GLONASS navigation system, magnetic interface protection, auto takeoff/landing, hovering, return to home and much more.


Finally ladies and gentlemen we reached at the top drone which comes first in the list of $1000. Of course there is no competition with this drone in market which is an absolute magnificent fold able drone which has bunch of features. Let’s take a closer look on this drone.

Here we use the term fold-able that actually means it can be folded and is easy to carry out and fits into your pocket. DJI Mavic Pro do not compromises on its features and specs because of small size factors. On the other side, its operating range is upto 7 kilometers, and roughly 27 minutes of airtime.

In the last, DJI Mavic Pro has large number of features. Yes we are talking about autonomous flight mode, GPS, obstacle avoidance, altitude hold, facial recognition and a lot more. Also 4k camera build upon 3-axis gimbal which is crazy thing, isn’t it! You can choose airy photographs all around the globe. That’s why this drone has top position.

if you find this drones under $100 much expensive then you can have our best cheap drones as well!

Again the question arises that which drone you should buy?

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In the last,I would like to conclude that keep visiting us on the daily base. We always try our best to keep you update and informed about the latest drones with related features and specifications. Have fun!


Best Cheap Drones- Review & Buyers Guide 2018

TOP 7 DRONES YOU CAN BUY FOR Cheap Price [2018]

In this article I am going to tell you about best cheap drones even for beginners as well.By keeping in dronesnerd, we will come to know with inexpensive drones then that’s why you can set your skills high then you can move towards great models or premium ones like DJI Phantom 4 etc.

As the matter of fact, the drones on below list they don’t have the premium capabilities like higher end drones but you will be amazed to check their features as well.

On the other hand, drone technology has become much popular and less costly and we can have even in low price but more functionality. Now-a-days there are a lot of cheap or you can say best affordable drones in the market, and that can be great for such people that are looking for flight practice. Moreover, it is proved to be the best gift for adults and kids as well.

1-Force1 F100 Ghost GoPro Drone

The F100G quadcopter is no doubt tough and nimble and this drone offers a mount for a GoPro Hero 3 and 4 that means you can have best and professional quality shots. As the matter of fact, it can even fly in the windy weather as well and also it allows having a controlled flight.


Firstly, Force1 F100 is such cameraless drone that does not offer a camera that means you have to buy your own or keep it without camera. On the other hand you will be happy to know that it comes with a dedicated mount for a GoPro and also for other action camera brands.

The Force1 F100 has basically 2 different speed modes, one key flips and tricks. When we talk about its specification it is always shine!


It is amazingly comes with or it sports a powerful brushless motors, because of this motor it provides great efficiency and also last longer than brushed one. As far as the range is concerned, it flies around 250 meters away from its controllers. And it provides the flight time of around up to 10 and 15 minutes. but all depend on which type of camera you are using!


  • Cheap
  • Dedicated mount
  • Brushless motors


  • Flight time
  • Range
  • Camera less


As Bugs 3 is no doubt the famous drone by MJX and it comes with a dedicated camera too. But it is normally said that MJX Bugs 3 is proved to be the best among cheapest brushless quadcopters. You will have fun with its LED’s and great frame but the real fun starts when you mount a GoPro as it comes with a dedicated mount bracket. On the other hand it is stable drone but I doubt that vibrations can be a major problem during taking aerial footage.

As far as the specifications are concerned, its flight time is around up to 18 minutes in such a best price tag. It ranges up to 300 meters but sometimes it goes a little more up. I would like to conclude that if you have already GoPro and you want to purchase a cheap and sophisticated Altitude Hold drone then this will be your best option!


  • Best cheap.
  • Good flight time
  • Brushless motors


  • Range
  • Camera less


In order to test the skills for beginners this drone is proved to be the best cheapest drone ever! And it comes with a decent look, lightweight frame and RTF package.

As the matter of fact, this BLADE Nano does not have FPV camera but on the other hand you will enjoy its flight because of its amazing size and maneuverability. You can even fly this indoor and outdoor as well. But in strong wind it can be grounded. Its operating range goes up to 5 to 7 minutes.

All things considered its RTF package provides pretty awesome flying experience for beginners. It is best to have a cheap and stable practice platform at all!


  • Small in size
  • Lightweight
  • cheap


  • Flight time
  • range 


It is specially made for racing lovers, it is said to be the sister company of Traxxas which is the best affordable drone for you! As it is a lightweight drone even with powerful motors. And there is an option that you can upgrade that motors to become more powerful 17000Kv to have extra torque.

It works with 11Tpinions on its motors whose rotation effects to motor shafts while carrying props. By the help of this mechanism LaTrax can fly up to 10 to 12 minutes and all depends on how fast you push! As the range is concerned, this goes up to 100 or even 150 meters without fading the line of sight. On the other hand you can have greater speed as well by installing AIO FPV system.

As far as the feature are concerned. Let me tell you that LaTrax can perform all sorts of acrobats, even flips, rolls and all such good stuff that you can enjoy in just one button press. Besides this, LaTrax Alias offers with LED lights and a great canopy that comes in multiple colors. But be assure that it is such a best cheap drone and you know the worth of it only when you get a hold of it!

5-U49C Red Heron

The U49C Red Heron quadcopter comes with such a sleek and unique design and it proved to be the best gift for newbie drone pilot.

As the matter of fact, the retailer Force1 includes an additional battery with this model and no doubt hat double up the flight time and you can have more fun with that. Not only this, the Red Heron also offers an extra motor that is a great value or adds on for you but specially for beginners.


You will have great and best photos and videos with his drone at 720P and with its FPV camera your flight will come to life and using its remote control you can have the feature of landing and takeoff by just one button. It comes with the feature of Altitude Hold and Headless mode in order to have stable flight and keep in your mind that you get best video quality when it become more stable.

You can even control it by your smart phones and with this drone you can get extra battery in order to increase the fun with this drone and power bank as well!

As it is good for hobbyist and FPV racing that provides flight time of up to 15 minutes


  • Best Camera 720P
  • Battery Time
  • Good for hobbyist


  • Range

6-X5UW Thunderbolt

In such price tag this X5UW Thunderbolt is proved to be a powerful drone even with the high quality camera. It is best for those who want fun drone and also learn about how to race even around obstacles with a great ease, because it comes with low-latency FPV video transmission that goes straight to its built-in controller screen.

As the matter of fact, you will have double fun because it comes with two extra batteries! That means it a add on to your drone and you can fly for longer period of time and then recharge your batteries


Let me make you clear that this drone is specifically made to have fun with the stunts and to get easy flying experience. This comes with the feature of one key takeoff, landing and 360 degree flip, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode and Custom Route Mode. And this also offers FPV Camera and it records clear aerial videos in crystal clear result at 720P HD resolution.

On the other hand, let me tell you that it is also one of the best cheap drones for kids and the great features which attract consumers that with its remote control you can even fly it by tilting your smartphone as well.

And you can mount your smartphone on the dedicated remote control that comes with this drone and fly your drone and can see what your drone is watching! You can say that with the help of this drone you can have real time view.

You can have great fun with for longer period as it comes with two extra batteries so this RC drone can fly for maximum time easily.


  • Best Camera
  • Cheap Drone
  • Real Time View


  • Low latency

7-Syma X5C

As the matter of fact, Syma is proved to be best at entry-level drones market, they launched massive series of toy-grade drones and even they have established themselves as top or best cheap drones. On the other hand, let me tell you that Syma X5C is no doubt a nimble drone.


Most often it is asked that why  is Syma X5C the best drone you can purchase for under $50? The answer is just because of its best flying experience and with that a lot of feature you get! And its controller is proved to be the masterpiece which is highly intuitive and responsive. Syma X5C sports headless mode and 360 flips.

It comes with such a best camera in such a great price tag that is capable to record HD videos even in 720P with the help of HD-ready sensor. It also offers aerial photography inside the package including 4GB microSD card.


As far as the specifications are concerned, let me tell you from its battery that Syma X5C-1 sports 1S 500mAh Lipo battery. As it does not offers such a great flight time but you no need to worry because it does not let you down in such a cheap price models. You can have fun with the fight time of up to 7 minutes. And it can fly off from its controller up to 30 to 50 meters range. Furthermore its stability and responsive control make it the best cheap drone in this list.

Best Drones Separator


Great innovation and big demand has made capable of companies to enter such business to have new and inexpensive drones that able to everyone purchase. Even each and every person can own a drone from toy-grade drone as a hobby to professional or premium one model or UAVs, on the other hand f you are not familiar with such kind of technology then I would suggest you to have fun or to get practice with an affordable or best cheap drone. As the matter of fact, even toy-grade drones come with such powerful and amazing features and specifications.

Again the question arises that which drone you should buy?

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I would like to say that keep visiting us on the daily base. We always try our best to keep you update and informed about the latest drones. Have fun!


Top Rated Best Drones under $500 – Review & Buyers Guide 2018


As we had a very closer look at the lists of lower-end priced drone. But today we are going to have deep information related to mid-tier models! Particularly, we are going to have knowledge about the best drones under $500. No doubt that there are plenty of drones from which you can choose the best one! But it is such a typical time in order to get rid of bad decision.

DJI SparkDJI Spark 1080p2000m15 min Check Price
Hubsan H109sHubsan-X4-H109S-PRO-X1080p1000m25 min Check Price
Parrot Bebop 2parrot-bebop-214 MP2000m22 min Check Price
MJX Bugs 2Wmjx-bugs-2w1080p1000m18 min Check Price
Hubsan H501Shubsan-h501s1080p300m18 min Check Price
UPair Oneupair-one4K500m20 min Check Price
Traxxas AtonTRAXXAS-7908GoPro300m20 min Check Price
3DR Solo3dr-solo-droneGoPro800m22 min Check Price
Yuneec Breezeyuneec-breeze1080p500m20 min Check Price
ZeroTech Dobbyzerotech-dobby4k100m9 min Check Price

Top 10 drones under $500

Firstly, you must have a clear look on the specification in order to have your next drone. As I am going to refer you about the battery life, camera quality, the operating range and all the good stuff that comes with best drones under $500. These are actually the important factors while purchasing a drone so that’s why it is very important for all of us to examine them thoroughly!

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1-DJI SPARKBest Drones Under $500

As you are here to buy a drone less than $500, as no doubt that the number one position goes to DJI Spark unanimously and it is proved to be the absolutely brilliant drone that will always never left behind to amaze you. The question arises that what is special about it and what is the reason of its being in our top ranked in the list of top drones under $500? Come on! Have a closer look in the following paragraphs…

Calm down! First we will talk about its camera quality and camera features which it offers. Amazingly this little size birdie someone said this soda can size haha anyways this drone’s camera offers a FHD camera with 1-axis gimbal stabilization system. As it sound like crazy that a smartphone-sized drones offers with crystal clear FHD quality even with hardware image stabilization.

As far as the specifications and features are concerned, DJI Spark provides a premium feel to stick with it. In comes with the features of GPS, Follow me, Altitude hold and a lot of smart features that are absolutely come in handy. On the other hand, TapFly and ActiveTrack are here as well. As it offers two main features like PalmLaunch and PalmControl as both are self explanatory so I don’t think that there is any need to dig into that.

What you expect from a lightweight drone is same comes with DJI Spark that it is agile and fast drone and even it flies very smoothly without any issues. But wind can be a mess in its path a bit. Truly saying, this is definitely not meant for much windy conditions.

When we talk about its performance, specifically it goes at the range of around 2 Kilometers (when it is not connected with your smartphone but paired with its dedicated controller) and offers flight time or airtime of round about roughly 15 to 16 minutes. After having all that stuff it is not only the best selfie drone but no doubt it is proved to be the best drone under $500.

2- HUBSAN H109SHubsan-H109S-X4-Pro

Let me tell you that it is proved to be the best drone made by Hubsan ever and specifically it comes to its premium model drones that have got much fame in the market. What is the reason behind all that fame? Let us have a closer look!

Hubsan H109S comes with the features of GPS, Headless Mode, Automatic Return, Altitude Hold, follow me and many more. This model of Hubsan H109S offers in the market I 3 different versions that is low, standard and high. The actual difference are in controllers and gimbals, but other specifications are identical or similar in all 3 versions.

When we check its camera, Hubsan did not disappoint us every time. With its dedicated controller you will have support for live video transmission through its 1080p HD camera.

I must mention that the remote control which it offers comes with the Android 4.2 OD. It will make your life easy by offering a lot of features and different options. You will not face any kind of problem while using it as its design is very well and intuitive. The air time or flight time of Hubsan H109S is around 25 minutes. As Hubsan it claims up to 30 minutes but being realistically it is 25!

At last, let me tell you that Hubsan H109S comes with the operating range of up to 1Kilometer. No doubt that this is proved to be the great quadcopter, as it sports premium grade features even in an aggressive price tag… as it becomes a nice hit with the drone enthusiasts.

3- PARROT BEBOP 2parrot-bebop-2

Parrot Bebop 2 is actually loaded with awesome features and provides the state of the art design with best build quality, and it is one of the best looking quadcopter in the market. Let me tell you more about it! Following are some useful insights!

As Parrot Bebop 2 is made up of ABS plastic, lightweight, heat resistant and impact resistant, in order to make sure about its great resistance it is reinforced with the glass fiber. While having this drone, you no need to worry about its dedicated control (sold separately) or you are using your smartphone as it is incredibly stable and also easy to control.

If we compare this with the original Bebop then you will amaze that in terms of flight time it got a huge upgrade. As we are talking about round about 20 to 22 minutes of air time that is specifically surprise that of the first Bebop.

Moreover, I would like to tell you that this is proved to be a high performance quad, as there is not any doubt. It comes with four brushless motors and it can be fly 13 meters per second horizontally. It has built-in 14MP camera that has the capability of recording of 180 degree angle. And it is only controlled by usig your smartphone or tablet, ad allows FPV (real time video) directly to your device’s screen.

On the other hand, if you opt to buy the Sky Remote Controller offers from Parrot manufacturers then Bebop 2 flight range can be definitely increase up to 2 Kilometers. There is no doubt that Parrot Bebop 2 took its place on our list of best drones for sale.

4- MJX BUGS 2Wmjx-bugs-2w

MJX Bugs 2W is actually comes as a successor of already popular Bugs 3 model, if you do not familiar with the Bugs 3 as it is proved  to be the exceptional entry-level drone to wannabe aerial photographers. As it comes with a camera mount that sports GoPro and also other brands of action cameras, the possibilities which it offered is endless for this cool looking drone.

Some of the people were unhappy because of the mount that MJX had t solve that issue… and after all they did this with Bugs 2W. just with the smaller change factor and built-in camera this MJX Bugs 2W is going to be conquer entry-level aerial photography market same like its predecessor. What you think that can it do so? No problems have a look!

Camera and Features

Firstly, what we need that to say a few things about its camera that is built-in. as we are talking about micro lens camera which it offers and that is capable to take aerial footage at full HD. As it does not offer lack of any kind of stabilization it has a little no to vibration and also jello effect. Just because of this I recommend all of the people to have MJX Bugs 2W to get best aerial footage from their drone.

I am especially thankful to its feature that is handful because this birdie also sports that can be only expected from smart drone that is its integrated GPS module. In this price range, we rarely see such handy features. There are also other features which this birdie offers like FPV, Telemetry, Altitude Hold and also even Return to Home.


As far as the delivery of specifications then MJX Bugs 2W does not fail! Because of its excellent air time that goes from 15 to 18 minutes and specially thanks to its 2S 1800mAh Lipo battery, plus its operating range can reach over up to 800 meters. as it not even bad for small drone right? In the last, its FPV range is a bit shorter but ranging in at approximately 150 to 200 meters. one thing that you should keep in your mind that don’t go above 150 because after that no doubt you will experience some cutbacks so you no need to go further otherwise you will be in the risk to lose your brand-new drone.

5- HUBSAN H501Shubsan-h501s

We have first Hubsan model on this list at the 5th spot. For first time users it provides a great and enjoyable flying experience and it s proved to be the best entry-level drone. In order to make your life much easier in provide a bunch of great features and specifications as it is stable and intuitive. Come on! Start some discussion on this birdie that why people do love this!

Let me first tell you that this Hubsan H501S is may be the cheapest drone that comes with the great feature of dedicated GPS module. As most of you know very well that GPS brings a lot of amazing features alongside that covers altitude hold, one key return and follow me as well.

Moreover, it add up the more enjoyable thing that it totally focus on capturing the aerial shots than flying only the damn thing. Furthermore, Hubsan H501S also offers a FHD camera that is pretty capable of recording excellent footage.

Let me explain about its specifications, Hubsan H501S left no behind to impress. As this little birdie provide the flight time of about 18 to 20 minutes. but it provides interference free fun with the range of up to 300 meters.  I think because of FPV properties, best camera and great or smart flight features you may need more than 300 meters.


As UP Air comes with the two versions but the only difference of $50, and it is one of the best drones under $500. Both models are actually similar or identical in terms of design and features but only thing which differentiates these two models is their cameras. As their cameras are in 2.7K and 4K. No doubt the 4K model comes with additional cost of $50 more. As it has not only a good thing of its good design and also not long shot.

You know, this sort of mid-tier drones represents new generation smart models. As the matter of fact, these are not much expensive like other high end drones models and no doubt that they offers tons of great features. As it is win-win situation which I have ever seen one!

I would like to suggest you observe it carefully that this UpAir One looks like the design of phantom series introduced by DJI. Most of the people think it as a cheap knock off but that is totally far from reality. With the combination of great solid camera and gimbal combination, it’s excellent no doubt smart battery (which provide more than 16 minutes of air time) and GPS no doubt pretty awesome and no need to consider it as a joke.

Similarly, its range is not short as well as it goes roughly up to 800 meters for controlling and even 500 meters for FPV. Even though its controller is also similar like the old DJI models as well, and it also offers a giant 7-inch LED screen to get FPV monitoring. In fact, if you really have an aim to buy great drone with outstanding features and camera then no doubt that Upair is surely you should worth checking out!

7-Traxxas AtonTRAXXAS-7908-ATON

Yes we are reached on the 7th spot on our list! And we have no doubt a pretty awesome drone that is amazingly powerful one Traxxas 7909 Aton. As the matter of fact, Traxxas is basically famous because of its RC cars and trucks and it is particularly US based company. But now it seems like that they will be famous in the drones’ category as well and special thanks to the Alias and Aton models.

As far as the specifications are concerned, let me introduced you with that Traxxas Aton comes with 5000mAh 3-cell Lipo battery which is made to provide you the flight time of around 20 to 25 minutes and it does also with the camera usage. It comes with 2-axis gimbal as well that is specifically designed to do work with GoPro and also with other action cameras. But all it offers only when you buy Traxxas Aton Plus package. As it is a definitely worth shot such under $500 into aerial photography.

And in terms of features, atom is totally packed with a great of them: that are GPS, one key return, air brake and LED and so on. On the other hand, it comes with three different modes that are Sport mode, Film mode and the third one is Expert mode. As the matter of fact, it is a great quadcopter for drone enthusiast in a professional manner. What do you say? Is Traxxas 7909 Aton is among the best drone under $500?


As you know that I have already talk about the 3DR SOLO above when I was doing comparison in between its price with and also without the gimbal. And now we are going to have a closer look on this drone that what is the reason of its low price.

The decision was actually made by the 3DR board who wanted to capture the market in a different way and no doubt wanted to earn money in a fast way by growing the 3DR Solo’s sales. Move further! Let us see what its beauty all about and what it provide you with the quality and as well as aerial footage from your first flights!

Camera and Features

As we are talking about features, 3DR Solo seems a decent drone as it shines in full night which attract towards a lot. As it is no doubt a smart drone that is totally going to amaze you! It provides outstanding cinematic aerial footage that you find only in Smart Shot technology only. It offers Follow me mode, Cable Cam, Selfie, Orbit and no doubt plenty of other great features. All are fully powered by the 3DR Solo’s two that can be said that twin microcomputers that are running on 1GHz processors that performs all work. Its synergy will wonder you that will be witnessed by you!


In terms of specification, it offers a slight more extra range than Yuneec Q500 that is 800 meters in total and offers just a little fraction in the price tag. But battery time duration is totally different with 3DR Solo that offer up to 18 minutes but less with camera and when gimbal is mounted.         

Let me make one thing clear that in standard package you only get the drone and all necessary parts that are needed to set it up and keep running. On the other hand, if you want best aerial silk and smooth footages, then you do not only need a dedicated gimbal for your 3DR Solo but also a GoPro Hero action camera too. So while during buying that all stuff, you should keep in your mind that these sort of things will go to much high even than initial package!

9-YUNEEC BREEZEyuneec-breeze

After a lot of effort and a few stellar high-end drones like Q500 and Typhoon H, Yuneec got back its position again… but now this miniature fella comes with a great excellent camera. By this great introduction, you can easily conclude that we are going to talk about the best miniature drone under $500. And what do you expect from this model? Let’s see!

Let me first tell you about its camera that it offers a 4K-ready built-in camera. As there remains no any doubt that Yuneec Breez is actually the most powerful selfie machine.

As this is absolutely noteworthy to come into light that it provides the stability and also ease of flight that this birdie possesses. And on the other hand you can only control this drone with your smartphone, its schematic is great and in short period of time you will get used to it!

On the other hand, Yuneec Breez offers a complete package of advanced features. Briefly, we are going to refer in indoor positioning system, return to home, altitude hold and auto land as well.

In the last, if you want to have a strong grip on your selfie game than ever, Yuneec Breeze is proved to be the  covered with instant social media sharing in order to take photos and videos. I think it can be a good reason to buy this little fella.

10-ZEROTECH DOBBYzerotech-dobby

During writing this article I decided to start this list off by keeping this selfie miniature drone called Dobby. As the matter of fact that it s made by Zerotech and no doubt it comes with a ton of media space. And it is being referred as a best selfie drone in the market. As News flash, this title is actually belongs to the DJI Spark but after gettibg its reviews and specifications we stick to that one later on in this pretty awesome list. But now we would like to focus our concentration only with solely to Zerotech Dobby!

In this miniature birdie, we find basically two navigation systems that are GPS and GLONASS. As both offer Zerotech Dobby with pinpoint precision and also makes it an extra dose of charm. On the other hand, it offers additional features like return to home, follow me, altitude hold and so on.

Moreover, it works on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and it also said that this little baby drone comes with the software for image stabilization. In the last, it is totally operated by the smartphones but the condition is through the official app wich is available for both iOS and Android.

The great and best thing is found in Zerotech Dobby that its built-in camera.  it is capable to capture vibration-free video and incorporated 4K image acquisition and 1080p footages. In the reality, it shoots great selfies and provide solid FPV quality up to 100 meters away. On average, it provides only 9 minutes of flight time that is not much enough.

You can have a deep look on Drones under $200 / Drones under $300

I would like to tell you that all above drones are most like to come across your need in all departments. In order to get pretty much awesome performances you must have great luck and must check our Best Drones Under $1000 list. Moreover, make plan that what you actually want like some people need a really fast FPV racer drone, on the other hand, some want to enjoy a stable aerial footage or photography platform and even other want some test their luck by buying casual drones for beginners.

Whatever you want with your best drones ever you just need to make a sketch in order to make sure your next drone to be and covering all solid specifications.

Following are some points that come with average drones:


Flight TimeCamera qualityFlight RangeFeatures
As far as the flight time is concerned, it is no doubt that drones under $500 are not more far away than premium models. On the other hand, drones mentioned on this list can fly on the average rate of up to 20 minutes, but 2-3 minutes up and down sometimes. But keep it in your mind that premium models provide the flight time of approximately 25 minutes. As it shows that these drones under $500 should not be taken too granted.
As far as the camera quality is concerned, let me make you clear that the drones in this particular price range normally come with the FHD camera and no hardware image stabilization. On the other hand you can have some models that offer 4K cameras. In fact, most of them even come with specialized gimbals but unfortunately they are purchased separately.
The point is clear that range is totally depend on what drone you are going to buy! Because if you want to buy a drone to get some aerial footage and aerial photography then in that case you will have a drone that ranges goes up to 600 to 700 meters and sometimes one kilometer. And if you want to purchase a fast FPV racer, those normally called birdies comes in lesser range. Yes just 200 and 300 meters only!
As the matter of fact, you normally found for a GPS-enabled drone. The drones comes with GPS feature provide a lot of essential features such as one key return home and altitude hold. But this entire feature is proved to be critical for providing you enjoyable flying experience. And you obviously want all of the great features in your next drone!


On this list the first two drones which I mentioned and the last one drone are no doubt small and offer a complete package of benefits as compare to full sized models. The fact of keeping the small birdie is that you can even enjoy the flying experience indoor and they are lightweight and comes with proper or solid flight stability that will prove to be give you fun time flying experience. An most best thing is that these drones are proved to be the best travel companion. And due to their small size you can even pack these drones with your luggage that makes seamless travelling setup.


The condition is that if you are going to plan on purchasing sports FPV live transmission then there is a high chance that you can easily set up a FPV system with your owned FPV goggles. It will be more best option that if your drone sports FPV through 5.8g and not use WiFi. But keep it in your mind that all of these tech-savvy things heavily matters from model to model. But in the last let me tell you that most of the drones that costs less than $500 support FPV goggles.



If you still did not find any desired model then you must need to have a look at our list of top 10 drones for less than $1000.

Best Drones under $200 – Review & Buyers Guide 2018

Let me tell you one thing that if you are going to buy an entry level drone under 200 dollars then first thing you should need to know that you must no need to set your high expectations from such sort of drones. As the matter of fact that these drones are affordable, no doubt and it is obvious so need to know that you are not going for premium models hence you will also not get premium performance from such drones. By keeping all of such stuff we have made a small list that you may expect from best drones under $200.


In such price range you are searching to approx 100 meters high. But if you will spend close to $200 or a little above from such price range, then the operating range can be boost and reach 500 meters and also more in some cases.
Truly saying that these drones come with really decent full HD or HD cameras, But you cannot expect proper breathtaking aerial photography shots without proper stabilization what you have seen from DJI drones. And today we are going to have best camera drones under $200 !
If you are considering such fact of premium models that offers between 25 and 30 minutes of flight time, but I would like to tell you that it is totally safe that these best cheap drones are nowhere near them. As its battery duration provides flight time of 7 to 12 minutes. In order to get extra fun you must have extra batteries!!!

Best Drones Under $200

MJX Bugs 3mjx-bugs-3-blueGoPro300m15 min Check Price
UDI U818PlusDrocon-U818Plus2MP150m15 min Check Price
Force1 F100force1-f100-droneGoPro250m12 min Check Price
Altair AA108altair-aa108720p100m10 min Check Price
Contixo F6contixo-f6-drone720p50m16 min Check Price
Holy Stone HS300Holy-Stone-HS3005MP150m10 min Check Price
Traxxas Aliastraxxas-alias droneN/A50m6 min Check Price
UDI U818AUDI-U818A drone0.5MP70m7 min Check Price
Hubsan H107Dhubsanx4480p50m7 min Check Price
Holy Stone F181holystone f1810.5MP60m8 min Check Price

best drone under 200

1. MJX BUGS 3 – BEST DRONE UNDER $200?best drones under $200

MJX Bugs 3 Blue Edition is proved to be eye catching drone from the consumers among many of its models. Actually I am telling you about such great entry level drone model which offer you a lot of fun, and providing you similar fun in such a fraction of cost you’d pay with a reliable drone flight experience.

As a matter of fact, MJX Bugs 3 is not only proved to be a best drone for beginners but also has powerful eye-candy that looks good under the hood that justifies its price tag.

As far as the camera is concerned, unfortunately it comes with lack of camera. And it still does not mean that you are totally bound on to a single camera in your whole life span with your drone. Let me inform you one great thing that MJX Bugs 3 supports not only GoPro cameras but it also virtually sports all other action camera as well, I just like to say that its lack of camera point is actually a plus.

Move forward to its specification, here you will be notified that how things are going to stand for MJX Bugs 3. It provides you up to 15 minutes of flight time and it comes with 7.4V 1800mAh 25C Lipo battery but it becomes more efficient If you are flying without a camera. It ranges up to 300 meters as no doubt it is delightful at this price tag. The happiest phase of this drone is that it does not tale much time to get full charge. So that’s why I would like to recommend this as one of the top drones under $200!

2. UDI U818PLUSUDI U818PLUS drones

If we look in the market then you can have a lot of option about toy grade drones but no doubt that UDI make the best ones. Its best example which is introduced i.e. U818plus comes with a great improved experience as compare to standard model

As far as the look is concerned is seems to be sleeker too, in simple words it just attract you to purchase this drone in such affordable price tag. But I do not think that this is going to be good deal if it does not provide best performance. But luckily, UDI U818Plus amazed us with raw hidden power inside that sleek body…


As far as features are concerned then let me tell you that this drone comes with a camera that is massively upgraded from the standard version. Besides for a VGA sensor, we are going to have such one camera that can record in HD with 2MPX and also support for FPV live stream… as it is proved to be the best entry-level drones in cameras… as it is obvious a fact. Fortunately, you can also have some extra functionality and also expect more with this little friend. As it also comes with the functionality of Headless Mode (have closer look on headless mode drones), one button landing and takeoff, Altitude Hold. Don’t you think that it offers good features? Don’t you agree with that?


Moving forward to specification, As UDI U818 plus comes and offers with unparallel flight time. If we are going to be focused more here, you can have fun of from 10 all the way to 15 minutes of flight time or airtime even on a single charge. All credit goes to its powerful battery along with remarkable coreless brushed motors and because of that you will have great power efficiency as compare to traditional models. And yes no doubt, its operating range goes up to 150 meters as it is not actually half bad and there is no need to mind as I noticed this.  Hence we have discussed almost everything about this little best dronie or birdie, as the matter of fact it doesn’t have even a single downside.

3. FORCE1 F100FORCE1 F100 drone

If you are in search to start your professional career as a aerial photographer, then this must be your first priority or your first choice. This drone model F100 manufactured by Force 1, and no doubt relatively unknown drone name in the drone’s history. But due to its flight uniqueness and durability make this great entry-level aerial photography drone. In addition to hardware which is housed inside. As I already mentioned that to those who want to be aerial photographers, this would be their first drone, as Force F100 looks like a no brainer!


As far as the camera is specifically concerned with drone, you will be disappointed that Force 1 F100 does not come with camera. But question arises that how could it be the best aerial entry level drone without a camera? What are actually fun starts here? You can check that Force F100 offers specialized camera mount that can easily fit all types of action camera brands. Most of comes with the feature of electronic image stabilization on board which shows wonders and provide smoothness to your aerial footages.

As we are talking about its features so let me tell you that you first need to know that this drone is powered by potent brushless motors as that are more durable and quieter than their brushed counterparts. And on the other hand, this also sports one key 3D flip functions as it become handy for show off to your brand new drone to all friends.


This drone is going to give you feel like special treat if you are truly lover of long flying drones. Why? Fine, as the matter of fact, that it has a good or huge operating range. Yes we are going to know up to 250 meters away range from the controller provided with drone. Sounds good huh? No doubt that it is also known for good battery as well-as you can have great flight time around 10 to 15 minutes (but proved to be 12 minutes on average). Last but not least, your F100 provide you an action camera for recording or photography purposes.

4. ALTAIR AA108Altair-AA108 drone

In top 3 drones which you can buy under $200 is definitely the Altair AA108 drone. As we are talking about brand-new drone that is just released out, what will you expect from this great priced drone and what can this do? is this drone ideal for beginners? Does it provide great value for money? All of these answers you will come to know in following paragraphs.

Move further to its specification, Altair AA108 sports a wide angle camera offers 120 degree that make this drone capable of recording HD aerial footage… as it performs pretty good. Regardless of not having hardware image stabilization, but it produces footages with little to no shakiness concerned. And you will be amazed after getting to know that this drone get more power through those miniature brushed motors.

You must operate them properly in order to get long time relation as it does not come with such durability as brushless motors drones come. I mean to say that you must always disarm the drone i.e. throttle on 0, immediately after crash. Last but not least, let me conclude with its battery that Altair AA108 is powered by a 1S Lipo battery which provides backup time of up to 10 minutes of flight time.

Move further to its range then let me make you clear that Altair AA108 can reach up to 100 meters. Well you will be amazed to know that its FPV works according to its operating range so you will not face black screen on your smartphone after passing range limit. Moving further, Altair AA108 is actually stable too, even first-time fliers can control it easily without any issues. As the matter of fact, it comes with Altitude Hold, OOR (out of range) alarm and even one button takeoff/landing which are proved to be handier than any other!

5. CONTIXO F6contixo-f6-drone

First, thanks to their decent array of entry level drone as Contixo is also proved to be a well-known drone brand in the market. As it offers a good dose of latest technology and innovation in dirt-cheap prices, and yes you should not to be surprised to see this drone under $100 list.

Contixo F6 as it title implies I would like to refer this, this small drone comes with solid camera and sturdy frame. In case of money you can have good package even with various accessories… but for now, we will focus on its camera and its features!


It’s rotating camera work from the front with miniature sensor capable of recording in 720p. and yes you cannot get integrated stabilization. Hence that’s why you will suffer form nasty jello effect. But no anything very important to ruin your experience. And let me clear that unhappily, Contixo F6 does not come with many features. And yes no doubt it is not a smart drone. But it is nicely balanced with Altitude Hold and also one key 3D flips which will definitely surprise new users.

Besides this, you may get a lot of accessories and spare parts with packaging, having propeller guards, spare propellers and even with extra battery which will make your flight time double!

The main downside of this drone that its application is not actually refined to great level. e.g. its camera is actually blocked in just little viewpoint. Other than that I would like to say that Contixo F6 is a worthy entry-level drone that will not going to put much strain on your budget.


As far as its specification is concerned, then let me tell you that this little birdie shines the best. When you purchase a drone less than $200 and that can basically fly more than half an hour per session or per charge. But one thing that you should remember! As it comes with 2 powerful batteries i.e. 2S 2300mAh no doubt very powerful, each will provide you 15 to 18 minutes of flight time. Yes you will not get ashamed because of its operating range because it ranges up to roughly 300 meters. and you will be amazed after this news that this miniature 720p camera supports FPV and VR both using its dedicated application as its FPV distance goes up to 30 meters.

One more thing which increases its sale that for purchasing Contixo F6 they offer 1-year US based manufacturer’s warranty and customer support team that provide help 24/7 through well-trained staff.

6. HOLY STONE HS300Holy-Stone-HS300 drone

Now we have another model of Holy Stone that is HS300 after its model Holy Stone F181 as it also got fame and remained on top spot. This model is a little bit more bulky than its previous model and greatly fits within $200 price range. As the matter of fact, it is such a great drone comes with decent hardware and all in all comes with excellent camera. Having 5MP sensor which can easily record 1080p videos at 30fps (frames per second).

You will enjoy of great panoramic aerial shots as it offers with 120’ wide angle lens. Actually what I am trying to say here that Holy Stone HS300 actually made of a cheap for aerial photography platform.

As far as its features are concerned, HS300 sports automatic altitude hold, emergency stop and one key return. And very great feature of this drone that it comes with controllable LED lights i.e. red and green and also with adjustable speed levels.  As its quality not very grungy and let me tell you one thing that it is not going to break very easily because of its prop guards.

Have a closer look at its specifications, HS300 works on powerful 7.4V 200mAh Lipo battery which make it capable to remain in the air for approximately 8-12 minutes, but also it depends on interference of nearby buildings and resistances. Its control range combines that 150 meters and no doubt Holy Stone HS300 seems to be at third spot in this list.

7. TRAXXAS 6608 ALIASTraxxas-6608 drone

You must have a look on this drone if you are going to buy a drone for your children. Yes Traxxas made, proved to be a well known drone and also in RC cars industry as well. It got great fame in RC cars industry models in recent times, So Traxxas decided to broaden its vision and kick things off with drones.

Now we are going to have a look at their cheapest ones-and that is Traxxas 6608 AKA Alias, as the matter of fact it is easy to fly. And obviously this feature makes it suitable for children including of all ages and it is proved to be the best gift even also for birthday present.

It offers wide variety of skins but I like red and black most, Traxxas Alias comes with bright LEDs for night flight. As it flies on miniature 650mAh Lipo battery by which it remain in the air for up to 6-7 minutes. And let us talk about its flight range as it goes just 50 meters away from its controller before cut off signal connection. So always keep it in your mind as you do not want to lose your precious drone even in the very first flight.

Let me tell you one thing at last that this miniature drone does not come with camera. But if you want one and greatly then you can have or purchase a camera that is built for Traxxas 6660. And it will also work with Alias and also provide you nice aerial videos and photography. Here the question arise that why? Just because Alias is actually extremely stable and easy to control over, as provides you full control at all times to take great aerial selfie.

8. UDI U818AUDI-U818A-Plus drone

UDI U818A drone has made its name in the market very the short time. And in the result of that fame it got decent sales which had a pinnacle 60 days ago. Best ever thing which is obvious praising is definitely its build quality.

Its body remains uniform because of its 360-degree prop guards which stretch out from the centerpiece. This feature gives you great and ultimate safety and provides you a worry free experience. Besides that, this UDI U818A has got few more best things to show you! So let us have a close look.

As the matter of fact, that this UDI U818A does not support a lot of features but it is the follower of a sentence “quality over quantity”. If we talk about in addition of the headless mode, this little dronie sports custom flight mapping. It also works in such a way like so waypoint mode but it is not clearly polished. But still, it is proved to be the part of proper refreshment like this in low end part of drones’ market.

9. HUBSAN H107DHubsan_H107D drone

This Hubsan’s model got superiority by introducing this in this price range. Hubsan X4 H107D drone is such drone that can be easily got in the price of $50 higher and still offer great value for money. I like the most thing about it that is provides controller having 4.3 inch display for FPV monitoring.

Its controller is obvious very sensitive that accurately control drone without any worry of input lag. As the matter of fact this is actually one of the best FPV drones under $200. Do you think that Hubsan H107D offers only this? No dear!

As far as the specification is concerned, Hubsan H107D stood pretty good at all times. It ranges up to 80-meter mark. And it comes with the battery of 3.7V 380mAh Lipo battery, as it performs very well. Moving forward, Hubsan H107D’s battery provides roughly 7 minutes of real flight time as it is good in this price tag.

Before conclude this, its 480p camera deserves some golden words. But using this camera does not provide good videos/photos, as it comes with FPV which is actually equally important. And yes you can expect FPV to provide best performance for up to 80 meters as well, but as the matter of fact interference usually occurs when it goes to reach 50 meter. But if you want to have fun with decent drone and do not want to spend lot of money then Hubsan H107D should be your go-to option.

10. HOLY STONE F181holy-stone-f181drone

As the matter of fact that Holy Stone F181 is such a popular drone as it got 2,000 unique reviews on Amazon. On the other hand these reviews show sometimes different picture from reality, but when we talk about this model it is no doubt got this spot. No doubt, Holy Stone is proved to be a great drone which delivers good value for money!

You will be surprised no doubt when you take a look at its price and also on its specification. Because Holy Stone F181 provide you flight time of up to 8 minutes and travel as far as to the range of 60-70 meters (but you can have fun up to 100 meters in fully open and clear area). Actually this is the main reason that most people praise it all time just because of its spectacular specifications. On the other hand, this is one of the best selling drones under $100

As far as we are not only concerned with the specification but also with design, As Holy Stone F181 comes with great design and durable body. This drone is not going to break on first crash. Because its prop guards combined with heavy frame+body provides you great reliability and does not allow this dronie to break in few crashes.  Let me conclude, if you want to have best bang for your bucks, then no need to look at any other models than Holy Stone F181 – you will enjoy!


XIRO XPLORERxiro-xplorer-v drone

As title is self explanatory that this drone costs actually above slightly two hundred drones. As the matter of fact, this drones offers a lot of advanced features that are definitely better than any other models on the list mentioned above. This sort of drones I believe worth mentioning and worth checking out.

Firstly, let me tell you that this XIRO Xplorer drone you can say this bad boy come in 3 versions, standard G and V. when you buy standard V then it comes only drone as it is cheapest. G version offers dedicated gimbal but V comes with both gimbal and a full HD camera to have fun in decent aerial photography. Let me tell you more about XIRO Xplorer in the following. So continue reading!

This is actually a RTF model that offers all such things that you really need to fly it straight getting out of the box (same like all other drones on this list). As far as its design is concerned it sports an X-shaped frame and a solid or sturdy body that is become capable to have quite beating. But it does not come with prop guards, but suits nicely and does not suffer from any sort of damage but you should take care from high speed direct hit against concrete wall or something like that.

XIRO Xplorer works on a 5,200 mAh Lipo battery which provide you roughly 25 minutes of flight time, but you can expect almost in every area from 18 to 22. If we talk about its operating range, XIRO Xplorer ranks simply awesome as compare to all others of its competitors. As far as controlling is concerned then with FPV live stream and seamless controlling works up to 600 meters, all of this sort of features make pretty clear why XIRO Xplorer made it onto this list.

HUBSAN H501Shubsan-h501s

As the matter of fact, H501S is newest drone from Hubsan and it got popularity


in the market. Indeed, in the market it was one of the best selling drones last month. It provide backup time of up to 15-18 minutes as it come with 7.4V 2700mAh battery. It provides extremely good result in such a great price range. But it does not only provide such things, Hubsan offers us nice features like Follow me mode, Auto take off/landing, Altitude Hold, GPS, headless mode and FPV camera. And special thanks to GPS function that provides Return to home that really feels like a charm.

Moving forward towards photography features and hardware, H501S comes with 1080p HD built in camera which are unable to move. It offers 4.3” LCD display on your RC controller that provides Live Feed from camera which is automatically transmitted to your controller. Actually this is no doubt very good camera and much better than other cameras on this list but I am not comparing this to GoPro cameras. Its control range goes up to around 300 meters that are above average in this price tag. You can say that it is best live streaming drone!


Best Drones Separator


As we talked much about drones but you should be familiar with short abbreviations. E.g. VR, BNF, RTF, FPV and all which should be keep in your mind while purchasing a drone. But question arises that what does these abbreviation means? Yes let us have a close look!

RTF stands for Ready to Fly and it offers with all such necessary parts and it can be operated straight out of its box. But in some cases you will need to purchase some extra batteries but it occurs in rear cases for the controllers. On the other hand, if you are going to RTF drone’s name then it means you would not need any DIY skills in order to have a flight.

Let me talk about a little on BNF as it stands for Bind and Fly. BNF drones are actually require a bit setting or tampering in order to set up properly. And yes one thing you will observe when you will purchase a BNF drone that you will not be offered a dedicated controller. Let me make it clear that you will have to buy your own controller and get set ready with your drone in order to work it properly.

FPV stands for First Person View and this sort of drones provide you such a best experience of specifically great drone flight even through live feed. However, you will be experiencing FPV through dedicated display on your controller, tablet app/ smartphone or through FPV Goggles. In this way you will be sure get a great drastically improved experience. Beside this, non FPV drones as their name is self explanatory having lack of FPV features that means you are not going to have fun and action straight from the cockpit. I would like to suggest you to keep on reading to find out what is the best FPV dronie under $200.

Best Drones Separator

PERK FOR YOU: BUY EXTRA BATTERIES!Extra Batteries for drones

When you talk about premium model drones then you will hear such advice from most of the people, but it becomes also useful for cheaper models too. Think for a while when you at last get your drone and fly it almost couple of minutes then you will have to stop off 2-hour before you will be able to fly it again. Yes it is 100 percent true that such cheap drones get long time to get fully charge and it goes beyond one and even two hours. So that’s why we must have some extra batteries that is an obvious way normally. But as the matter of fact it normally depends from model to model, sometimes that are relatively cheap and becomes worthy investment for long term.

However, by keeping all that stuff in your mind come on! Jump to actual “best drone under $200” list and let’s check what they offer in their store for us.

 Best Drones Separator


I would definitely give answer is yes! In fact there is no other answer than this. As the matter of fact that drones under $200 are proved to be best for both beginners and children. Additionally, spare parts are actually easy to find online stores in case of something wrong. Almost every drone is easy to fly as doing first drone piloting.

Consider a situation that you receive your $1000 drone. And you are happy, thrilled and eager to get that off in the air to have fun. But you are being a excited man didn’t read instructions that came with that drone and you charged that up and turn that On before flying off or taking off. After couple of seconds when your garage has passed, and at a sudden you find yourself in a no u-turn situation and your drone is heading towards wall without knowing how to make a sharp turn… then crash… your $1000 dollar drone investment crashed into the wall and you will face a big tech trash.

To avoid such happenings, I suggest you options for a cheaper alternative for your first drone. You should not become harsh as you are, don’t be a victim of insult when you are a beginner. As the matter of fact drone models worth of $1000 actually come with plethora of additional features that you mostly do not know how to use them properly. In addition to that, cheaper drones proved to be best fun provider and entertaining to you and also to your family in such a solid amount of time. Want to know that what’s the best drone with camera under 200? Then keep focused!


By keeping 12 models of best drones behind, actually I am a little afraid to inform you that you have already reached at the end of the article. As you can have a closer look that 10 of them were in the range of drones under $200 as the most affordable options. But these two drones are also worth mentioning. No doubt that they are not crossing the $200 mark by a lot, but must offer drastic improvements and better overall experience.

In the last, I am thankful to you for reading! If you have any thing or you want to share with us then please there is no need to hesitate, leave us a comment down below! That will be appreciated.

Have Fun! Keep Piloting…


Top Rated Best Drones under $100 – Review & Buyers Guide 2018

Today our major focus is to talk about top 10 low budget drones which can be bought for less than $100. Yes top 10 inexpensive drones under $100! As the matter of fact that you cannot get expectation from such models to show output or to perform like high end ones. But they have also unique features in their own models. As you do not want to spend a lot of money and looking for thrill and fun, following next 10 drones specifically best enough to satisfy you.

Note: If you do not find according to your wish on this page then no need to worry, I suggest you reading our article further you will be enjoyed. Just follow us as we are going to take you in the skies. But its time to find out the best drone under $100 you should buy :

Best  Drones Under $100

SYMA X5C1syma-x5c2MP60m8 min Check Price
SYMA X8Csyma-x8c-black2MP200m12 min Check Price
BLADE NANOBLADE-NANO-QX-1N/A100m7 min Check Price
Syma X5UWSyma-X5uw2MP100m8 min Check Price
JXD 509JXD509G-black1MP80m7 min Check Price
HOLY STONE F181holy-stone-f1812MP100m8 min Check Price
Tarantula X6tarantula-x6N/A100m10 min Check Price
UDI U845UDI-U845-12MP100m8 min Check Price
Hubsan X4hubsanx42MP100m8 min Check Price
UDI U818 HD+UDI-U818A2MP100m8 min Check Price

Top 10 drones under 100$

10. Syma X5C1Best Drones under $100

Syma X5C1 is actually the upgraded version of the X5C, the best and greatest Syma’s success, mostly Is called best and low budget drone.


It is ready-to-fly out of the box, as it is highly recommended cheap quadcopter and one of the most largely selling brands in the market. It is also used to transport lightweight objects as it gets enough power from 7×20 mm four motors when its camera is removed.It has a camera which is easily mountable and camera is 2MP, if camera you are not using during flight then it increases its flight time from 5 to 6 minutes. All this happens just because of the X5C1 using  battery power of 3.7V  500mAh available which is available to both maintain the quad copter and the camera. As the matter of fact that battery is not much powerful but it will be ok when you see the drones price tag, as Syma X5C1 is suitable for indoor and outdoor flights as well. This is what you are looking for inexpensive, affordable but still quality drone.

When you are going to have Syma X5C1 first flight, you will come to know that it is cheapest product with a camera. As it comes with prop guard in the box, that you can fly it indoors too. Using prop guard when you know how to fly this best drone, I would like to suggest you to remove prop guard, camera and land gear. In this way it increases its flight time and its motility will be much better. As I already said that many people are agree that Syma X5C1 is one of the best and cheapest drones with camera in the market.

9. SYMA X8CSYMA X8C drone

As Syma is well known and reputed brand in the market which is also known to us. Its previous models are proved to be best, top rated and gained high credibility in the market. Although its target is to focus on low end part of the market, Syma still have a great respect from the competition.


One of the most recently launched product is the Syma X8c quadcopter, it is become much worthy as it has a large quad aesthetically resembling the DJI Phantom.

Actually it is how particularly heavy quad copter, comes with 601g having battery and camera is also installed. In order to maintain all of its weight, X8C come with big propellers and uses a large 2S 2000mAh battery to power its brushed motors. And this power gives him a flight of duration of 12 minutes and flight distance up to 200 meters. it is as expected of a quadcopter that it is ultra stable, wind resistant and has durable shell. it Comes with a 2MP low performance camera, and it fliews better without it, a mobius or 808 camera is better instead.

In conclusion, Syma X8C is mind blowing and definitely a drone worth checking out, if you do not consider for specification but generally for decent performance, then must for rights as people will surely think that you are flying a Phantom, As it would not going to hurt anyone if you keep the reality that it is actually an inexpensive best drone for yourself.


Blade’s Nano drone is one of the best examples of such perfect drone needs to look like. Having such an outstanding and sleek design as bi-color, yellow/white scheme, as the matter of fact there is no doubt this mini friend proves to be very easy to carry and best ever!

The design of this drone is not showing all its features. If we are willing to find out its specific characteristics then we need to have a closer look on this BLADE NANO drone!

One of its best features is that it is SAFE technology, proved by its blade as well. SAFE stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope which helps overall stability and agility of this little NANO drone, fulfilling and ensuring it is best and safe to fly in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. if we talk about its flight time, then Blade Nano stands solid with almost 7 minutes. Keep it in your mind one thing that we are talking about a miniature drone. Its best characteristic is that the charge time is less than half an hour which is totally awesome!

Because of its size this drone got much popularity. But unfortunately, on the other hand it has got downside just because it has not a RTF model. But it’s BNF which stands for Bind and Fly. Its mean is you will have to get your own controller or transmitter and should bind it to the Nano. But for such people who have already BNF transmitter Nano will be best option for them. As the matter of fact it is totally fun for sure. Specifically, When you are paired up having FPV goggles which will provide massive boost engagement.


Syma X5UW is actually seems to be better quadcopters in this best price range. As the matter of fact that it is the latest drone on this list, Syma has announced this model just few weeks ago.

Just because of that, SYMA X5UW is promoted with best and “advanced” features like altitude hold, having feature of mobile app control and FPV. As the matter of fact this quadcopter is not proved to be one of the best, but whenever you get hang of it on a best or maximum yaw rate then it becomes very fast. Its motor provides big noise at high-rates but it cannot be big issue if you fly this quadcopter in the long run.

Because of its durable frame it should survive most of your crashes. The battery comes with this quadcopter or drone is “Phantom like”, you may look at its photos and you will glad to see what I want to say about this top rated brand in the market.

The matter of fact according to information that this is one of the most advanced batteries comes with these cheap or inexpensive drones. Battery capacity is 3.7V 500mAh and it must provide you with 6-10 minutes of flight time.

Syma X5UW works on control distance of 80 meters, as it is average rate and also similar to other drones at same best price range. This product advertised as both indoor and outdoor flyers, guides come with this drone says that for beginners’ indoor flights are strictly not advised until you become pro to fully control it. Trust me, I am saying from experience that we do not suggest indoor flights as it is not small drone.

Syma says that the drone we provided in the market is proved to be best drone at low-cost, do you agree with that? When you become pro using this drone I’ll suggest you to remove its guards and camera. In this way its weight will become less and low then you’ll have more flight time and best motility. If you want extra then you may remove landing gear as well. Look of drone becomes weird by removing prop guards and camera but it becomes worthy in some cases. You can try by yourself.

6. JXD 509WJXD 509W Drone

We reserved 6th place on our list of top 10 drones under $100 for JXD 509W drone. Actually this drone 509W has got popularity 509G because of its feature of Wi-Fi. This drone is made of ABS plastic and its propellers are as flexible as it works for 90 degree angle, during hitting and crashing it will not going to be bend and breaks easily.

I am not going to tell you that how much important this is , particularly for beginners. As they are not pro and much experienced to operate flying vehicles hence there is more than a couple of crashes during first a lot of test flights.

Fortunately, JXD 509W has capability to continue it. As it is also to be noted that it has a great professional look and come with best features as well as competitive specifications. All comes with a small price tag under $100! This quad copter covers the features of Altitude Holder, Headless Mode, One-Key Home Return, Automatic Landing, As the matter of fact that no one offers such features within this price range of under $100 list having useful features. FPV comes with it has best quality as well and it is greatly paired up with good controlling range and it is also said to be best drone with camera in this price.

JXD 509W drone comes with such great features and fun flights at the low cost possible. If you think that it is best drone under $100 then share your thoughts with us using the comment form below. Do you think? then share below in comment form.


HOLY STONE F181 is now-a-days proved to be the bestselling entry level drone on Amazon. Particularly this best drone has close to 2,000 reviews, almost every of them are incredibly positive ones. Truly saying, that the review rating is 4.5 stars which gives prove that how much excellent and best this mini drone is. So, what can you expect from little and fast product? Well, why should not we check out that real thrilling and fast drone!

Before we start its features, you will be glad to know that it sports Headless Mode, One Key Return to Home, One Key Flips and Altitude Holds. As technically is not a feature, but the extra batter you will have in this package is still a noteworthy add on.

Let us move further towards specifications, This F181 by Holy Stone ranks pretty cool as compare to other similar competitors in price list under Top $100. It can take flight up to 100 meters but depend on interference and also weather conditions (as the matter of fact you are searching for at max 80 day-to-day usage). If we talk about battery timing this drone has roughly 8 minutes of flight time and it is no doubt best in such price tag. Do you think that it is pretty awesome then give us feed back in our comment form thanks!

At last, now we would like to talk about its built-in camera. It comes up with 2MPX sensor that can do best shoot in HD resolution. But sensor is not light-friendly that means light is not going to be enough for your frames. But it cannot be an issue during the day, you may have problems during night shoots that you can forget about that its not a big matter.


Tarantula X16 is actually neat and sleek quadcopter with such specific design that what we want to see. As it comes without camera, but provides an option to buy a HD camera separately. The main feature of this drone under $100 is that it has enough power to lift up some random action such a GoPro and that’s why it is also said to be best GoPro drone under such a best price tag. Hence it is proved to be such powerful drone, Tarantula X6 actually used to be one of the best selling and fastest drone in 2015 you can say that was also used for racing.

There are many reasons of buying such drone. Firstly, you can have it and you can easily fix it by yourself (in many cases). Such a best feature of this drone that motors can be easily replaced any other than drone and any other large motors. Now you are a mini confused that why anyone will replace its motors. Answer is simple that RC motors can burn out sometimes specially in fastest racing drones.

Whenever it happens then you can do easily new order to get new motor from Amazon in few dollars and replace that by yourself. As there are a lot of videos related to how to replace motors? So you should no need to worry about that. The 7.4V 1200mAh Lipo battery gives this drone power to flight up to 10-12 minutes which is quite awesome.

If we talk about its range then I would like to tell you that Tarantula X6 has a control range from 80 to 100 meters. As it is very solid and best quality drone according to my opinion. It has proved to be the best drone under such price tag as it has got many “followers”, as the matter of fact there are a lot of groups on Facebook related to this best cheap drone where owners exchange their experiences and opinions.

3. UDI U845UDI U845 Drone

You may have a look for yourself, starting of this list is already and heavily dominated by Syma Drones. But down here, in the top 3 spots are actually 2 UDI ones having best and excellent characteristic. The worse of them is U845 as it is a rather unique looking drone.

When you have a look at this drone then you a specific technology will come to your mind and that is UFO. As it sports a centerpiece and around which you can found a total of 6 propellers (As a matter of fact, yes this drone is said to be the hexacopter but not a quad) overwhelmed by durable frame. As it does not count in the fastest racing drone but it is proved to be a powerful drone.

This UFO looking drone sports HD 2MPX camera as it comes with FPV support. As it always a huge plus, particularly for such people who are looking to take their drone pilot fun to the best level. In terms of battery life, it may roughly utilize up to 8 minutes, after having fun you will have to take a break for 2-hours for the battery to recharge and also to give break to the drone motor.

When we talk about UFO shape drone features, UDI U845 drone sports with the technology of headless mode, it has function of FPV and 360 flips with one key press works. The best feature of this UFO shaped drone is it comes with LCD monitor on controller as it works like a fascination. But unfortunately, it does not come with such batteries that can be recharged-Works with 4 AAA batteries with a charger which no doubt specifically reduce your expense in order to use for long term.


Hubsan X4 is actually proved to be one of the top rated cheapest and have best performance small quadcopter you can get at the moment. Most people give reviews that this is the best inexpensive technology having LCD monitor on controller that functions amazingly, would you like to agree? Well, as the matter of fact if it is not the best one but it is definitely best one among them! Let us check this and see what features it is offering under top list of $100.

This drone sports not only 100 meter range distance but it also comes with a 2MP mountable camera (which is best any other low-cost quadcopter in such size). You may say remarkable for such affordable micro quadcopters. Accordingly, this drone has a great flight time of 6-8 minutes, its battery got charged in only 30 minutes using 3.7V 380mAh battery.

Its battery is built-in and its camera is not removable. It will be best for indoor flights and you may take in the park when there is no windy weather. LED light placed on drone and its painted propellers make it easy to find position of drone when it got flight in the air. Its camera and FPV quality is simply awesome as compare to other drones in such best price tag.

This Husban X4 got extra attention and well known because of its 4.3 inch screen for monitor on transmitter. Its FPV range is quite best around 50-100 meters as it is best for beginners out there. After all, I believe that you are totally agree with me if I say that this is one of the best cheapest drone among in this list under $100 on the market.

1. UDI U818 HD+   –> BEST CHEAP DRONE?UDI U818 HD+ Drone

And at last, meet UDI U818 HD+drone. This drone has got everything as it need to be on top of the chain under $100.with its prop guards it is very easily to handle and it is very durable, reliable as its entire frame make it sure that it is totally crash resistant and durable. Let us take a close look at UDI U818 HD+ drone that what it offers further in its features and technology.

Let have a look on its mini fella features! This cheap drone sports one key 360 flips and headless mode that grasp the attention on each and everyone. As unfortunately it has lack of only Low Battery Alarm and LED Lights. But this is almost compensated with more than solid best HD camera.

UDI U818HD+ has such great functionality that it records in HD at 30 frames per second. In my opinion it is the best drone camera option in this price range. But there is still no stabilization which cause the reason of annoying jelly effect from time to time. All in all, UDI U818 HD+ is best entry-level best model, already enabled with the feature of delivering ton of fun for everyone playing with it.

Best Drones Separator


The answer is totally in the side of beginners, but what you think is it really so? Well, this is proved to be true to some extent for those people who are going to adopt such cheap drones under $100 as a hobby like photography, fastest flying drones for racing, follow me drones etc. As I remember each and every scene of my first drone Traxxaas which I destroyed in some days or a week during learning the control flight.

My interest as at its peak level or you may say too big in beginner’s mode, therefore the combination of my very much interest and drone’s speed which was no doubt incredibly fast gone to destruction of my drone so I bought another drone after just in a week.

My second answer will be for children! You do not need to buy a expensive drone like $1k for your kids to play with. As it means that practically you are going to throw your all money in the garbage. As the matter of fact that they do not know that how to use drone and control them in a correct way and they may broke them in a very short time. It’s just like to buying and giving a crane to a man who even don’t know how to operate it.

Best Drones Separator


Whenever you are going to buy such a cheap or inexpensive drone, you should also have realistic expectations (As we are here to talk about cheap drones but be same if you buy another gadget virtually in the market). Before buying if you set too many expectations from such cheap drones than you may destroy your complete drone flying experience. And on the other hand if you expect do not much then you will be surprised with a lot of fun. May be you will be going to buy another best cheap drone!

Actually drone industry is growing incredibly fast, as new low cost best budgeted drones are available in the market with such great features. Hence it has become very easy to buy a cheap drone now-a-days, So, we are going to talk about best budget drones that can be yours under or drones less than $100.

Most of the people first adopt drones as toys then that leads to flying professional quadcopters, and very soon everyone will have his own quadcopter as this technology is going to be adopted by the world like new useful and fun technology from toys to professional quad flyers. In order to help you find out the best inexpensive drones for your needs and budget, we have made a list of top 10 drones under $100 that you may have online.

Have Fun!


Top Rated Best Drones under $50 – Review & Buyers Guide 2018


Looking for best drones? This list of top best drones under $50 will help you pick the good one because it’s difficult task to select which one is great as there are a lot of brands in the market offering their great drones but our reviews includes only top-rated drones 2018.

Best Drones Under 50$

As all of the people have suffered from that era when drones used to be very expensive, couple of years ago when they first boom the mainstream market. Even they have a huge price tags and not every person was able to afford them. But only those can afford such high rated price tags that used to have huge salaries or particular drone enthusiasts.

Fortunately, now-a-days drones come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and yes no doubt in prices as well. But in this list, we are focusing on the dirt cheap drones under $50 that will not become a huge load on your budget. They all are budget-friendly and known as “toy drones”.

JJRC H36JJRC H36No30m5 min Check Price
GoolRC T49GoolRC-T49HD30m5 min Check Price
TOZO Q2020TOZO-Q2020No50m8 min Check Price
AKASO X5CAKASO-X5CHD60m6 min Check Price
JJRC H31jjrc-h31No70m8 min Check Price
MJX X708MJX-X708No70m9 min Check Price
Eachine E33CEachine-E33CHD80m8 min Check Price
Holy Stone HS170Holy-Stone-HS170No60m8 min Check Price
Syma X5C-1syma-x5cHD60m7 min Check Price
Eachine E52eachine-e52VGA100m10 min Check Price




If you are going to learn that how to fly drone then I would like to suggest you to have some indoor flights. It will provide much easier learning experience even without the bad or negative effect of wind that may sweep drone off. Following are plethora of micro drones on the list below. As a matter of fact, such birdies are actually specifically or specially indoor-only, because they cannot bear the effect of wind.


There is no need to become such people who does first flight too fast as they are beginners and they are already going through first flying session. Even also no need to be crazy enough with throttle stick. However, move on slowly and gently to have a proper feeling for your drone. And when you feel comfortable then you can rock that to around 50-60%… then I am pretty sure that you will lose your control. But follow these tips then you will have a lot of fun with your best drone under $50.


If you break your drone during your first flight then no need to worry as it happens with everybody. Proper stabilized drone flying is quite hard for beginners. But that can be achieved just by doing practice again and again. I am pretty sure that you can have stabilize flight even just practicing in a week! After that you can do better and able to land swift and precise turn like a pro or champ!

10-JJRC H36Best Drones Under $50

JJRC H36 is said to be micro brushed racing quadcopter and this sort of drones are getting a great part of the


market. This is not actually such point when the tiniest racers you may find at least 150mm. but now, however, this miniature drones are actually sports with powerful motors which make it enable to whoop around all over people’s homes without breaking noise. If you are going to buy a drone with such specifications then this must be your first drone! And that would be no brainer as well…


First of all, I would like to tell you that JJRC H36 does not come with a camera. But no need to worry because of its miniature size, and tell me who can blame such little birdie for not having a camera? Stay with us to the end because I will provide you a best tricky trick to make this birdie a best FPV racer! That may call as badass drone…

As this birdie got a price tag below $20, so mostly people think that they are not going to have good investment over such cheap drone but its not true at all. As this birdie sports all around prop guards which make it bounce off from walls after crashing. It is also proved to be safe in terms of objects and people. But if it breaks then you no need to worry because all of its spare parts are available in the market virtually or on the web shops you can have that easily and you can have that easy to fix parts.


As we are talking about JJRC H36 and to us its specifications are concerned, then it is not bad actually. But this little birdie has a slightly lower airtime up to 5 minutes than other its competitors, while it ranges up to 30-meters which is supposed to be standard in this price range. But the real fun starts when this drone is equip with one of those mini AIO FPV Systems. You will be amazed that its weight is just 3-4 grams that means JJRC H36 can easily lift this without any issue.


When you have a look on this GoolRC T49 you will notice its really weird design. No doubt it is a weird looking drone


comes with foldable propeller arms and flat centerpiece. You will have fun when you fly this as it does not fly too fast and not too slow. As it is small in sizes too but perfect for beginners, as it has proved to be a awesome companion when you travel. As it does not provide best camera but still good in such a price that you will pay for this.


GoolRC T49 sports a miniature HD camera which is capable of recording 720p resolution. First of all thanks to drone’s stability as there is not a lot of jello effect… but when you fl this in windy days the you may suffer from that effect. Let us talk about selfies although this is proved to be more good in case of taking selfies as it snaps bright images, sharp and colorful. As the matter of fact resolution is suppose to be enjoyable. Because it is due to beauty mode which it offers that edits your shots and make you like a super star. And yes this drone also sports headless mode which is best for beginners or first-time flyers.


The thing which attracts consumers about this little bugger has interesting controllability. You can use 2.4Ghz included controller and also you can use you smartphone and also control it via WiFi as well. Including all of controlling devices you willget the range of 30 meters for this birdie. As it provide decent battery timing. But using WiFi and even HD recording will get around 5 minutes of flight time per charge. As it’s not bad but people want more flight time per charge under $50 drones. 

8-TOZO Q2020TOZO-Q2020

We put this drone on the 8th spot under $50, as it is the brand new drone that is going to make its proper name in


the market. This is another actually cheap brushed flyer called TOZO Q2020. As it offers great stability and best specifications hence this has a lot to its name. I would say that this will be good choice for first-time flyers and for beginners that’s why it is onto this list.


As far as the features are concerned, TOZO Q2020 is proved to be the well-versed drone. As it has not plenty of them but that one which make it a great choice its Altitude Hold which is no doubt the most important one that allows you and easy controlling experience. Beginners also attract this drone and if you are also one of them then this would be your first choice.

As the matter of fact, its controller is such responsive when you make every input reflects the sudden drone’s movement. Its stability and responsiveness make this great thing at all. But one thing you should keep in your mind that TOZO Q2020 does not come with camera that would be only its downside. 


It is suppose to be the dirt cheap model same like others in this list, TOZO Q2020 has actually awesome specifications. Let us talk about its range,it can not only good for indoor but also best for outdoor of range of 50 meters. it sports or works via 2.4Ghz as totally not surprising at all. If we talk about its battery then you can expect around 6 to 8 minutes flying time.


Akaso is actually not the well known drone manufacturer, but nothing can said about new model having X5C name


tag as it look like it was made to get place on our best drone under $50 list. I think you are thinking about Syma X5C copy but it has couple of difference on line. Have a look on Akaso X5C and see how it performs on this list.


As we are talking about pretty small and lightweight drone comes with plastic prop guards that provides solid shock resistance that aim to minimize collision impacts. However it is big as compare to previous featured drones and do equally well both indoor and outdoor flying. If there is windy weather outside then no need to force it to fly this as it does not fly nicely.

It does not only come with a little features but it has a couple of handy features like 360 flips, continuous roll, also built-in LED lights along HD camera which sports good quality aerial photography and good resolution videos. 


As far as its specification is concerned , first of all I would like to tell you that Akaso X5C can last up to 6 minutes in air and you can enjoy its flight around 60 meters away from its transmitter as it is amazing. So if you are in search for great than a palm-sized drone, then Akason X5C is no doubt worth checking out!

6-JJRC H31


At the particular spot, we have JJRC H31, actually proved to be the interesting drone. If it proves its worth then make sure it would be the entry-level drone market. I am not going to tell you about that how it come but what I will tell you- it comes with great feature that some have in an entry-level drones. On the other hand it is agile and fast. Truly saying it is one of the best enjoyable drones to fly out of this complete bunch. By keeping all that in mind, come on! Lets see what this JJRC H31 sports… and why it is so special?


As the matter of fact JJRC H31 does not come with camera. But there is an option that you can mount one, as in standard package that is not offered. This feature makes it ideal lightweight that also make it capable to flight really fast in the air. And yes its jaw rate is very fast that produce a lot of trouble in controlling it.

As the matter of fact, by which it has made the biggest selling brand in the market that actually called mind-twister and that JJRC H31 its waterproof design. Not only its design but all of its coated electronics are cannot be damaged by the water. It means on the other hand if it fell on the pond then it seems though JJRC H31 will survive and you will have fun.


As far as considering the fact about dirt cheap drone, you are looking at pretty high grades. And yes it is actually cheaper as compare to other drones on this list. If we talk about range then JJRC H31 goes approximately 70 meters. as its battery gives back up time of 8 minutes per charge. As this drones’ battery takes one hour charging time and it is standard time for 1S batteries of such capacity. 

5-MJX X708mjx-x708w-drone

MJX is proved to be the best brand in order to push the boundaries using their drones. You can take its bugs 2W for perfect example. As such drone costs $200 that comes with great technology like GPS, extremely long range, altitude hold, return to home and even failsafe. As like always thanks to its great performance and affordable price tag, as we all know that Bugs 2W is proved to be the mid-tier drones among most popular drones right now. Although it is slightly small but MJX X708 sports a similar design. But after all it is capable of providing the best flying experience.


As first let me clear to you guys that this is actually an entry-level brushed quadcopter even without GPS technology and it is not actually a copy of Bugs 2. On the other hand, it packs exceptional range and with entry-level features like 2-speed modes, 360 rolls, and headless mode. And yes MJX X708 also sports one-key home return. As a matter of fact, it does not sport GPS but more than that.

Let me tell you about camera as it is our major concern while buying a drone especially, actually you should know that there are 2 versions in the market and the difference is roughly about $10-$15. Both of the versions come with the camera but the expensive one you can say the more expensive version also supports WiFi FPV. I think it is similar deal like with Bug 2C and 2W.


I would like to tell you an interesting feature of MJX X708 that it has an remarkable range for an entry-level quadcopter. it is proved to be more aggressive like Syma X5C, with up to 80 meters flying range but in clear area. And yes its battery is great too, as provide the backup time of 8 to 10 minutes per charge. And it takes an hour in order to get fully charged and according to me it is just slightly higher over the average level. Last but not least, if you want to have fun with such reliable and cheap drone even with such ideal operating range then MJX X708 will be best for you!

4-EACHINE E33Ceachine-e33c

As far as the entry-level drones are concerned then bronze medal goes to Eachine E33C. Hence this is proved to be the one of the market leaders. As you are surprised to see 2 of its model in this list but as such you should not! You may have look on their E52 model if you scroll up. But we are going to focus on E33C as it is a micro brushed quad offers with interesting design options. Let us have a further look on its features…


When you will see this drone then you will come to know it sports a camera on the bottom portion of its body as it has big legs. Actually we are going to tell you about 2MPX Sensor that records videos in 720p. The best feature which is offered with this that we can even have an option to tilt it up and down, but all depends on which kind of flying you want to enjoy!

As far as we are concerned to the features, Eachine E33C sports headless mode, one-key home return, and yes 360 flips. On the other hand, it is not GPS powered. But it is always done good work for me when I issued the command. 


As this little bugger have come in our favorite topic-specifications, let’s see what is it all about. Let me tell you first one or two thing about its battery. It comes with 1S 450mAh Lipo pack that is easily placed almost in underneath the main electronics. As it made clean appearance and extra durability than normal “hook” mounts we often see with entry-level drones. This drone has flight time of up to 8 minutes per charge which is not absolutely bad right!

Especially thanks to its provided controller (if we talk about its range) as it helps to take this drone away from us up to 80 meters. Sounds good hah? That you cannot even expect high operating range in such dirt cheap drone models. And yes its battery will get full charge in around an hour and you may have spare ones as well. When you have an extra battery, then one thing that you should keep in your mind that you must give break at least 10-minutes before going another one flying session in order to prevent motors suffering from overheating.

3-HOLY STONE HS170holy-stone-hs170

At last, we are at such point of the ultimate drone which you have purchased even for under $50! Yes this is best model made by Holy Stone. Most of the people call this Predator just because of its sharp edges and seek design, but we are taking about HS170. As the matter of fact, in addition to its look, Holy Stone HS170 offers a plethora of particular qualities which made it in ranking among the best-selling drones in such price range. 


Let me tell you first about it controller which comes within the package. As it is supposed to be a mini controller but this is truly capable of delivering responsive controls. As the matter of fact this can do totally turn on or off headless mode by keeping the drone at bay even for whole fight time duration. As it does not bad for such miniature little birdie or you can say devil right? But it does not come with camera, as it is sudden turning point for people. 


No doubt that Holy Stone HS170 is actually a tiny drone or you can say nano one, but it has great enough propulsion even for outdoor flights. But it doesn’t mean that you can take this off to too much wind as that will result of crash as well. If we talk about its flight time then let me know that this little birdie can stay in the air about 6 to 8 minutes as it is best at this price range. As the matter of fact its powerful motors, nice design and even durable prop guards will make a best impression on you!

2-SYMA X5C-1syma-x5c1

Yes guys congratulations that you have reached finally at the best drone on this list. As for some time now, Syma I already told you may times that a true ruler of the entry-level market. As Syma has already made their name in toy-grade drones, and also made themselves like go-to brand for cheap drones. Syma X5C-1 is actually a nimble drone, let’s see why…


Sometimes a question arises in mind that why Syma X5C1 drone you purchase even for roughly $50? As it provides the great flying experience and as it comes with supporting features. Its seems like original Syma X5C came out hence its controller is simply a best masterpiece. Remarkable made, as highly intuitive and responsive. It follows your each and every input without lagging instantly. It even sports headless mode and 360 flips. Second will provide you an easy introduction to flying drones and first will u know amaze your fellows.

Syma X5C-1 comes with upgraded camera that is now actually an HD-ready sensor which is capable of recording videos in resolution of 720p. It means Syma X5C-1 seems like no-brainer for all your aerial videos and photographers. As the matter of fact, this drone has such things that you need to have aerial photography and videos. And it includes 4GB micro SD card.


As we are also concerned about battery timing then let us start with the battery. Syma X5C-1 sports no doubt a good 1S 500mAh Lipo battery. As the matter of fact, by any sense it does not offers such like industry flight time but still best that what could you expect from such cheap models drones. You can have fun of around up to 7 minutes of flight time as it is good to hook up for your hobby. You will have nimble indoor and outdoor flight that will go up to the range of 30 to 50 meters. Specifications are not such type of that make Syma X5C-1 stand out from other drones. But its responsive controls and its stability make it the best drone under $50. I guaranteed that you will become addict once you fly this little birdie.

1-EACHINE E52eachine-e52

First drone on this list of 10 best drones under $50 is made by Eachine. A lot of drones are manufactured and proved to be very popular using RC technology to its name. This brand has made their name in high –end market just because of that they mostly deal with toy-grade and FPV racing drones. Eachine has such experienced staff that makes 2 types of drones. Just look at Eachine E52 as an example and you will come to know about what I want to talk about.


Eachine E52 comes with great foldable design and miniature camera up front. Actually this is miniature selfie drone which is for such users who want to snap an aerial selfie again and again. This drone has some of its features that you expect from.

If we talk about controls then no doubt it is very versatile. It has also an option that you can not only control with provided transmitter but also with via your smartphone. It is very easy to connect that just you need to download the app, connect it with drone and you are ready to go. As its Flying is much easy and stable, one thing you should keep in your mind that we are talking about only selfie drone and nothing more than that as you no need to expect great-speed acrobatics.


Lets have a look on its battery. As Eachine E52 work on 1S 500mAh Lipo. It provides with the flight time of up to 10 minutes but if you plan to have aerial recording or taking photos then flying time may reduced to 8 minutes and the matter of fact that it takes roughly an hour to charge. Its operating range goes up to 100 meters in a clear area and it is good for selfie drone. I would suggest you that if you want to have a drone just for an aerial selfie and you don’t also want to spend huge amount of money then Eachine E52 will be best for you! And you will enjoy with its VGA camera.

Best Drones Separator



As in starting it goes without any even single question. As such cheap mini drones proved to be as beginner-friendly for learning platforms and that is a clear fact.

This sort of drones is intuitive, responsive and best for guiding you in first steps in the field of drones.

In addition to that these are not the things which are only capable for…

This drones provides best experience of Tension-Free flying to their users even in entry-level drones

If in case of any damage you may not only have an easily replacement but also keep weak motors and does not effect to other people or objects.

You should supervise your fellows or children if they are going to have first time flights!

As the matter of fact, such cheap drones are relatively small in size and don’t even possess powerful brushless motors, as these dronie are best in providing a stellar all-around performance. Hence, prices are its great indication of their power.

If we compare such cheap drones to premium models then that would not be good, because that means for 2 different types of users.


Best Drones Separator


No doubt! Yes all of the drones mentioned on the list are totally can be considered as children-friendly model. According to age limitation, children who are younger than 7years are not suitable age group. On the other hand children younger than 7 are looking to have great learning skills to fly these birdies.

As this offers with such simplicity and don’t comes with any advance features that must comes with premium ones. As the matter of fact, these have just controller with 4 motors and also with the addition of LED lights even in some cases. But in limited cases, cameras are also come in standard package in such price tier.

At last, let me conclude simply that all come with good interface and good responsive controls, As this is highly suitable for children. If you want to stay your children away from video games or smartphones then drones should be your best option!

Best Drones Separator


The answer is YES because all drones which are listed on this list offers with that things you need to have great flying even after out of the box! All are sports RTF that means ready to fly that means you only need to provide AA or AAA batteries for some controllers.

Let me tell you one more thing that some of drones comes with even extra spare parts in case of any damage you may use further. And you need to get order for new parts after any air crash. But extra batteries you would not find with many dirt cheap drones now-a-days. But if we talk about drones under $100 that can be more likely to be around such facilities!


Let me conclude guys! You may get a closer look on some of the best budget drones which are currently available in the market. Actually these drones are not such bad as people think but you could even see for yourself. As this is pretty tech gadget and if you get some extra time then you can have a lot of jewels among the dirt.

At last I am thankful to you for reading this list and I hope that it helped you in order to have best decision. So long guys!!! HAVE FUN WHILE FLYING!