Top Rated Best Drones under $50 – Review & Buyers Guide 2018


Looking for best drones? This list of top best drones under $50 will help you pick the good one because it’s difficult task to select which one is great as there are a lot of brands in the market offering their great drones but our reviews includes only top-rated drones 2018.

Best Drones Under 50$

As all of the people have suffered from that era when drones used to be very expensive, couple of years ago when they first boom the mainstream market. Even they have a huge price tags and not every person was able to afford them. But only those can afford such high rated price tags that used to have huge salaries or particular drone enthusiasts.

Fortunately, now-a-days drones come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and yes no doubt in prices as well. But in this list, we are focusing on the dirt cheap drones under $50 that will not become a huge load on your budget. They all are budget-friendly and known as “toy drones”.

JJRC H36JJRC H36No30m5 min Check Price
GoolRC T49GoolRC-T49HD30m5 min Check Price
TOZO Q2020TOZO-Q2020No50m8 min Check Price
AKASO X5CAKASO-X5CHD60m6 min Check Price
JJRC H31jjrc-h31No70m8 min Check Price
MJX X708MJX-X708No70m9 min Check Price
Eachine E33CEachine-E33CHD80m8 min Check Price
Holy Stone HS170Holy-Stone-HS170No60m8 min Check Price
Syma X5C-1syma-x5cHD60m7 min Check Price
Eachine E52eachine-e52VGA100m10 min Check Price




If you are going to learn that how to fly drone then I would like to suggest you to have some indoor flights. It will provide much easier learning experience even without the bad or negative effect of wind that may sweep drone off. Following are plethora of micro drones on the list below. As a matter of fact, such birdies are actually specifically or specially indoor-only, because they cannot bear the effect of wind.


There is no need to become such people who does first flight too fast as they are beginners and they are already going through first flying session. Even also no need to be crazy enough with throttle stick. However, move on slowly and gently to have a proper feeling for your drone. And when you feel comfortable then you can rock that to around 50-60%… then I am pretty sure that you will lose your control. But follow these tips then you will have a lot of fun with your best drone under $50.


If you break your drone during your first flight then no need to worry as it happens with everybody. Proper stabilized drone flying is quite hard for beginners. But that can be achieved just by doing practice again and again. I am pretty sure that you can have stabilize flight even just practicing in a week! After that you can do better and able to land swift and precise turn like a pro or champ!

10-JJRC H36Best Drones Under $50

JJRC H36 is said to be micro brushed racing quadcopter and this sort of drones are getting a great part of the


market. This is not actually such point when the tiniest racers you may find at least 150mm. but now, however, this miniature drones are actually sports with powerful motors which make it enable to whoop around all over people’s homes without breaking noise. If you are going to buy a drone with such specifications then this must be your first drone! And that would be no brainer as well…


First of all, I would like to tell you that JJRC H36 does not come with a camera. But no need to worry because of its miniature size, and tell me who can blame such little birdie for not having a camera? Stay with us to the end because I will provide you a best tricky trick to make this birdie a best FPV racer! That may call as badass drone…

As this birdie got a price tag below $20, so mostly people think that they are not going to have good investment over such cheap drone but its not true at all. As this birdie sports all around prop guards which make it bounce off from walls after crashing. It is also proved to be safe in terms of objects and people. But if it breaks then you no need to worry because all of its spare parts are available in the market virtually or on the web shops you can have that easily and you can have that easy to fix parts.


As we are talking about JJRC H36 and to us its specifications are concerned, then it is not bad actually. But this little birdie has a slightly lower airtime up to 5 minutes than other its competitors, while it ranges up to 30-meters which is supposed to be standard in this price range. But the real fun starts when this drone is equip with one of those mini AIO FPV Systems. You will be amazed that its weight is just 3-4 grams that means JJRC H36 can easily lift this without any issue.


When you have a look on this GoolRC T49 you will notice its really weird design. No doubt it is a weird looking drone


comes with foldable propeller arms and flat centerpiece. You will have fun when you fly this as it does not fly too fast and not too slow. As it is small in sizes too but perfect for beginners, as it has proved to be a awesome companion when you travel. As it does not provide best camera but still good in such a price that you will pay for this.


GoolRC T49 sports a miniature HD camera which is capable of recording 720p resolution. First of all thanks to drone’s stability as there is not a lot of jello effect… but when you fl this in windy days the you may suffer from that effect. Let us talk about selfies although this is proved to be more good in case of taking selfies as it snaps bright images, sharp and colorful. As the matter of fact resolution is suppose to be enjoyable. Because it is due to beauty mode which it offers that edits your shots and make you like a super star. And yes this drone also sports headless mode which is best for beginners or first-time flyers.


The thing which attracts consumers about this little bugger has interesting controllability. You can use 2.4Ghz included controller and also you can use you smartphone and also control it via WiFi as well. Including all of controlling devices you willget the range of 30 meters for this birdie. As it provide decent battery timing. But using WiFi and even HD recording will get around 5 minutes of flight time per charge. As it’s not bad but people want more flight time per charge under $50 drones. 

8-TOZO Q2020TOZO-Q2020

We put this drone on the 8th spot under $50, as it is the brand new drone that is going to make its proper name in


the market. This is another actually cheap brushed flyer called TOZO Q2020. As it offers great stability and best specifications hence this has a lot to its name. I would say that this will be good choice for first-time flyers and for beginners that’s why it is onto this list.


As far as the features are concerned, TOZO Q2020 is proved to be the well-versed drone. As it has not plenty of them but that one which make it a great choice its Altitude Hold which is no doubt the most important one that allows you and easy controlling experience. Beginners also attract this drone and if you are also one of them then this would be your first choice.

As the matter of fact, its controller is such responsive when you make every input reflects the sudden drone’s movement. Its stability and responsiveness make this great thing at all. But one thing you should keep in your mind that TOZO Q2020 does not come with camera that would be only its downside. 


It is suppose to be the dirt cheap model same like others in this list, TOZO Q2020 has actually awesome specifications. Let us talk about its range,it can not only good for indoor but also best for outdoor of range of 50 meters. it sports or works via 2.4Ghz as totally not surprising at all. If we talk about its battery then you can expect around 6 to 8 minutes flying time.


Akaso is actually not the well known drone manufacturer, but nothing can said about new model having X5C name


tag as it look like it was made to get place on our best drone under $50 list. I think you are thinking about Syma X5C copy but it has couple of difference on line. Have a look on Akaso X5C and see how it performs on this list.


As we are talking about pretty small and lightweight drone comes with plastic prop guards that provides solid shock resistance that aim to minimize collision impacts. However it is big as compare to previous featured drones and do equally well both indoor and outdoor flying. If there is windy weather outside then no need to force it to fly this as it does not fly nicely.

It does not only come with a little features but it has a couple of handy features like 360 flips, continuous roll, also built-in LED lights along HD camera which sports good quality aerial photography and good resolution videos. 


As far as its specification is concerned , first of all I would like to tell you that Akaso X5C can last up to 6 minutes in air and you can enjoy its flight around 60 meters away from its transmitter as it is amazing. So if you are in search for great than a palm-sized drone, then Akason X5C is no doubt worth checking out!

6-JJRC H31


At the particular spot, we have JJRC H31, actually proved to be the interesting drone. If it proves its worth then make sure it would be the entry-level drone market. I am not going to tell you about that how it come but what I will tell you- it comes with great feature that some have in an entry-level drones. On the other hand it is agile and fast. Truly saying it is one of the best enjoyable drones to fly out of this complete bunch. By keeping all that in mind, come on! Lets see what this JJRC H31 sports… and why it is so special?


As the matter of fact JJRC H31 does not come with camera. But there is an option that you can mount one, as in standard package that is not offered. This feature makes it ideal lightweight that also make it capable to flight really fast in the air. And yes its jaw rate is very fast that produce a lot of trouble in controlling it.

As the matter of fact, by which it has made the biggest selling brand in the market that actually called mind-twister and that JJRC H31 its waterproof design. Not only its design but all of its coated electronics are cannot be damaged by the water. It means on the other hand if it fell on the pond then it seems though JJRC H31 will survive and you will have fun.


As far as considering the fact about dirt cheap drone, you are looking at pretty high grades. And yes it is actually cheaper as compare to other drones on this list. If we talk about range then JJRC H31 goes approximately 70 meters. as its battery gives back up time of 8 minutes per charge. As this drones’ battery takes one hour charging time and it is standard time for 1S batteries of such capacity. 

5-MJX X708mjx-x708w-drone

MJX is proved to be the best brand in order to push the boundaries using their drones. You can take its bugs 2W for perfect example. As such drone costs $200 that comes with great technology like GPS, extremely long range, altitude hold, return to home and even failsafe. As like always thanks to its great performance and affordable price tag, as we all know that Bugs 2W is proved to be the mid-tier drones among most popular drones right now. Although it is slightly small but MJX X708 sports a similar design. But after all it is capable of providing the best flying experience.


As first let me clear to you guys that this is actually an entry-level brushed quadcopter even without GPS technology and it is not actually a copy of Bugs 2. On the other hand, it packs exceptional range and with entry-level features like 2-speed modes, 360 rolls, and headless mode. And yes MJX X708 also sports one-key home return. As a matter of fact, it does not sport GPS but more than that.

Let me tell you about camera as it is our major concern while buying a drone especially, actually you should know that there are 2 versions in the market and the difference is roughly about $10-$15. Both of the versions come with the camera but the expensive one you can say the more expensive version also supports WiFi FPV. I think it is similar deal like with Bug 2C and 2W.


I would like to tell you an interesting feature of MJX X708 that it has an remarkable range for an entry-level quadcopter. it is proved to be more aggressive like Syma X5C, with up to 80 meters flying range but in clear area. And yes its battery is great too, as provide the backup time of 8 to 10 minutes per charge. And it takes an hour in order to get fully charged and according to me it is just slightly higher over the average level. Last but not least, if you want to have fun with such reliable and cheap drone even with such ideal operating range then MJX X708 will be best for you!

4-EACHINE E33Ceachine-e33c

As far as the entry-level drones are concerned then bronze medal goes to Eachine E33C. Hence this is proved to be the one of the market leaders. As you are surprised to see 2 of its model in this list but as such you should not! You may have look on their E52 model if you scroll up. But we are going to focus on E33C as it is a micro brushed quad offers with interesting design options. Let us have a further look on its features…


When you will see this drone then you will come to know it sports a camera on the bottom portion of its body as it has big legs. Actually we are going to tell you about 2MPX Sensor that records videos in 720p. The best feature which is offered with this that we can even have an option to tilt it up and down, but all depends on which kind of flying you want to enjoy!

As far as we are concerned to the features, Eachine E33C sports headless mode, one-key home return, and yes 360 flips. On the other hand, it is not GPS powered. But it is always done good work for me when I issued the command. 


As this little bugger have come in our favorite topic-specifications, let’s see what is it all about. Let me tell you first one or two thing about its battery. It comes with 1S 450mAh Lipo pack that is easily placed almost in underneath the main electronics. As it made clean appearance and extra durability than normal “hook” mounts we often see with entry-level drones. This drone has flight time of up to 8 minutes per charge which is not absolutely bad right!

Especially thanks to its provided controller (if we talk about its range) as it helps to take this drone away from us up to 80 meters. Sounds good hah? That you cannot even expect high operating range in such dirt cheap drone models. And yes its battery will get full charge in around an hour and you may have spare ones as well. When you have an extra battery, then one thing that you should keep in your mind that you must give break at least 10-minutes before going another one flying session in order to prevent motors suffering from overheating.

3-HOLY STONE HS170holy-stone-hs170

At last, we are at such point of the ultimate drone which you have purchased even for under $50! Yes this is best model made by Holy Stone. Most of the people call this Predator just because of its sharp edges and seek design, but we are taking about HS170. As the matter of fact, in addition to its look, Holy Stone HS170 offers a plethora of particular qualities which made it in ranking among the best-selling drones in such price range. 


Let me tell you first about it controller which comes within the package. As it is supposed to be a mini controller but this is truly capable of delivering responsive controls. As the matter of fact this can do totally turn on or off headless mode by keeping the drone at bay even for whole fight time duration. As it does not bad for such miniature little birdie or you can say devil right? But it does not come with camera, as it is sudden turning point for people. 


No doubt that Holy Stone HS170 is actually a tiny drone or you can say nano one, but it has great enough propulsion even for outdoor flights. But it doesn’t mean that you can take this off to too much wind as that will result of crash as well. If we talk about its flight time then let me know that this little birdie can stay in the air about 6 to 8 minutes as it is best at this price range. As the matter of fact its powerful motors, nice design and even durable prop guards will make a best impression on you!

2-SYMA X5C-1syma-x5c1

Yes guys congratulations that you have reached finally at the best drone on this list. As for some time now, Syma I already told you may times that a true ruler of the entry-level market. As Syma has already made their name in toy-grade drones, and also made themselves like go-to brand for cheap drones. Syma X5C-1 is actually a nimble drone, let’s see why…


Sometimes a question arises in mind that why Syma X5C1 drone you purchase even for roughly $50? As it provides the great flying experience and as it comes with supporting features. Its seems like original Syma X5C came out hence its controller is simply a best masterpiece. Remarkable made, as highly intuitive and responsive. It follows your each and every input without lagging instantly. It even sports headless mode and 360 flips. Second will provide you an easy introduction to flying drones and first will u know amaze your fellows.

Syma X5C-1 comes with upgraded camera that is now actually an HD-ready sensor which is capable of recording videos in resolution of 720p. It means Syma X5C-1 seems like no-brainer for all your aerial videos and photographers. As the matter of fact, this drone has such things that you need to have aerial photography and videos. And it includes 4GB micro SD card.


As we are also concerned about battery timing then let us start with the battery. Syma X5C-1 sports no doubt a good 1S 500mAh Lipo battery. As the matter of fact, by any sense it does not offers such like industry flight time but still best that what could you expect from such cheap models drones. You can have fun of around up to 7 minutes of flight time as it is good to hook up for your hobby. You will have nimble indoor and outdoor flight that will go up to the range of 30 to 50 meters. Specifications are not such type of that make Syma X5C-1 stand out from other drones. But its responsive controls and its stability make it the best drone under $50. I guaranteed that you will become addict once you fly this little birdie.

1-EACHINE E52eachine-e52

First drone on this list of 10 best drones under $50 is made by Eachine. A lot of drones are manufactured and proved to be very popular using RC technology to its name. This brand has made their name in high –end market just because of that they mostly deal with toy-grade and FPV racing drones. Eachine has such experienced staff that makes 2 types of drones. Just look at Eachine E52 as an example and you will come to know about what I want to talk about.


Eachine E52 comes with great foldable design and miniature camera up front. Actually this is miniature selfie drone which is for such users who want to snap an aerial selfie again and again. This drone has some of its features that you expect from.

If we talk about controls then no doubt it is very versatile. It has also an option that you can not only control with provided transmitter but also with via your smartphone. It is very easy to connect that just you need to download the app, connect it with drone and you are ready to go. As its Flying is much easy and stable, one thing you should keep in your mind that we are talking about only selfie drone and nothing more than that as you no need to expect great-speed acrobatics.


Lets have a look on its battery. As Eachine E52 work on 1S 500mAh Lipo. It provides with the flight time of up to 10 minutes but if you plan to have aerial recording or taking photos then flying time may reduced to 8 minutes and the matter of fact that it takes roughly an hour to charge. Its operating range goes up to 100 meters in a clear area and it is good for selfie drone. I would suggest you that if you want to have a drone just for an aerial selfie and you don’t also want to spend huge amount of money then Eachine E52 will be best for you! And you will enjoy with its VGA camera.

Best Drones Separator



As in starting it goes without any even single question. As such cheap mini drones proved to be as beginner-friendly for learning platforms and that is a clear fact.

This sort of drones is intuitive, responsive and best for guiding you in first steps in the field of drones.

In addition to that these are not the things which are only capable for…

This drones provides best experience of Tension-Free flying to their users even in entry-level drones

If in case of any damage you may not only have an easily replacement but also keep weak motors and does not effect to other people or objects.

You should supervise your fellows or children if they are going to have first time flights!

As the matter of fact, such cheap drones are relatively small in size and don’t even possess powerful brushless motors, as these dronie are best in providing a stellar all-around performance. Hence, prices are its great indication of their power.

If we compare such cheap drones to premium models then that would not be good, because that means for 2 different types of users.


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No doubt! Yes all of the drones mentioned on the list are totally can be considered as children-friendly model. According to age limitation, children who are younger than 7years are not suitable age group. On the other hand children younger than 7 are looking to have great learning skills to fly these birdies.

As this offers with such simplicity and don’t comes with any advance features that must comes with premium ones. As the matter of fact, these have just controller with 4 motors and also with the addition of LED lights even in some cases. But in limited cases, cameras are also come in standard package in such price tier.

At last, let me conclude simply that all come with good interface and good responsive controls, As this is highly suitable for children. If you want to stay your children away from video games or smartphones then drones should be your best option!

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The answer is YES because all drones which are listed on this list offers with that things you need to have great flying even after out of the box! All are sports RTF that means ready to fly that means you only need to provide AA or AAA batteries for some controllers.

Let me tell you one more thing that some of drones comes with even extra spare parts in case of any damage you may use further. And you need to get order for new parts after any air crash. But extra batteries you would not find with many dirt cheap drones now-a-days. But if we talk about drones under $100 that can be more likely to be around such facilities!


Let me conclude guys! You may get a closer look on some of the best budget drones which are currently available in the market. Actually these drones are not such bad as people think but you could even see for yourself. As this is pretty tech gadget and if you get some extra time then you can have a lot of jewels among the dirt.

At last I am thankful to you for reading this list and I hope that it helped you in order to have best decision. So long guys!!! HAVE FUN WHILE FLYING!