Top Rated Best Drones under $500 – Review & Buyers Guide 2018


As we had a very closer look at the lists of lower-end priced drone. But today we are going to have deep information related to mid-tier models! Particularly, we are going to have knowledge about the best drones under $500. No doubt that there are plenty of drones from which you can choose the best one! But it is such a typical time in order to get rid of bad decision.

DJI SparkDJI Spark 1080p2000m15 min Check Price
Hubsan H109sHubsan-X4-H109S-PRO-X1080p1000m25 min Check Price
Parrot Bebop 2parrot-bebop-214 MP2000m22 min Check Price
MJX Bugs 2Wmjx-bugs-2w1080p1000m18 min Check Price
Hubsan H501Shubsan-h501s1080p300m18 min Check Price
UPair Oneupair-one4K500m20 min Check Price
Traxxas AtonTRAXXAS-7908GoPro300m20 min Check Price
3DR Solo3dr-solo-droneGoPro800m22 min Check Price
Yuneec Breezeyuneec-breeze1080p500m20 min Check Price
ZeroTech Dobbyzerotech-dobby4k100m9 min Check Price

Top 10 drones under $500

Firstly, you must have a clear look on the specification in order to have your next drone. As I am going to refer you about the battery life, camera quality, the operating range and all the good stuff that comes with best drones under $500. These are actually the important factors while purchasing a drone so that’s why it is very important for all of us to examine them thoroughly!

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1-DJI SPARKBest Drones Under $500

As you are here to buy a drone less than $500, as no doubt that the number one position goes to DJI Spark unanimously and it is proved to be the absolutely brilliant drone that will always never left behind to amaze you. The question arises that what is special about it and what is the reason of its being in our top ranked in the list of top drones under $500? Come on! Have a closer look in the following paragraphs…

Calm down! First we will talk about its camera quality and camera features which it offers. Amazingly this little size birdie someone said this soda can size haha anyways this drone’s camera offers a FHD camera with 1-axis gimbal stabilization system. As it sound like crazy that a smartphone-sized drones offers with crystal clear FHD quality even with hardware image stabilization.

As far as the specifications and features are concerned, DJI Spark provides a premium feel to stick with it. In comes with the features of GPS, Follow me, Altitude hold and a lot of smart features that are absolutely come in handy. On the other hand, TapFly and ActiveTrack are here as well. As it offers two main features like PalmLaunch and PalmControl as both are self explanatory so I don’t think that there is any need to dig into that.

What you expect from a lightweight drone is same comes with DJI Spark that it is agile and fast drone and even it flies very smoothly without any issues. But wind can be a mess in its path a bit. Truly saying, this is definitely not meant for much windy conditions.

When we talk about its performance, specifically it goes at the range of around 2 Kilometers (when it is not connected with your smartphone but paired with its dedicated controller) and offers flight time or airtime of round about roughly 15 to 16 minutes. After having all that stuff it is not only the best selfie drone but no doubt it is proved to be the best drone under $500.

2- HUBSAN H109SHubsan-H109S-X4-Pro

Let me tell you that it is proved to be the best drone made by Hubsan ever and specifically it comes to its premium model drones that have got much fame in the market. What is the reason behind all that fame? Let us have a closer look!

Hubsan H109S comes with the features of GPS, Headless Mode, Automatic Return, Altitude Hold, follow me and many more. This model of Hubsan H109S offers in the market I 3 different versions that is low, standard and high. The actual difference are in controllers and gimbals, but other specifications are identical or similar in all 3 versions.

When we check its camera, Hubsan did not disappoint us every time. With its dedicated controller you will have support for live video transmission through its 1080p HD camera.

I must mention that the remote control which it offers comes with the Android 4.2 OD. It will make your life easy by offering a lot of features and different options. You will not face any kind of problem while using it as its design is very well and intuitive. The air time or flight time of Hubsan H109S is around 25 minutes. As Hubsan it claims up to 30 minutes but being realistically it is 25!

At last, let me tell you that Hubsan H109S comes with the operating range of up to 1Kilometer. No doubt that this is proved to be the great quadcopter, as it sports premium grade features even in an aggressive price tag… as it becomes a nice hit with the drone enthusiasts.

3- PARROT BEBOP 2parrot-bebop-2

Parrot Bebop 2 is actually loaded with awesome features and provides the state of the art design with best build quality, and it is one of the best looking quadcopter in the market. Let me tell you more about it! Following are some useful insights!

As Parrot Bebop 2 is made up of ABS plastic, lightweight, heat resistant and impact resistant, in order to make sure about its great resistance it is reinforced with the glass fiber. While having this drone, you no need to worry about its dedicated control (sold separately) or you are using your smartphone as it is incredibly stable and also easy to control.

If we compare this with the original Bebop then you will amaze that in terms of flight time it got a huge upgrade. As we are talking about round about 20 to 22 minutes of air time that is specifically surprise that of the first Bebop.

Moreover, I would like to tell you that this is proved to be a high performance quad, as there is not any doubt. It comes with four brushless motors and it can be fly 13 meters per second horizontally. It has built-in 14MP camera that has the capability of recording of 180 degree angle. And it is only controlled by usig your smartphone or tablet, ad allows FPV (real time video) directly to your device’s screen.

On the other hand, if you opt to buy the Sky Remote Controller offers from Parrot manufacturers then Bebop 2 flight range can be definitely increase up to 2 Kilometers. There is no doubt that Parrot Bebop 2 took its place on our list of best drones for sale.

4- MJX BUGS 2Wmjx-bugs-2w

MJX Bugs 2W is actually comes as a successor of already popular Bugs 3 model, if you do not familiar with the Bugs 3 as it is proved  to be the exceptional entry-level drone to wannabe aerial photographers. As it comes with a camera mount that sports GoPro and also other brands of action cameras, the possibilities which it offered is endless for this cool looking drone.

Some of the people were unhappy because of the mount that MJX had t solve that issue… and after all they did this with Bugs 2W. just with the smaller change factor and built-in camera this MJX Bugs 2W is going to be conquer entry-level aerial photography market same like its predecessor. What you think that can it do so? No problems have a look!

Camera and Features

Firstly, what we need that to say a few things about its camera that is built-in. as we are talking about micro lens camera which it offers and that is capable to take aerial footage at full HD. As it does not offer lack of any kind of stabilization it has a little no to vibration and also jello effect. Just because of this I recommend all of the people to have MJX Bugs 2W to get best aerial footage from their drone.

I am especially thankful to its feature that is handful because this birdie also sports that can be only expected from smart drone that is its integrated GPS module. In this price range, we rarely see such handy features. There are also other features which this birdie offers like FPV, Telemetry, Altitude Hold and also even Return to Home.


As far as the delivery of specifications then MJX Bugs 2W does not fail! Because of its excellent air time that goes from 15 to 18 minutes and specially thanks to its 2S 1800mAh Lipo battery, plus its operating range can reach over up to 800 meters. as it not even bad for small drone right? In the last, its FPV range is a bit shorter but ranging in at approximately 150 to 200 meters. one thing that you should keep in your mind that don’t go above 150 because after that no doubt you will experience some cutbacks so you no need to go further otherwise you will be in the risk to lose your brand-new drone.

5- HUBSAN H501Shubsan-h501s

We have first Hubsan model on this list at the 5th spot. For first time users it provides a great and enjoyable flying experience and it s proved to be the best entry-level drone. In order to make your life much easier in provide a bunch of great features and specifications as it is stable and intuitive. Come on! Start some discussion on this birdie that why people do love this!

Let me first tell you that this Hubsan H501S is may be the cheapest drone that comes with the great feature of dedicated GPS module. As most of you know very well that GPS brings a lot of amazing features alongside that covers altitude hold, one key return and follow me as well.

Moreover, it add up the more enjoyable thing that it totally focus on capturing the aerial shots than flying only the damn thing. Furthermore, Hubsan H501S also offers a FHD camera that is pretty capable of recording excellent footage.

Let me explain about its specifications, Hubsan H501S left no behind to impress. As this little birdie provide the flight time of about 18 to 20 minutes. but it provides interference free fun with the range of up to 300 meters.  I think because of FPV properties, best camera and great or smart flight features you may need more than 300 meters.


As UP Air comes with the two versions but the only difference of $50, and it is one of the best drones under $500. Both models are actually similar or identical in terms of design and features but only thing which differentiates these two models is their cameras. As their cameras are in 2.7K and 4K. No doubt the 4K model comes with additional cost of $50 more. As it has not only a good thing of its good design and also not long shot.

You know, this sort of mid-tier drones represents new generation smart models. As the matter of fact, these are not much expensive like other high end drones models and no doubt that they offers tons of great features. As it is win-win situation which I have ever seen one!

I would like to suggest you observe it carefully that this UpAir One looks like the design of phantom series introduced by DJI. Most of the people think it as a cheap knock off but that is totally far from reality. With the combination of great solid camera and gimbal combination, it’s excellent no doubt smart battery (which provide more than 16 minutes of air time) and GPS no doubt pretty awesome and no need to consider it as a joke.

Similarly, its range is not short as well as it goes roughly up to 800 meters for controlling and even 500 meters for FPV. Even though its controller is also similar like the old DJI models as well, and it also offers a giant 7-inch LED screen to get FPV monitoring. In fact, if you really have an aim to buy great drone with outstanding features and camera then no doubt that Upair is surely you should worth checking out!

7-Traxxas AtonTRAXXAS-7908-ATON

Yes we are reached on the 7th spot on our list! And we have no doubt a pretty awesome drone that is amazingly powerful one Traxxas 7909 Aton. As the matter of fact, Traxxas is basically famous because of its RC cars and trucks and it is particularly US based company. But now it seems like that they will be famous in the drones’ category as well and special thanks to the Alias and Aton models.

As far as the specifications are concerned, let me introduced you with that Traxxas Aton comes with 5000mAh 3-cell Lipo battery which is made to provide you the flight time of around 20 to 25 minutes and it does also with the camera usage. It comes with 2-axis gimbal as well that is specifically designed to do work with GoPro and also with other action cameras. But all it offers only when you buy Traxxas Aton Plus package. As it is a definitely worth shot such under $500 into aerial photography.

And in terms of features, atom is totally packed with a great of them: that are GPS, one key return, air brake and LED and so on. On the other hand, it comes with three different modes that are Sport mode, Film mode and the third one is Expert mode. As the matter of fact, it is a great quadcopter for drone enthusiast in a professional manner. What do you say? Is Traxxas 7909 Aton is among the best drone under $500?


As you know that I have already talk about the 3DR SOLO above when I was doing comparison in between its price with and also without the gimbal. And now we are going to have a closer look on this drone that what is the reason of its low price.

The decision was actually made by the 3DR board who wanted to capture the market in a different way and no doubt wanted to earn money in a fast way by growing the 3DR Solo’s sales. Move further! Let us see what its beauty all about and what it provide you with the quality and as well as aerial footage from your first flights!

Camera and Features

As we are talking about features, 3DR Solo seems a decent drone as it shines in full night which attract towards a lot. As it is no doubt a smart drone that is totally going to amaze you! It provides outstanding cinematic aerial footage that you find only in Smart Shot technology only. It offers Follow me mode, Cable Cam, Selfie, Orbit and no doubt plenty of other great features. All are fully powered by the 3DR Solo’s two that can be said that twin microcomputers that are running on 1GHz processors that performs all work. Its synergy will wonder you that will be witnessed by you!


In terms of specification, it offers a slight more extra range than Yuneec Q500 that is 800 meters in total and offers just a little fraction in the price tag. But battery time duration is totally different with 3DR Solo that offer up to 18 minutes but less with camera and when gimbal is mounted.         

Let me make one thing clear that in standard package you only get the drone and all necessary parts that are needed to set it up and keep running. On the other hand, if you want best aerial silk and smooth footages, then you do not only need a dedicated gimbal for your 3DR Solo but also a GoPro Hero action camera too. So while during buying that all stuff, you should keep in your mind that these sort of things will go to much high even than initial package!

9-YUNEEC BREEZEyuneec-breeze

After a lot of effort and a few stellar high-end drones like Q500 and Typhoon H, Yuneec got back its position again… but now this miniature fella comes with a great excellent camera. By this great introduction, you can easily conclude that we are going to talk about the best miniature drone under $500. And what do you expect from this model? Let’s see!

Let me first tell you about its camera that it offers a 4K-ready built-in camera. As there remains no any doubt that Yuneec Breez is actually the most powerful selfie machine.

As this is absolutely noteworthy to come into light that it provides the stability and also ease of flight that this birdie possesses. And on the other hand you can only control this drone with your smartphone, its schematic is great and in short period of time you will get used to it!

On the other hand, Yuneec Breez offers a complete package of advanced features. Briefly, we are going to refer in indoor positioning system, return to home, altitude hold and auto land as well.

In the last, if you want to have a strong grip on your selfie game than ever, Yuneec Breeze is proved to be the  covered with instant social media sharing in order to take photos and videos. I think it can be a good reason to buy this little fella.

10-ZEROTECH DOBBYzerotech-dobby

During writing this article I decided to start this list off by keeping this selfie miniature drone called Dobby. As the matter of fact that it s made by Zerotech and no doubt it comes with a ton of media space. And it is being referred as a best selfie drone in the market. As News flash, this title is actually belongs to the DJI Spark but after gettibg its reviews and specifications we stick to that one later on in this pretty awesome list. But now we would like to focus our concentration only with solely to Zerotech Dobby!

In this miniature birdie, we find basically two navigation systems that are GPS and GLONASS. As both offer Zerotech Dobby with pinpoint precision and also makes it an extra dose of charm. On the other hand, it offers additional features like return to home, follow me, altitude hold and so on.

Moreover, it works on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and it also said that this little baby drone comes with the software for image stabilization. In the last, it is totally operated by the smartphones but the condition is through the official app wich is available for both iOS and Android.

The great and best thing is found in Zerotech Dobby that its built-in camera.  it is capable to capture vibration-free video and incorporated 4K image acquisition and 1080p footages. In the reality, it shoots great selfies and provide solid FPV quality up to 100 meters away. On average, it provides only 9 minutes of flight time that is not much enough.

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I would like to tell you that all above drones are most like to come across your need in all departments. In order to get pretty much awesome performances you must have great luck and must check our Best Drones Under $1000 list. Moreover, make plan that what you actually want like some people need a really fast FPV racer drone, on the other hand, some want to enjoy a stable aerial footage or photography platform and even other want some test their luck by buying casual drones for beginners.

Whatever you want with your best drones ever you just need to make a sketch in order to make sure your next drone to be and covering all solid specifications.

Following are some points that come with average drones:


Flight TimeCamera qualityFlight RangeFeatures
As far as the flight time is concerned, it is no doubt that drones under $500 are not more far away than premium models. On the other hand, drones mentioned on this list can fly on the average rate of up to 20 minutes, but 2-3 minutes up and down sometimes. But keep it in your mind that premium models provide the flight time of approximately 25 minutes. As it shows that these drones under $500 should not be taken too granted.
As far as the camera quality is concerned, let me make you clear that the drones in this particular price range normally come with the FHD camera and no hardware image stabilization. On the other hand you can have some models that offer 4K cameras. In fact, most of them even come with specialized gimbals but unfortunately they are purchased separately.
The point is clear that range is totally depend on what drone you are going to buy! Because if you want to buy a drone to get some aerial footage and aerial photography then in that case you will have a drone that ranges goes up to 600 to 700 meters and sometimes one kilometer. And if you want to purchase a fast FPV racer, those normally called birdies comes in lesser range. Yes just 200 and 300 meters only!
As the matter of fact, you normally found for a GPS-enabled drone. The drones comes with GPS feature provide a lot of essential features such as one key return home and altitude hold. But this entire feature is proved to be critical for providing you enjoyable flying experience. And you obviously want all of the great features in your next drone!


On this list the first two drones which I mentioned and the last one drone are no doubt small and offer a complete package of benefits as compare to full sized models. The fact of keeping the small birdie is that you can even enjoy the flying experience indoor and they are lightweight and comes with proper or solid flight stability that will prove to be give you fun time flying experience. An most best thing is that these drones are proved to be the best travel companion. And due to their small size you can even pack these drones with your luggage that makes seamless travelling setup.


The condition is that if you are going to plan on purchasing sports FPV live transmission then there is a high chance that you can easily set up a FPV system with your owned FPV goggles. It will be more best option that if your drone sports FPV through 5.8g and not use WiFi. But keep it in your mind that all of these tech-savvy things heavily matters from model to model. But in the last let me tell you that most of the drones that costs less than $500 support FPV goggles.



If you still did not find any desired model then you must need to have a look at our list of top 10 drones for less than $1000.

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